Black skirt with pockets & Fancy Friday

black skirt with pockets

Finally I have found a wide black skirt, which is also the right length, with pockets. Yes yes I hear you think, not another black skirt! But I really didn’t have one with pockets! And I don’t know what it is about dresses and skirts with pockets, but I’m falling for them, hard! It gives a somewhat cool look doesn’t it. Just watch out that you don’t ,hang, in the pockets.

Finally found a black skirt with pockets

black sock boots under a skirt

This season I am having a hard time finding clothes that suit me and have the right color and that I am in love with. Because I don’t go for second best anymore. Before, I sometimes settled for, well, for example, a skirt without pockets. While I really wanted one with pockets. Now I just keep looking until I find it. I also know much better which colors I should and should not wear, which length of skirt or dress and whether it should be wide or tight. I learned that over the years and also learned to look more critically at my outfits.

Not that I always stick to that. Like this skirt for example. I think it’s great because I really like the boucle, I love the golden buttons and the length is perfect for me. But it’s a straight shapeless skirt and so am I a bit, lol. Yeah, no lack of self-knowledge here. So better I wear high boots under this skirt. Ankle boots look better with a skirt like the one I am wearing today on the blog.

How I wear a black skirt, as if you haven’t seen one before……

black skirt with pockets

You have those women, Sheila, who never wear an outfit the same way. Always a different top on that skirt, always different accessories with that dress. Well done! Also very surprising to look at of course. Well, I’m the opposite in that regard. When I love an outfit, I almost always wear it that way. Can be boring, but I’m totally happy with that. Like with this black skirt with pockets. The way I wear it now, I will wear it very often!

I’ve worn this sweater so many times that it’s almost getting ugly. Luckily I also have a wool version of it! And then these sneakers! They are worn out by the end of winter! They are some sort of sock boot, sneaker boot. I am wearing my new leather biker jacket. I thought about it hard, because I actually don’t want to buy any real leather. But a biker jacket is something I wear all the time. And I didn’t like the faux leather ones anymore. My old one was worn out, not that you think that I didn’t like the ones I had. No, I don’t like the ones that are for sale. And I have to say, real leather is so much better to be honest.

leather jacket on a skirt

black skirt with pocketsblack skirt with pocketsblack skirt with pockets

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  1. Tina von Tinaspinkfriday
    2nd December 2022 / 18:22

    Nancy I love the way you wear this skirt. Great with this necklace and striped jumper.💕
    Happy weekend!

  2. 2nd December 2022 / 18:22

    You can’t go wrong with a black skirt! Great styling. Have a good weekend

  3. Joanne
    2nd December 2022 / 18:22

    Oh I just love that so many skirts and dresses are now being made with pockets! It makes it much more convenient to wear them.

  4. 2nd December 2022 / 18:22

    I love this whole look, especially your jacket! So cool. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! XO, Caroline

  5. 2nd December 2022 / 18:22

    Great outfit, Nancy! Love the long swingy shape of this skirt. It was worth the wait to get just what you wanted. I think it would be a better world if pockets were required on all skirts, dresses and pants! Thanks for the link up, and enjoy your weekend!

  6. 2nd December 2022 / 18:22

    Well done on waiting until you found the perfect black skirt with pockets! Pockets do make everything better!
    Your outfit is a classic one, so why change it when it’s already perfect? xxx

  7. 2nd December 2022 / 18:22

    Pockets are always a win! Your skirt is fabulous! Love your accessories and how you styled it! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  8. 3rd December 2022 / 18:22

    Skirts with pockets are the best! My dress today does not have them and I’m so annoyed! Love this outfit—I would wear all of it 😀
    Cheryl Shops |

  9. 3rd December 2022 / 18:22

    I love this outfit, Nancy! You know how to put an all black outfit together. And I like a good leather jacket. The one I have is for motorcycle riding. I could wear it casually, but with all of the safety pads in it, it weighs a ton!


  10. 3rd December 2022 / 18:22

    This skirt is so good- am loving it with the leather perfecto! xx

    • nancy
      5th December 2022 / 18:22

      Thanks Lucy!

  11. 3rd December 2022 / 18:22

    Nancy, I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with wearing the same outfit the same way! I do it a lot of the time! I love your moto jacket! And, I’m with you…I don’t buy faux leather in anything. I just don’t do it. I like real leather. Maybe that makes me a bad person…I don’t know! Thanks for the link party!

    • nancy
      5th December 2022 / 18:22

      Well, I didn’t want to buy any real leather anymore, because of animl wellfare. But I can’t stand the smell and feel of faux leather anymore. And a leather jackets goes on for years and years right!

  12. 3rd December 2022 / 18:22

    You look super cool and sassy in this black and white outfit! I love your new leather jacket and I agree that real leather is so much better. Like you, I am at a place where I don’t settle for “almost perfect” things in my closet anymore. If I don’t love it, I don’t want it taking up space anymore. It’s midlife clean-out time! Haha.


    • nancy
      5th December 2022 / 18:22

      Haha, oh is that what it is! We only deserve the best right!

  13. 3rd December 2022 / 18:22

    FIrst off, I love your black skirt! and with pockets 🙂 Those sneakers look wonderful with this sporty look, and I love the moto jacket. I just buy things I love too and often secondhand. Have a wonderful weekend Nancy!
    jess xx

    • nancy
      5th December 2022 / 18:22

      I also look a lot at second hand, often more interesting!

    • nancy
      5th December 2022 / 18:22

      Thanks Sabina!

  14. jodie filogomo
    5th December 2022 / 18:22

    There are definitely advantages to real vs faux leather. Sometimes I like one vs the other and honestly I think having both in something you like is a good thing, haha.
    I’m bummed because I’m not getting your emails anymore and I even checked my spam. I’ll just have to remember to come by and visit.

    • nancy
      6th December 2022 / 18:22

      Oh dear, I have that too with a lot of bloggers, don’t receive emails anymore. Perhaps if you subscribe again? Follow it doesn’t work perfect.

  15. 5th December 2022 / 18:22

    This is why one of my rules is “Always Be Upgrading”! I think we should always be looking for the black skirt that has everything we want: a good fabric, the best cut, pockets, a chi-chi designer (if that’s your thing). As I think you know, I love leather garments, and they LAST so much longer than fake leather. I have leather shoes and clothing that are 20-50 years old and still in amazing condition (soft, pliable, rich colour), but I see fake leather in thrift stores that’s only a few years old and it’s gone hard, sticky and peeling. Ugh. I would rather have leather (and would rather have it second-hand, just to be extra-sustainable).

    Thank you so much for the shout-out, Nancy! You are the best. 🙂 And for the link-party too!

    • nancy
      6th December 2022 / 18:22

      I don’t buy leather second hand, because I can’t wash it. Have to take it to the drycleaners then? But yes, real leather beats faux any time.

  16. 6th December 2022 / 18:22

    I’m totally with you on the pockets, Nancy! I love it when I discover a new dress has them, for example! I’m not sure that I’ve got any skirts with pockets though, other than the denim skirt I’ve just given away!
    You look fabulous, and it doesn’t matter if you always wear a particular outfit the same way. It means it works, and it makes you feel good! I do that a lot too.
    Big hugs
    Suzy xx

    • nancy
      8th December 2022 / 18:22

      Thanks Suzy!

  17. 7th December 2022 / 18:22

    A black skirt is such a versatile piece and I love that it has pockets too! 🙂 I really like how you styled it with black and white pieces with different textures!


    • nancy
      8th December 2022 / 18:22

      Thank you very much Carrie.

    • nancy
      9th December 2022 / 18:22

      THanks Emma!

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