Photo collage of December impression

How much fun it is to write a sentence a day to remind us of the good, and the bad, times we had. Because time goes by so fast and it’s good to create memories by a sentence a day. You can join our linkup up with a similar post. Or start with writing your memories and join us next month!

Sentence a day: December

12/01 Still not feeling good, but in the evening we went out for dinner with friends and that took my mind off from being sick.

12/02 Feeling bad and tired but we went out to look for furniture.

12/03 Worked out, did not go very well and blogged, and rested.

12/04 Worked out and my physio therapist told me to take a X-ray photo of my lungs, what I did and it was exhausting, in the afternoon my doctor called to say that I had to start with an anti-biotics treatment because I had a double infection.

12/05 Canceled my appointment to go shopping in Oberhausen with Celina, to sick and to weak.

12/06 Feeling  weak but I did work out and rested after that a lot.

12/07 Today we had an appointment in Utrecht at the university hospital to see if I should already be on the transplant list, this is a very tiring morning and I hate that hospital, afterwards we treated ourselves to an Asian lunch, I am pretty stable and don’t have to be put on the list yet.

12/08 Feeling a lot better, the medicine are working, worked out and relaxed a bit, and went to see a friend in his shop where we have picked out a new sound something, when it became too technical I went to the pharmacy to buy anything and everything.

12/09 We decorated the house, decorated the tree, worked out and enjoyed a delicious meal made by Gerben.

12/10 I went with my girlfriend Denise out for shopping, it was fun and we had a lovely lunch, we ,,found,, each other again after not having a good contact for a year or so, I am glad we are good now because I just love her!

12/11 Worked out, blogged a lot because I have a lot to catch up with, I am so happy that I feel so much better, it feels like I was sick hole November.

12/12 I had a dinner of volunteer work for the city hall, I did not take pictures at the table, I did not think it was appropriate as there were also some policy staff joining us, we enjoyed the food and the company!

12/13 Worked out, went to by a glitter top that I saw last Monday, thapdiatristt one was sold out of course and bought a Indonesian meal for myself as Gerben is not eating at home tonight.

12/14 It’s Friday, cleaning……..

12/15 We went to Haarlem to my sister in law who celebrates her birthday today, we took Gerben’s parents with us and we had lunch by the sea!

12/16 A day of doing nothing and everything, I wrote the Christmas cards and Gerben went to see Paul, Celina’s boyfriend, performing, he is in a band.

12/17 Worked out and blogged and had to see the podiatrist, my feet are good! Lol.

12/18 Worked out and knitted a while, that scarf has to be finished by the end of the Winter right.

12/19 Did the groceries and got some more Christmas decorations and in the afternoon I went to the nail salon.

12/20 Busy day, it started with a work out, did some blogging, went to the beauty salon and in the evening I had a meeting.

12/21 Yes it is boring, cleaning day!

12/22 First I went to the hairdresser and in the evening we went out for dinner with my father and his wife, my sister and her partner and the sons of my fathers wife and their partners, we do that every year.

12/23 We went to my sister and brother-in-law to see the Christmas barn that he builds every year, you really have to take a look at that, we ate  sushi on the way home in our favorite sushi restaurant.

12/24 We finally bought a new corner sofa, pretty much the same as the old one, white leather, and Gerben made a delicious Christmas Eve dinner with scalops.

12/25 Yes, unwrapping the presents, enjoying a long breakfast and in the afternoon we went to my brother in law where we had dinner with my in-laws.

12/26 Friends came over to play Catan and in the evening we went out for dinner with 14 other friends.

12/27 Got out of bed very early, and worked out, alone, there was no one there, cleaned the house, did some blogging, did some paperwork and in the evening I tried my onesie that I got for Christmas, love it!

12/28 We went to do some groceries and in the evening we enjoyed Indonesian food at home on the couch!

12/29 The son of my fathers wife celebrates his 50th birthday with a lunch with his brother, my sister and my father and his wife, it was very nice!

12/30 My girlfriends birthday, we went to celebrate it with her in the evening at her house with friends.

12/31 Well, the last day of the year, a very lazy day that I spend in my bathrobe, in the afternoon I showered, washed my hair, did my make-up and all and in the evening we went to our friends house to celebrate!

Happy New Year!






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  1. 3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    What a brilliant idea, Nancy!! Chronicling life at the rate of a sentence a day is both fun and undaunting. I would love to try this.

    • nancy
      3rd January 2019 / 18:22

      It is fun Sheela! I hope you will join us next month!

  2. 3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    Dear Nancy, I’m glad the medication has helped you and your are feeling better. Stay strong! I wish you a very good year!

    xo Yvonne

    • nancy
      3rd January 2019 / 18:22

      Thank you very much Yvonne! I wish you a great year!

    • nancy
      4th January 2019 / 18:22

      Thank you Martina!

  3. jodie filogomo
    3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    I’m SO glad you’re feeling better Nancy. It’s so frustrating when you have no control over your health like that.
    I’m not sure I realized you knitted?? Did you know that I’m a knitter?? It’s such a great activity especially in the winter months!! And so creative!!

    • nancy
      4th January 2019 / 18:22

      Well Jodie…….it’s not knitting but chroching? Is that a word, because I googled the translation but I can’t find the correct word.And I can only do one stitch and only do scarves. Yust straight and nothing else. But I find it very relaxing.

  4. 3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    That scallop dish and heck all of the food in this post looks wonderful! It sounds you are feeling better! I am glad you don’t need to be put on the transplant list yet and I’m glad you go to enjoy a tasty lunch after spending time in that hospital you hate! 🙂 Happy New Year!


    • nancy
      4th January 2019 / 18:22

      Thanks Carrie, yes that was a treat! And my hubby can cook like a pro!

  5. 3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    What a lovely idea to write a sentence a day. I’m thinking of doing the same, if only for myself. Good to hear that your medication has kicked in and phew, it must be a relief not to be put on the transplant list yet! xxx

    • nancy
      4th January 2019 / 18:22

      It is, but sometimes I get so tired of fighting that I want a transplant. Like now!Haha. But it’s good as it is.

  6. 3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    Happy New Year, Nancy! I’m glad you finally got over being sick. Your husband’s Christmas eve dinner looks wonderful!

    • nancy
      4th January 2019 / 18:22

      Yes, me too! pff, it took a long time.

  7. 3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    Happy New Year! All that food looks scrummy…and even though it’s retro, you can’t beat a good prawn cocktail!

    • nancy
      4th January 2019 / 18:22

      You are absolutely right!

  8. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    3rd January 2019 / 18:22

    That’s a great doable goal! Short, specific and not hard! Happy New Year, Nancy!

    • nancy
      4th January 2019 / 18:22

      Thanks Sheila!

  9. 4th January 2019 / 18:22

    A sentence a day is a great way to remember the month. Sorry to hear that you were sick too. That’s no fun.

    • nancy
      5th January 2019 / 18:22

      No it wasn’t, but I feel much better now. Thanks Julie!

  10. 6th January 2019 / 18:22

    I am glad you are doing well now! May you have a happy and healthy New Year dear Nancy!
    Love, Claudia

    • nancy
      6th January 2019 / 18:22

      Thank you very much Claudia, I wish nothing less for you my friend!

  11. 11th January 2019 / 18:22

    So very behind on my blog reading but off work today and remedying that right now. Your photos in the SaD graphic are absolutely incredible. You are so faithful to working out! What do you like to do to stay in such fabulous shape? We have been to the gym exactly once this year. Have to go today. Have to!!!

    • nancy
      12th January 2019 / 18:22

      Haha, but if you do work out on a regular base, you will notice that you will love it and then you will make the time for it! I like the leg press a lot because it really makes my upper legs stronger and I am compatitive and want to push the largest amount of weight of our group! Hahaha

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