Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Summer has been a hell of a ride, but fall fashion trends 2021 is knocking at the door. After being at home for more than one year for the pandemic, people are getting ready to go back to work. As this is a fresh start for everyone, you might want to refresh your wardrobe too. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable wearing pyjamas. Still, it’s not going to hurt if you glance at the fashion trends of 2021, which will make you feel good and confident again while working, hanging out with friends, or attending an occasion.

Racheal Green from Friends has returned with her iconic fashion style and Doug Funnie with his signature heels that you can walk in. Finally, it’s time to leave the past and go with the flow. Here are some Fall fashion trends 2021 to decide from.

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Fall Fashion Trends 2021

90’s Fashion has been going for years now, but this fall, this trend will go even further with the populace rocking the decennary’s staple looks from top to toe by not using them as cadence pieces.

Your favourite baguette bags, pair them up with covered dresses, tall square-toe boots, and midway length cardigans. Another way to style is to wear a cropped cardigan over a miniskirt and finish the look with ankle-length socks and a good-looking sneaker that compliments the overall outfit.

White t-shirts layered and grungy boots under a silk slip dress, wear skater jeans with plaid shacket, or you can try cute polo tees with it to give it a pro look.

For men, it’s time to try out a high waist, as it makes the leg look longer. Easily styled with oversized shirts and sweaters, all you have to do is tuck and roll.

Saturated tincture

Fall Fashion Trends 2021

The transition from summer to fall is nothing but trading out pretty delicate and lush bright in shades of navy, sage green, burgundy and supplementary moody hues. But guess what? Vibrant shades in this fall remain supreme, though with an autumnal spin. Go for boosted jewel tones, deep magenta, mustard yellow.

The best way to look good is by blending and trailing it with unexpected combinations such as peachy orange, bright blue, baby pink, or marigold. As a result, this style comes out to be colourful yet seasonally to the point.

Baggy denim

fall fashion baggy trousers

Skinny jeans make the shape of the leg look sexy, but many cannot wear them as it is tighter than the top you are wearing, looking for an airy option? Cheers to loose-fit denim. Looser styles like mom’s jeans, flares, bootcut, and boyfriend jeans are the ultimate comfortable style to go with. It gives a cool look overall. Mom’s jeans are the best, as are cross-front waists for extra amusement.

Pair that denim with a slip-fit tee and tailored blazer, cropped sweater, or elegant blouse tucked in.  If you like to play with colors, go for dark tops as the denim is already light, a denim jacket on top of it, with a few silver pieces of jewelry, like a chain and rings, can give the best look.

Mid-wash denim is for men. Dark or raw denim is a style staple for men. This season it’s a few shades lighter, laid-back, and goes with almost everything, like t-shirts, shirts, jackets. Denim was always for men in their collection, but it looks like this style will stay this time.

Jumper vests are a huge fall fashion trend 2021

Fall Fashion Trends 2021

This trend first popped up in 2020 but going hard in 2021 fall. As a result, the best jumper vests have some texture, detailing, and are oversized rather than a plain monochrome fleece.

Start wearing it with nothing underneath with some loose-fit jeans, as the fall starts a bit warmer. Therefore, once the temperature drops, you can layer your vests with shirt dresses, button-downs, turtle necks, or add another sweater on top.

Printed bottoms/shirts

prints are a trend

Snake prints, zebra stripes, checkerboard, and punchy floral are grabbing attention in jeans and trousers. It is not like the wide-leg style you wear in summer; it has heavier features and structured bolts like denim.

Corduroy or wool gives a much more fitted shape. To match the floral print, either wear another vibrant print on top or go simple like plain black, white, or grey cardigan.

Floral shirts for men started its journey five years back, and it shows no sign of slowing down. 2021 encourages men to come out of the rugged same old look and try florals, as prints and patterns have no gender.

Dark academia and all white


Think of Harry potter for mature chicks and not for jittery teens. Gen z on tick-tock introduces us to this look, and it works for any age and style. You need to find pleated dinky and kilt skirts in dark tones, fitted leather blazers and jackets, and school striped in deep shades of brown, green, burgundy, and black shades.

On the other hand, men are going white this fall, as it is the sure way to keep cool in the heat. Pair a white shirt with chino shorts and leather sneakers. If you doubt the look too much, tone it down with a navy overshirt.

Puffy handbags, platforms and hoses.

puffy handbag

Accessories for men and women are also essential and trendy. To finish up a look, you need to add some bling to it.

For women, there are puffed and textured handbags. These handbags come in different sizes, it is large enough to carry your laptop, mid-sized to take errands on weekdays, and a mini size too for just essentials as you are heading towards a night out.

This summer, the shoe trend has an elevated style, which will be carried to fall and winter. Platform loafers, lace-up boots, and clogs are much better to walk in than stilettos.

Bare ankles of men were considered one of the comprehensive trends in 2010, but in 2020 they are out of style, as men themselves prefer to wear a nice pair of socks with chukkas, derby shoes, and sneakers.


A fashion statement is vital for both men and women, as it says a lot about you when you style yourself. In addition, it makes a mark on your personality when you go somewhere, be it at an interview or a date.

Fashion changes now and then; it evolves and breaks stereotypes. It gives you the freedom to be who you are. To be who you want. It is a way of living. And now you are up to date on the fall fashion trends 2021.

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    • nancy
      1st October 2021 / 18:22

      I like them now too!!Lol.

  1. 29th September 2021 / 18:22

    I love Autumn colours and it’s the one time of year when I’m having a look at the shop windows to see which colours are on trend. Quite a disappointment in that department this year, I must say.
    I’ve never been a fan of 90s fashion – for me this is definitely the decade that style forgot – but I’m all for one of those sweater vests! xxx

    • nancy
      1st October 2021 / 18:22

      I totally agree with you! All weird designs now, not my cup of tea at all.

  2. 29th September 2021 / 18:22

    The writing in this post is a little all over the place, and could have used an edit for typos and spelling mistakes. However, I love hearing about trends. Thanks, Nancy!

    • nancy
      1st October 2021 / 18:22

      I know Sheila, this is the last time I use her as a guest writer.

  3. 2nd October 2021 / 18:22

    I love the wider leg on denim trend. The hostess at our favorite Mexican restaurant had on the cutest pair…of course,she was probably 18! I’m really liking the saturated colors, too!


    • nancy
      2nd October 2021 / 18:22

      Yes I like saturated colours too! Thanks Marsha.

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