Fashion Trends That Will Rule in 2022


Although we may only be one month into 2022, it’s not too soon to check out some of the fashion trends that can be anticipated this year. Here are some of the most popular ones that will get you excited and inspired to try something new during the rest of the year.

Trends in headwear

When it comes to headwear, look out for bucket hats that have a dual function – they make you look sophisticated and at the same time protect you from the rain. This season, fashion influencers choose fluffy models with a monogram print, in the spirit of the ‘90s and ‘00s. An evergreen must-have is a baseball cap which will always be a fashion trend and will modernize any style you opt for. For example, you can combine the cap with a sports bomber jacket, a classic coat, or a romantic dress. Not for me though, I don’t wear hats. 


Another evergreen fashion trend is wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses. You can opt for glasses made with the spirit of minimalism. You could combine the classic ones with a black frame with either an elegant coat or an oversized down jacket. Also, this season, it’s trendy to wear glasses with geometric shapes, such as round ones or “cat eyes” ones. This stylish accessory can help you in many ways – it can protect your makeup from the rain or shield your eyes from the annoying sun rays. I already saw some amazing green ones!

Shoe trends

Look out for the countless shoe designs that will be trendy this year, from chunky sandals and party-ready heels to clogs and platforms. Many brands anticipate chunky sandals to be trendy this spring, both those made from leather and rubber. Another shoe trend that brings back the style of the ‘70s is stylish platforms that you could try out this spring. On the other hand, a great solution to easing back from the heels is opting for a nice pair of fluffy slippers. After a long day, by wearing these homey slippers, you’ll get the ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Mini-skirt suits

After periods of maxis and midis, 2022 will be the year when the minis take central stage, but this time in the form of a suit. Refresh your regular workwear and add an edge to your skirt suit by revealing a bit more skin. Many celebrities are already following this fashion trend by adding their personal touch in different ways. 

Loose layers

If you’re not ready to stop wearing comfy clothes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that baggy and layered clothing items are going to be a hit this season too. 2022 will see this trend more focused on denim and oversized jackets with a special emphasis on gender neutrality.  Gosh, that trend is made for me!

Fake fur

Who doesn’t love wearing a stylish faux fur jacket? This popular material allows you to pamper yourself and at the same time take part in protecting our furry animal friends. This year will welcome faux fur as one of its most popular fashion trends, which looks both luxurious and stylish and feels extra warm. 

Classic mini bags

When it comes to bags, mini ladylike bags are an evergreen fashion trend. From classic to vivid colors, this bag is proven to be a great investment because it never goes out of style. You’ll surely wear this stylish bag from day to night, and you’ll be pleased that all your essentials will fit in. Starting from runways, this stylish accessory item is taking over fashion in a big way.

These trends will be flooding the streets in 2022, so take your pick and don’t be scared to experiment with your fashion style. 


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  1. 13th February 2022 / 18:22

    I don’t usually follow trends, but it’s always fun to see what will end up in the charity shops after 2022. Chunky sandals and faux-fur jackets: check. But as much as I like headwear, a baseball cap will always be a definite no-no from me! xxx

    • nancy
      14th February 2022 / 18:22

      I don’t think I ever have worn a baseball cap either! Not for me!

  2. 14th February 2022 / 18:22

    I only feel comfortable in a shorter (definitely not mini) skirt if I’m wearing tights. But, being a child of the 70s, I can tell you I wore many miniskirts!! I really want to expand my hat collection from 4 to more…so I’ll be on trend…yay, me!

    Thanks for sharing this, Nancy, and I hope you’re feeling better!

    • nancy
      14th February 2022 / 18:22

      Haha, good of you! I never wear mini skirts anymore but used to love them a lot.

    • nancy
      14th February 2022 / 18:22

      That would look fantastic on you!

    • nancy
      15th February 2022 / 18:22

      I can totally understand that. Not a big fan of loose fit either.

  3. 14th February 2022 / 18:22

    good fashion ideas for this year, thanks for sharing them!

    • nancy
      15th February 2022 / 18:22

      Thank you.

  4. 14th February 2022 / 18:22

    I love seeing/hearing what trends are…trending (lol), so thank you for this list, Nancy! I will be on board for: bucket hats (never baseball caps, too casual for me), big sunglasses, chunky platforms (I have my eye on some Fluevogs!), and the mini skirt/suit trend (this is a direct throw-back to 2000). I like loose layers, but I’ll pick and choose. I’m a fan of faux fur, and wear it all year round!

    • nancy
      15th February 2022 / 18:22

      No baseballcaps for me either. But I already bought green oversized sunglasses!

  5. 16th February 2022 / 18:22

    Oh god not mini skirts again!!! I can’t wear them Jacqui xx

    • nancy
      17th February 2022 / 18:22

      Hahah, me neither! Let’s skip that one!

    • nancy
      18th February 2022 / 18:22

      Me neither but also like to know what is trendy. I think it’s more important to use trends in your own way.

  6. 3rd March 2022 / 18:22

    Ah yes indeed lots of great trends here, and the blue and green eye looks I even wore this to FW though did not do a good a job lol.

    Allie of

    • nancy
      3rd March 2022 / 18:22


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