Tips for Trendy Hairstyle in 2021

With hairdressers closed for months, we are ready to know what trendy hairstyle 2021 has in store for us. Lately, we have seen it everywhere, a sign that does not deceive because the short cuts and the squares turn out to be the big trend of the next months, especially the A-line bob. To this is added the big comeback of the fringe and there ladies your foreheads will be served, between the curtain fringe, short, curly, side or seventies there is something to please everyone.

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For those who do not dare cross the course of the scissors, do not panic; the long hair also back in force, both on the hair smooth, wavy, curly, curly than woolly. In fact, speaking of afro hair, another hair fashion is likely to be talked about: nappy hair. The concept is simple, we stop denaturing our frizzy hair, and we finally leave it natural; we embrace it! Finally, other novelties that we will see everywhere are the parting on the side and the side-hair (wear your hair on one and the same side).

What are the 2021 hairstyle trends?

The advent of a new year is a wonderful occasion to change your hair style, although many of us could not go back to the hairdresser until after the first quarter, long or short cut? Fringe or wick? To make the right choice, discover the 2021 hairstyle trends. What hairstyle to adopt? What shade of hair color to choose to be fashionable? Fashionterest has brought everything that will buzz this year.

Wear the short bobtrendy hairstyle in 2021

Out of all the short haircuts, this is the one that best suits all types of hair—plunging, ball, straight, etc. The bob brings dynamism to the face, a harmonious volume to curly hair, and pep ‘to straight hair. And for those who want an even more radical change, we dare the boyish cut, ideal for a feminine look in all circumstances.

Short Squaretrendy hairstyle in 2021

Essential hairstyle, the short bob is a haircut that will undoubtedly sublimate your hair. How to wear the short bob? Which short bob to choose for the shape of your face? How to maintain it well? Follow our comprehensive guide.

Wear long hair in 2021long hair trend

On the fashion shows, the models set the tone by proudly displaying their fiery manes. To always look better and meet everyone’s desires, long hair can be worn in different ways. Sometimes chic with light waves and a vintage hair accessory as on the Chanel show, sometimes retro with the volume on the front as on the show or even bohemian or ’70s with a scarf as on the Dior show. Discipline your long hair and highlight it with a pretty hair style or a trendy accessory.

Hair accessories to adopt in 2021trendy hairstyles

Scarves and barrettes adorned the heads of the models of the winter 2021 fashion shows. It goes without saying that they will slip into our hair throughout the year to pimp our ponytails, updos, and even our bob cuts for a 60’s look Beth Harmon style in The Lady’s Game.

Style your hair with a scarfwearing a scarf in your hair

This season, the hairstyle trend is in the scarf! It is very easy to tame and ideal for accessorizing your hair; it is the perfect element to show off your hair.

Wear the braid in 2021wearing breads

The mat (Indian, African …) is the essential tie of the year. Its minimal maintenance and its thousand braiding possibilities give free rein to our creativity for a hairstyle that is unlike any other. It’s not uncommon to see three – four-row braids, braided updos, even hairstyles that mix ponytails and braids.

Because it comes in so many stylish versions, the braid is the perfect hair style to change up your look without changing your cut.

Wear bangs in 2021trendy hairstyle in 2021

 In 2021, the fringe is still trendy. It can be worn thick, short in the curtain, or blurred to twist a short or long cut. Curtain, long, short, or tapered, bangs bring personality to a haircut. Find the bangs you need, especially depending on your face shape.

Middle or side partitiontrendy hairstyle in 2021

You don’t look like anything like that, but it’s the extra little thing that finishes a hairstyle. On the side, in the middle, or in a zig-zag, the parting brings modernity and presence to the hair. Easy to trace and flexible as you wish, a comb is enough. Placed in the middle, on one side, or accessorized, the parting of your hair can change your entire hair look.

Hairstyle 2021: the trends of spring-summer haircuts to adopt

The arrival of spring-summer marks the arrival of new hairstyle trends! In 2021, the haircut is meant to be easy-going and stylish. Effortless square, braid, bangs or mullet cut revisited, etc., zoom on hairstyles to wear in fine weather.

Hair coloringhair coloring

This spring-summer 2021, we celebrate the structured hairstyles that highlight the bangs worn more or less long and hair accessories. A wind of nostalgia blows on the haircuts, which are inspired by the hair vestiges of the past. Mullet cut updated hairstyles from the 70s with the Shag cut and curtain bangs: fashion is an eternal restart, even in the hair sector.

However, some must-have cuts persist, especially those short cuts that are still trendy. Thus, all versions of the square, the Pixie cut or the boyish cut, are on the rise. If you are a fan of long hair, the trend is to flaunt XXL length, like Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, and Kim Kardashian, whose tips hug your lower back. This year gives way to less conventional nuances. Cool colors like blonde, pink, or metallic tones will slip into the hair in small touches. Tie and dye are reinvented with a more subtle version called smoky hair for a luminous and subtle finish.

Smoky hair: the hair color trend to adopt in 2021trendy hairstyle in 2021

Directly inspired by the smoky eye, the new coloring technique called Smoky Hair has become the winter 2021 trend to adopt absolutely.


This year again, hair accessories are on the rise. It’s simple, they add the finishing touch to our hair style and look, and so it’s important not to overlook them. Already seen on several heads, head jewelry will be part of the flagship accessories to have in 2021, particularly barrettes and scarves. In addition to sporting several styles, they will be ideal for our busy mornings, especially when you want to hide your dirty hair. In 2021 we are focusing on naturalness with an easy-to-maintain haircut and some well-chosen styling details to personalize your look.

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  1. 29th May 2021 / 18:22

    Fun post, Nancy, I have always loved the funkier shorter hair styles and kept my hair that way for most of life. But now that I have grown it to my waist, I am loving my long hair and have no intention of changing it any time soon! But I do need to get a cut and color soon and start trying some more fun long hair styles and different hair accessories.


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