Stylish Monday Pink outfit with pink skirt and blazerStylish Monday is a monthly series by a international group of fashion bloggers. When you are a fashion blogger, or personal style blogger, you like to be creative with clothing. You like to be challenged and try to invent new outfits for yourself with combinations you never tried before. To ,,play,, with clothing is what we love to do.

What is Stylish Monday?

And what better way to do that is when you have a group of fantastic fashion bloggers around you who inspire you to do so. Every month we take a theme and we dress ourselves to that theme. Not a costume way of course! No,we show our most beautiful outfits in the hope that we can inspire other women!

You can also join my Fancy Friday linkup party every Friday! That is a great way to meet other bloggers and to put yourself, or rather your blog, in the spotlight! The link brings you to my linkup party page. There you can find other linkups and on what day they are open. If you don’t understand how it works or how to participate, just mail me. I will be happy to help you with it! Hope to see you there!

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