Sweaters! The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book

collage sweaters

This month we choose sweaters for our theme as it is exactly the season to wear them! Well depends on where you live of course…..

Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge and myself started this series after we had hosted The Bad Buy Book for a year. Now we are ready for a new challenge! Every 15th of the month we show our Good Buy or Good-Bye item. And we want you to join!

What is The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book about?

It is a collage of outfits! You can choose yourself whether you want to show a Good Buy (which is an item you are really exited about) or a Good-Bye ( which is an item you are going to say good bye to). We will keep buying a Bad Buy from now and then, you know, it was so cheap, you were in a hurry and really wanted(needed) to buy something etc.

But of course we also have those purchases that can make us so very happy. A piece of clothing that you have had for years and that you also wear a lot. Or something you bought on a holiday, and every time you wear it you get that holiday feeling back. Every month you can choose which item you want to send in. A Good Buy or a Good-Bye. We will provide a theme for each month!

So let’s start with The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book: Sweaters!

First my dear blogging friend and co-host Shelbee of Shelbee on the EdgeSweaters worn by fashion bloggers

I loved the color of this green sweater from Torrid but they only had it available in a size that was much too big for me. Bought it anyway and  I love wearing it as a dress or over skinny jeans. I even lounge around the house in it frequently because it is so soft and cozy. Definitely a good buy even in the wrong size.

Here we see Michele of seechele_stylesred sweater

It’s definitely a good buy wanted this rust color to add to my wardrobe.

Here is Kim of Fierce Fashionc The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book

I’m going to nominate this sweater as “Goodby.”  While it doesn’t look too bad in this photo, the banding accentuates the “fluff” in my middle.  Depending on the rise of my pants it can look pretty bad!

Of course here is Jodie of jtouchofstylewinter sweater

As a knitter, I just adore sweaters and have been showcasing them most Saturday’s on Instagram. It’s a fair isle design and the yarn is from Iceland!

Lovely Leslie of Once upon a time happily ever afterpink sweater

Here is a sweater I bought from Old Navy in the fall.  I get compliments every time I wear it.  Probably because it is brighter than most things I wear!!  I have paired it in this photo with a corduroy skirt, gray tights and paisley skirt from Loft Outlet.  And some very old purple shoes.

Sweet Sonja of Beautysomeblack sweater

I love to wear sweaters! I can’t live without them.

Last year I bought 10 new ones! And I have chosen the most stylish ones for this theme!

This one is with lace! I love lace and black so this was a win win situation when I found this one on holiday last year in Germany.

This is Carmen of Fashionable over 50

fashion blogger in cozy sweater

This cozy sweater was a good buy! Bought at my daughter’s eco-boutique in Seattle.


And finally my Good Buy sweaterblack and white striped sweater

I love a black and white striped top or sweater, always have one in my closet. This one I bought a few years ago and I loved it so much. It was so stretchy and it had pearl buttons! I totally worn it out. Still need another one!

February’s theme will be: Copy Cats!

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary of this series, we have chosen a theme that is a little different than normal. Send us your favorite “style steals” or outfits inspired by someone else, another blogger or even a friend. If you can create a side by side collage of the outfit that inspired you with your recreation of it and a brief description of who inspired you and why, we will feature it on February 15. If you do not know how to create a collage, just send us both photos and we will create it for you.

Shelbee and I will copy each other to celebrate our Anniversary!

And now hop over to Shelbee’s blog to see what the other fashion bloggers are wearing!

Send your photo with a few sentences if it is a Good Buy or a Good-Bye and we will put you in the spotlights! Send it please before the 10th of each month to shelbeeontheedge@gmail.com or to info@nancysfashionstyle.com

By joining The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book, you agree to receive a monthly reminder email for next month!


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  1. 15th January 2020 / 18:22

    What a cozy collection of comfy sweaters! They all look like good buys to me. Various styles and colours, no two alike just like us: each one unique, everyone beautiful. Thank you for including me! 🙂


    • nancy
      15th January 2020 / 18:22

      Thanks for joining us Carmen!

  2. 15th January 2020 / 18:22

    So glad I remembered to join you for this. Hoping to do better about being a part of Good Buy-Good Bye. So next month on the 15th, instead of Good B-Good B, you are going to do the twinning theme? Sounds like fun. Will start thinking about it now. I need a program/app to make a collage on my laptop. Can you suggest one?

    Love all the girls’ looks. You need to find a replacement for your cute striped number. Such a classy look with your pretty skirt. I am thinking Jodie knitted her beautiful Fair Isle. Incredible talent!! Wow!!

    • nancy
      15th January 2020 / 18:22

      Yes I do need a replacement! And Jodie’s sweater is amazing hey! I use BeFunky, it’s very easy. If I can do it, you can!

  3. 15th January 2020 / 18:22

    Oh I am loving all these sweaters, too! carmen’s heart sweater is so adorable and Jodie’s fair isle sweater is giving me all sorts of cozy vibes! So many great ones in this post!


    • nancy
      15th January 2020 / 18:22

      Yes I had the same! Lovely theme!

  4. 15th January 2020 / 18:22

    It’s fun to see everyone’s picks! I’m the only one that’s saying goodbye! It’s so amazing Jodie can knit a sweater like that, that is some talent!

  5. 15th January 2020 / 18:22

    Such a fun round up of good buys and goodbyes! I love that you have someone that had a “goodbye”!

    • nancy
      16th January 2020 / 18:22

      Thanks Chrissy!

  6. 15th January 2020 / 18:22

    After have gone off sweaters for a couple of years – mainly because of hot flushes! – I’m now starting to embrace them again. A stripy jumper always looks good and should be a wardrobe staple. But I’m totally in love with Jodie’s fair isle cardigan! xxx

    • nancy
      16th January 2020 / 18:22

      Yes Jodie’s sweater is fantastic! I think that is exactly how winter sweater should look like!

  7. Sonja
    15th January 2020 / 18:22

    Love all the sweater even the goodbye one! And yes a striped one is a musthave!

    • nancy
      16th January 2020 / 18:22

      Thank you for joining us Sonja! Hope to see you next month!

  8. jodie filogomo
    15th January 2020 / 18:22

    How can it be that I don’t have a striped sweater like yours Nancy? It’s so fabulous.
    This was a fun one, and next months…OMG!!

    • nancy
      16th January 2020 / 18:22

      Oh come on, you do have a striped sweater don’t you? Knit one! Looking forward to your contribution!

    • nancy
      18th January 2020 / 18:22

      Ah that’s great! We are so exited about the theme!

  9. 16th January 2020 / 18:22

    I definitely own too many sweaters as it is, but would definitely consider switching them up in favour of new ones!

    Have a good week! 🙂

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

    • nancy
      18th January 2020 / 18:22

      Have a good weekend love!

  10. 17th January 2020 / 18:22

    Great sweater. Love how you all styled them 🙂 Thanks for linking up, have a lovely weekend.

    • nancy
      18th January 2020 / 18:22

      Thanks Claire!

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