my monthly seriesI love to work on monthly series with other fashion bloggers. It’s fun to do, it extends your creativity, you get to know new bloggers and your blog gets more exposure to a new audience.

Working with other fashion bloggers

I started with my other blog, well the same blog actually, you can read what happened to my blog here,   with Styled by…..A series where every month a different fashion blogger told her, or his, style story. It was a lot of fun and many bloggers participated. Then I started with my dear blogging friend Shelbee, The Bad Buy Book. Where we, and other bloggers, showed our worst purchases! That was fun.

But we changed that in The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book. Every 15th of the month there is a new theme and everyone can participate! Shelbee and I started working together in February 2017! We also started another series called The Thrifty Six- Fashion Bloggers Showing Pre Loved Style. You can say we work quite well together!

Monthly series by 50 plus fashion bloggers

I was asked to join a fabulous group of 50 plus fashion bloggers for a collaboration called Stylish Monday. Every first Monday of the month we take a theme and show our outfits related to the theme. It’s a very international series and very supportive! I feel proud that I am aloud to participate in that fabulous group. This group sadly stopped in September 2022.

My latest monthly series

I started Match Made in Seven. There were seven of us, obviously, and every month someone chooses the theme in turn and we dress to that theme. It’s also international and we already had pretty difficult themes! That’s the fun! Then you get creative! I stopped that series, but it was fun!

I hope you enjoy reading my monthly series and remember that you can participate in The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book! In the sub menu you can find all the series and read what themes we already worked on!

You can also join my Fancy Friday linkup party every Friday! That is a great way to meet other bloggers and to put yourself, or rather your blog, in the spotlight! Hope to see you there!