Tulle! The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book

tulle skirts

Isn’t tulle such a fabulous fabric! Tulle skirts throw me immediately back to the 80’s, think Vivienne Westwood, which I love! They have something dramatic, cool, punk and elegance! Best of all worlds!

Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge and myself started this series after we had hosted The Bad Buy Book for a year. Now we are ready for a new challenge! Every 15th of the month we show our Good Buy or Good-Bye item. And we want you to join!

What is The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book about?

It is a collage of outfits! You can choose yourself whether you want to show a Good Buy (which is an item you are really exited about) or a Good-Bye ( which is an item you are going to say good bye to). We will keep buying a Bad Buy from now and then, you know, it was so cheap, you were in a hurry and really wanted(needed) to buy something etc. But of course we also have those purchases that can make us so very happy. A piece of clothing that you have had for years and that you also wear a lot. Or something you bought on a holiday, and every time you wear it you get that holiday feeling back. Every month you can choose which item you want to send in. A Good Buy or a Good-Bye. We will provide a theme for each month!

So let’s start with The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book: Tulle!

First my dear blogging friend and co-host Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

Tulle skirt in blush

I bought this blush pink Swiss dotted tulle skirt by Lauren Conrad about 5 years ago on a whim. It is kind out of my comfort zone but it still is a Good Buy because I do occasionally wear it and when I do, I feel my inner Carrie Bradshaw coming through!

Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style

Tulle skirt and leather jacket

I never realized I needed a tulle skirt until I started blogging, LOL!! But now I have more than one (shocking). This black one is preloved off of Poshmark and it’s so fun to pair with sneakers!!!

Sheila of Ephemera

tulle skirt and leather jacket

Good Buy!

This is one of a few of what I refer to as “floofy underskirts” that I have owned over the years – I bought this Noa Noa black underskirt in 2010 for $27.95, and it’s wonderful for fluffing out a full skirt. It is lined, with a layer of black tulle netting trimmed with three rows of double-layer ruffles for extra floof-itude.

And finally my tulle skirt.

my tulle skirt

I adore this punky skirt! But don’t wear it that often. I want to wear it with sneakers and a leather jacket now too! And a simple tee. But I love this look too, with a sheer blouse and beloved ankle boots! This is my second black tulle skirt, the first one had holes in it at one point. Was also a polka dot one.

outfit with black jumper and checkered skirt

Here I was wearing the tulle skirt under a checked skirt. And then I pulled the two skirts up and attached them to the waist band with a huge safety pin. How much more Vivienne Westwood do you want! Love this look!

Outfit with patent leather jacket and grey tulle skirt tulle reminder

And this was my pink tulle skirt, no longer have it. I think that is a pity now. But it probably was a bit to light for me. I saw a gorgeous pink tulle skirt at Devoted to Style!

June’s theme will be: Nautical!

And now hop over to Shelbee’s blog to see what the other fashion bloggers are wearing!

Send your photo with a few sentences if it is a Good Buy or a Good-Bye and we will put you in the spotlights! Send it please before the 10th of each month to shelbeeontheedge@gmail.com or to batennancy@gmail.com

By joining The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book, you agree to receive a monthly reminder email for next month!


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  1. 15th May 2021 / 18:22

    I adore tulle and have a favourite that cost all of £3! You look wonderful in all of them but I particularly like the Vivienne Westwood outfit – that’s amazing! Have a great weekend x

  2. Joanne
    15th May 2021 / 18:22

    What a fun post! You all look fabulous in your tulle. I don’t own a single item of tulle…

  3. 15th May 2021 / 18:22

    I love all of the tulle skirts. I’ve never owned one but maybe I need to look for one!

  4. 15th May 2021 / 18:22

    I’m so in awe of all the tulle-based outfits you ladies have come up with. I would have failed miserably, as I do not own one single tulle item 🙂 xxx

  5. jodie filogomo
    15th May 2021 / 18:22

    I just adore the white one Nancy. In fact, one of my friends used her wedding dress to make herself a tulle skirt just like that.

  6. 17th May 2021 / 18:22

    Oh, thank you so much for featuring me, Nancy! This was a tough challenge! I love your tulle skirts, and especially that Westwood-inspired styling with the plaid skirt! I love that you pinned it up with a safety pin! Ha!

    • nancy
      23rd September 2021 / 18:22


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