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Of course as a fashion addict, lover or whatever you want to call me, I love it when brands send things to me for a review. However….this is a hobby, I decide when I will publish, I will not be rushed. My health is more important. About articles, I will always give my own opinion and write in my own style.

For inquiries about collaborations, please send a mail to:

Collaborate with bloggers

I also love to work with other bloggers. So if you are interested in doing a co-hosting with me, or another collaboration, please feel free to contact me. Of course you also can participate in several series on my blog.


Items marked c/o(courtesy of) or add, have been gifted to me. I myself determine the text of the sponsored post. I do not make a video. All possible shipping or handling costs will be payed by you. By sending the items you agree with my terms. I don’t do affiliate links.

Again, this is a hobby, a total out of control hobby, but it’s a hobby!

Guest bloggers

I also accept guest posts about beauty and fashion. But….I don’t allow do follow links other then to your own blog or company.


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