The Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

The Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

The Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

My monthly guest writer( and only guest writer!) Claire has got some great informative things to tell you.

Every new makeup product launch, every runway, they all dictate what will be hot in the season to come. The runways have spoken a while ago, but having a friendly reminder is always good, and as far as the beauty world goes, we have some ultra-feminine goodies that you won’t be able to resist, so let’s not drag this out, but jump right in and see what’s hot in the style and beauty department so you can snag and rock the looks for as long as possible, because yes, they’re so good that you’ll regret not having spent more time flaunting them.

Pretty in pinkThe Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

Photo by Natasha Kasim on Unsplash

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on on the runways at all, it couldn’t have escaped your eye that pastel hues reign supreme. However, in the sea of glorious pastels, there is one hue that shines more feminine and trendier than all of them – the lovely pink. Whether you’ll go for the true pastel pink or the even more popular millennial pink is completely irrelevant – what matters is that you own a pink garment – or several if the mood strikes you. For a look that is both feminine and fierce, go with the trendy power suit. The gentle hue balances out the sharp tailoring and together they’re a match made in heaven. If, on the other hand, you’re a more bona fide girl of summer, the ultra-feminine, comfy and flowy slip dress is a garment you won’t want to miss out on, and you can style it with a colorful kimono for a more posh look or dress it down and exude those ‘90s vibes with a simple white tee underneath. Finally, there’s always the metallic pleated skirt and white tee combo, for those days when you don’t feel like doing the work but still want to reap the benefits.

Speaking of dressesThe Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

Photo by Vladimir Tsokalo on Unsplash

The athleisure trend may be on the throne, but the epitome of femininity – the mighty dress will never go out of style, and this season’s designs will definitely have you yearning to fill your closet with multitudes of them. One-shoulder dresses have taken up a special place on the runways, as they are both revealing and modest at the same time, and that mixture makes them completely irresistible. High slits are also back in style, so if you have summer parties or weddings lined up, there’s no better time to show some leg than this, just make sure you don’t pull an Angelina Jolie and have your friends turn you into a meme. Aside from these, tulle dresses comprised of multiple layers will give you Carrie Bradshaw in Paris vibes, and if you’re both bold and feminine, you’ll go with the ultra-popular sheer dress trend – just make sure you have classy undergarments.

Glue it togetherThe Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

Photo by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash

Now that you have a solid number of garments on your to-buy list, it’s time to talk about accessories. Aside from a pair of structured statement earrings, go low-key with jewelry. Now, in the shoe department, the battle was tough but the winner is that perfect pair a leather pumps in a medium heel, preferably with an interesting buckle. Why? Because they exude that classic femininity and are practical on top as they go with essentially anything except track pants. As for the bag, the accessory that truly holds it all together, if you’re more into trendy classics, you will definitely go for a nude tote, and if you are more a ‘girl of summer’, the choice will fall on one of the hundreds of round woven and rattan bags that seem to have conquered both Instagram and Pinterest.

Like a millionThe Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Back in the ‘90s, everyone was obsessed with Julia Roberts’s million dollar smile. Now, we have a new smile goddess to look up to – Meghan Markle, whose signature look includes minimal makeup, a low bun and that perfect smile. Now, as we are, unfortunately, not all born with that picture-perfect smile, we can sit and envy other people or we can find a trustworthy dental clinic and address our issues in order to get the smile we want. The women of Australia often opt for trusty Melbourne porcelain veneers, as Melbourne is the home of the dental clinics  where you get a full evaluation, 3D scans, and sometimes even go through the teeth whitening procedure prior to the main procedure. It’s a complex process that entails multitudes of preparatory steps, so if this is something you’re considering, make sure you do your research and put your smile in the hands of true professionals.

Glow baby glowThe Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Finally, we have reached the most anticipated part – the face makeup. The first thing you need to know is that matte everything is out and sheer, luminous foundations, radiant primers, stick and drop highlighters for that truly dewy finish are in. So, put your powders on hold for now, and achieve that gentle and feminine look with luminous primers, face and body foundations such as the Dior’s Backstage Face and Body Foundation, MAC’s Strobe cream for that natural strobe and glow and instead of matte lipsticks, go for creamy vibrant hues and sheer lip glosses.

The shadowsThe Trendiest Feminine Beauty and Fashion Staples

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

As the focus shifts from the eyes to the lips, all the new launches containing hues bolder than we’ve seen in a very long time take center stage. There is the remastered Rose Gold Palette by Huda Beauty, which contains everything from cream and beige to hot pink and red hues. Blue is the color that has marked the summer and everyone, including KKW Beauty, has one poignant blue shade for those bold looks. Finally, there is the highly coveted Born to Run Palette by Urban Decay that allows you to create both gentle and bold feminine looks as it’s one of the most comprehensive palettes out there at the moment, one that contains pinks, reds, oranges, and even shades of blue and gorgeous greens. If you play your cards right, and blend to perfection, you are in for a colorful and trendy summer.

Thank you very much Claire, I am very much into pink lately!

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  1. August 9, 2018 / 4:41 am

    I actually love heels with track pants!!!! LOL Love the shadows make-up palette at the end.

    • Nancy
      August 9, 2018 / 11:59 am


  2. August 9, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Thanks for this – I never pay attention to what’s on the runway so it’s interesting to read about it!

    • Nancy
      August 10, 2018 / 11:22 am

      Thank you Kellyann!

    • Nancy
      August 10, 2018 / 11:21 am

      You know by now me too!

  3. August 9, 2018 / 4:25 pm

    Pink is starting to become more and more my go-to! Especially a pretty, blush-y mauve. 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • Nancy
      August 10, 2018 / 11:21 am

      Isn’t it a fabulous color!

  4. August 9, 2018 / 6:26 pm

    What a great list. I’m on board with pinks and dewy looks, for sure. The photos were fabulous, Thanks Claire and Nancy.

    • Nancy
      August 10, 2018 / 11:19 am

      Thanks Kim!

  5. August 9, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    I still need to try heels with track pants. Not sure why I haven’t tried that yet. 🙂 I really love pastel pinks/blushes, etc!


    • Nancy
      August 10, 2018 / 11:17 am

      It’s a perfect combination! Thanks Carrie!

  6. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    August 10, 2018 / 9:56 pm

    I love when what I’m into coincides with what’s in style – since I shop second-hand, I like to look for vintage/designer versions because of course, everything comes around again1 I have a gorgeous blush pink sweater with bell sleeves that I can’t wait to wear in chillier weather.

    Thank you for the tips!

    • Nancy
      August 11, 2018 / 9:08 am

      We don t know each other that long but I Just started to thrift shop. And now I am hooked! Now I am often thinking: what a boring clothes are there in the high street shops!

  7. August 10, 2018 / 11:26 pm

    I have been loving pink this summer, and plan on keeping it for my fall capsule! (I used to hate pink. It’s a long story.) I know it’s not traditionally a fall color, but I’m going to make it work, because the best color is always the one that flatters… Glad pumps are back “in”, for some of us they were never “out”!

    • Nancy
      August 11, 2018 / 9:05 am

      I didn t like pink either that much and I also tend to wear it in fall!

    • Nancy
      August 14, 2018 / 12:03 pm

      It’s mine now too!

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