7 Essentials of Women’s ‘Wear to Work’ Collection

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If you are a working woman, you know how tough it can be.

You want to make a good impression in the eyes of everyone, your boss and your employees. And keeping a good impression does not involve only working the best you can, but also wearing a fabulous outfit that will make you look like a boss lady.

It’s easy for men. All they have to do is get a button-down shirt, a blazer, shoes, and there you have it, men’s outfit for the rest of their career—easy peasy for them. But for women, it’s not that easy.

If you are here searching for ways you can boost your outfit and make a good impression through your outfit, you are at the right place. Here are seven essentials that you need in your ‘wear to work’ collection to enhance your work look.

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7 Wear to work essentials

  1. A white button-up shirtwhite button up shirt


A white button shirt never fails to be there when you cannot decide what else to wear. It’s comfortable, and you will be feeling confident than ever.

It can also be great to wear under your blazer. It will definitely give you that professional look. What more do you want?

And let’s be honest; you need a white button-up shirt in your wardrobe anyway, not only for work but for wherever else you need to go; just put on that white button-up shirt, and you are ready.

  1. Blazerwear to work


A prevalent piece of clothing that might already be in your work wardrobe. It is perfect if you want to show off your professional side. You will not regret making this investment. A blazer will last long, and just like the white button-up shirt, it will be there for you when you do not understand what to wear.

Just make sure to get a well-cut blazer. It will be slimming and not restrict your arm movement while being fitted in the right areas.

If your office is more casual, you can just throw it over your top; otherwise, wear it properly.

Trust me; this is one essential that you will find yourself wearing to the office quite often.

  1. Black leather jacketpromoting my blog


If not a blazer, get yourself a black leather jacket to replace it. Again, trust me, you will not regret it.

You may already have a black leather jacket. It can be used for any other event, whether it is hanging out with your friends or going for a movie, and now you know that it is excellent for your office as well.

Get a minimalistic black leather jacket to replace the blazer. It will be well-fitted, just like the blazer. As the name suggests, it will be like a blazer but will give you a minimalistic look.

I’m sure you already have a leather jacket, but I would suggest you should get one if you don’t already.

  1. Comfortable flatswear to work


You may have noticed many women wearing heels to work. Although they do give a very formal and sophisticated look, they are not comfortable to wear, especially when you are in the office the whole day.

Another option is the flats. You may be thinking that they might not look good as heels, but trust me, they will. On top of that, they are comfortable.

Ask yourself; would you not want something you can wear, which will make you look good and is comfortable? You would find yourself answering yes.

Then go get some comfortable and neutral flats that will help you stay productive in the office the whole day while showing off your outfit.

The best part about it? Your feet won’t be hurting immensely by the end of the day. Even when you are running late, you can just put them on quickly and run to your work. How cool?

  1. Comfortable tapered pantsthrowback Tuesday outfits


 Wide-legs pants are definitely in right now. Trust me when I say this; get yourself a tapered pant for office. You will be thanking me in a few months.

They will give you a professional and stylish look both at the same time.

Unlike other pants that require the height to pull them off, tapered pants are much better and are available for various figures.

  1. Some cute accessorieswho doesn't love earrings

Accessories can completely lift your look if you have got the right ones that match with your outfit.

Watches, bracelets, necklaces – all of them are a must not only for your office wardrobe but also for your daily wardrobe.

In my opinion, the best accessory that you can get yourself for work is a watch. And you may have noticed that many people wear it.

Get yourself a stylish watch so you can keep checking how long you have before you can head home. We all have been there.

The right necklaces and bracelets with the right outfit will enhance your look immensely.

  1. A high-quality bagwear to work


A bag is a necessity if you are headed to your office or work. You will have your phone, power bank/charger, makeup, a few snacks (if you are not fond of the food in your office or are on a diet), ID card, and countless other things.

Obviously, carrying them in your hands is not an option. So, here comes the bag. The bag will hold all your things in it while people will just see you carrying a fashionable and stylish bag, looking like a professional fashion icon.

But for that, a good quality bag is essential. You do not want a bag that will rip after a week of being used due to the number of things you put in it. Do not put everything in your bag literally; it will get heavy for you to carry too.

You can find numerous bags suitable for work online and in stores. Just find the right size for you, but make sure the quality is good so it lasts long and you don’t have to keep buying a new one again and again.

That’s it.

There, I gave you seven essentials that you must have in your work collection; not only outfits but also footwear and accessories.

Even better, they won’t only be useful for your work, but also casual outfits—double the benefits.

Now that you have read this blog go and get the essentials now.

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  1. 30th September 2020 / 18:22

    Great essentials to build a work wardrobe. I have so many of these items and since I started working from home 3 years ago I hardly wear them – I guess it’s time to let them go. I think I like the idea of getting dressed for work just not actually going – hahahahaha!!

    • nancy
      30th September 2020 / 18:22

      Haha, don’t you wear your work clothing at home?

    • nancy
      1st October 2020 / 18:22

      Oh yes, they make trousers look very office appropriate!

  2. 30th September 2020 / 18:22

    I’m so lucky I can just wear anything I want to the office. So, nothing formal for me at all. I certainly don’t own a white shirt, there would be fluorescent marker all over it within the hour 🙂 That said, comfort is indeed key! xxx

    • nancy
      1st October 2020 / 18:22

      That is fabulous, although I have to say that over here people take casual a bit to far at the office.

  3. 1st October 2020 / 18:22

    I like the way you adapted the essentials for your own look, Nancy! Such an original fashionista, my friend!

    xx Darlene

    • nancy
      1st October 2020 / 18:22

      Thanks Darlene!

  4. 1st October 2020 / 18:22

    This is a good list. You can never underestimate a blazer or a leather jacket.

    • nancy
      2nd October 2020 / 18:22

      Indeed, those items can make a outfit!

    • nancy
      2nd October 2020 / 18:22

      I agree, I almost never wear cardigans anymore, it’s now blazers!

  5. 4th October 2020 / 18:22

    This is a great list of work wardrobe essentials for the working girls. I do keep these staples as well just in case I need them for something! But then again, I am a hoarder of all things fashion. Ha. Thanks for sharing and linking up!


    • nancy
      5th October 2020 / 18:22

      I am cleaning out a lot at the moment! Who needs bad colors anyway, lol.

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