I’ve got new shoes!

As if that is something special! I really have a shoe tic. I think I have in total 80 pair. Is that bad? There are probably a few shoe addicts among you….. I know that Sonja buys shoes to look at them! Lol. Nothing wrong with that in my world! I can really be delighted by a well designed shoe, beautiful colors, different heels. It’s not some sort of fetish, I just love shoes…….and bags, and earrings, and skirts, and dresses….. Earlier( here we go again with the past. Do I say that more and more as I get older?) I always wore heels. I also had unusual shoes. But as I have said before, I can’t walk on heels anumore because of my bad lungs and I still have to get used to be stylish in my wheelchair, when I am in the wheelchair I wear flat heeled shoes. Why….in heavens name! I don’t have to walk, put on those heels! Maybe I should dedicate a post to my illness and tell you more about it…..Oh yeah, shoes!

My lovely new shoes.

Sometimes you just have that. That you see a shoe, or a skirt, or a dress etc., and you know that it’s the perfect one for you. I had that with these shoes. I love peeptoes, I love ankle boots, I love a heel I can walk on and I love black. And these are not black! But perhaps that is what makes these so perfect, because I always buy black. I have nothing in this color. I didn’t think of how to wear these ones, I just wanted them. But of course they will look great under a black dress, I have got enough black dresses….

The fun of online ordering is when the postman comes to the door with your package. Will it fit, will it be as beautiful as on the site? The site were I bought these always pack there packages as a gift. Fantastic, that is what we women want isn’t it? Well, the size was perfect, the color is gorgeous and I really am a bit in love with my new shoes!me in new shoespencil skirt and new shoesgrey jacket and new shoesoutfit with new shoesfloral skirt and new shoesmy new shoesfashionable in new shoesred new shoes



Shoes: here

Skirt: simular here

Blouse: here*

Jacket: old but other one here*

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Houndstooth or Pied-de-poule culotte?

But first I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments on last Friday’s post. It’s incredibly nice to have such a group of readers! Thank you!

I’ve always called this print Pied-de-poule, but it is originally from the Scottish Lowlands so I will call it from now on houndstooth. I’ve always liked this print very much. I can recall various garments with houndstooth print from long ago. I can also remember my grandmother wore it before when she was going to a party in the 70 s. It has something sophisticated, classy, movie stars, 50-60 ish. Alexander Mcqueen has created a beautiful collection with this print in 2009.

My houndstooth culotte!

I have told you several times that I really like the culotte, I have also bought one last year. But I could not get used to it, well I have to say quite honestly that the fit was not good either. But when I saw this houndstooth culotte I knew I had to have. I put it on my wishlist and waited a week to make sure I really wanted it and then bought it! Andrea knew I was going to buy it didn’t you! Lol. I personally think the houndstooth is best combined with black and a touch of red, but cobalt blue is also very pretty with it. And a sleeveless turtleneck with pumps would look very classy too. I wear a bow blouse on it and simple black ankle boots. This culotte is quite high in the waist. Last Sunday we went out for diner with friends(a present for my birthday, sweet huh!)and I didn’t wear the culotte then. I think I would have needed double corrective underwear! That’s with such high waisted pants, you have to hold in your belly!

Culotte: here

Blouse:old, but other one here

Ankle boots:old, but great ones here

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Today I show you how to wear white.

To not make a style blunder, the so called faux pas, you shouldn’t wear white( or a shade of) after it gets below ten degrees or something like that. But these days you can’t make a style blunder anymore because everything goes. It might not be convenient to wear white when it rains and everything is wet and muddy, and you have to bring your kids from and to school by bike, walking the dog and run some errands. But otherwise it is a good color to wear.

How I came to wear white.

I almost never wear white. I own one white summer dress and I only wear it when it’s really hot outside. And I bought this crochet dress a while ago, but it’s not really white, a bit more off-white. This outfit is also a bit off-white. So, how did I came to wear white? It began with the joggers. I do not wear pants that often and when I do it has to fit perfectly and I don’t want to”feel” them. When you wear dresses and skirts all the time you get used to the fact that you hardly ever ”feel” your clothes. Or it has to fit so tight that you can barely breath, but I feel that often enough, I don’t need my clothes doing that for me. Lol. So, when I tried these pants I thought: Oh yes, they are so soft! Almost all the pants I have are a bit boyish, boyfriend jeans, badass pants and joggers. Here is another jogger outfit. But back to my new joggers. This one I actually have to wear a bit mor baggy then I did on the pictures. And next time I wear them, I wont wear a longer blouse on them. I think only the sweater is better but I thought the sweater would be a bit to short, but it wasn’t.[bctt tweet=”Would you wear white ton sur ton?” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

I almost never wear more then two colors in one outfit and for this one I thought it would be nice to wear ton sur ton, all in one color. I love cable knit sweaters. In last weeks post I told you I needed some warm sweaters because I didn’t have any. I can hear you all say now: see that you have sweaters! Yeah yeah, just one! I wear a large white bracelet and my dreamcatcher earrings. So, did I wear white the right way?

Sweater: simular here

Jogger: here

Ankle boots: nice ones here

In three weeks the Styled By……… series starts off! I am so exited! I’ve already received great posts, but I would love to get more beautiful style stories. So please take a look at the Styled By…….. page to see if you want to join!

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Fancy Friday linkup on Pinterest!

I never immersed myself in Pinterest until Sunday after breakfast I didn’t feel like doing something yet, the mails were all answered, so I thought I give it a shot. And it turned out to be quite fun.( you of course do know this already) I now made a board were I feature the Fancy Friday most viewed and when Fancy Friday reach 100 linkups I make a board to feature my favorite! Last week there was one linkup more! Come on girls, you can do better! Spread the word!

Different styles in one outfit.

I’m not the type that wears a lot of prints or is creative with clothes, but I do always like to mix styles. Think pencilskirt/bikerjacket for instance. The off shoulder(that isn’t off shoulder on me, it snapped back the hole time) top is a bit beach look but could also be Boho. This is my first off shoulder top….and the last. I bought it because I love the color and the sleeves but off shoulder does not look good on me, I will wear this one as a mot off shoulder one! Ideal is that it has three-quarter sleeves. I have nothing with long sleeves. The boots are real seventies, block heel suède and beige. I could wear my front button skirt with the top and boots but I like this one better. It’s a denim skirt with a beautiful deepblue color. I have many high/low skirts, blouses and dresses. I love them, I think they are jaunty, cheerful and feminine. This skirt is pretty long in the back and has a nice bow!

Top: here *

Boots: here

Skirt: here c/o

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Today I’m wearing green leather, lace and pleats!

I’ve been waiting quite a while with shopping for some new autumn clothes. Normally I am so exited that I want to buy in August all kinds of things. And that is always to early, because if you wait a few weeks longer there is much more choice. I had planned to go shopping for a day when we got back home from England. I looked forward for it for days, but I also worry a lot about it. Can I keep up with it, how can I shop as efficiently as possible, what if I am dead tired after one shop, then the disappointment is so big. These kind of thoughts dampen the enthousiasm considerably. I wanted to shop at Zara, Douglas and Primark and to do that efficiently Arnhem was the most logical choice. And Gerben likes Arnhem too, not unimportant! Well, I enjoyed it! We shopped for five hours! (and had lunch of course). I bought so many beautiful clothes! I was totally happy. Today I’ll show you the green leather, lace and pleats outfit.

A monochrome look.

At Primark it was very quiet, so I had the space to brows and so I did. Just threw everything I liked into the bag and then went to the fitting rooms were I could take everything with me because it was so quiet! Yes, I like that. I bought tops and sweaters. At Douglas I wanted to buy MAC cosmetics and the makeup artist took the time for me, that was great too! Then Gerben and I agreed to have lunch, he had shopped somewhere else, he doesn’t want to go into a Primark. We ate outside were we could watch people passing by. And after lunch I wanted to shop at Zara, Gerben went along because I think he always has a good look on what suits me and what doesn’t. And there I bought this green leather, lace and pleats outfit. Among many other items that I all will show! Because dressing is tiring for me, Gerben brought other sizes to me when I needed a bigger or smaller size. At one point he comes back with some clothes at the desk and the person there said to him: Men are not allowed to fit here. Gerben held the skirts and dresses up and asked, do you think this will fit me then? Hahaha, we had a good laugh.

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How to style a monochrome look?

Of course it’s all very personal, I give you my opinion, it is of course not to say that it is correct…for me it is! Use different fabrics with different textures. That’s really it. I’m wearing leather, lace, pleats, and I also bought a knitted sweater in the same color. Different textures!


Jacket: here

Skirt: here

Top: Primark


Shoes: old, but I love these too here

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A linen shirt dress in bright colors! That’s the outfit of the day.

And I don’t even like linen. But when I saw this dress( it’s actually a tunic) online, I wanted it! And it was not yet July, you know, shop stop, so I ordered it. When the packet was delivered  and I unwrapped it eagerly, I found out that it was linen. What I don’t like about linen is the fact that it wrinkles a lot and then you look so sloppy and that after you’ve worn it once, it is a size bigger. But I have worn the dress last Sunday and it was 27 degrees here, and it feels just cool. Well you may wonder why on earth I wear leggings with those temperatures, but we went for friends to barbecue and I did not want to constantly pricked by mosquitos. And guess what…..they pricked me three times under the straps of my shoes and under my feet. And I left my shoes on!

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Orange and pink together in a shirtdresss.

Pink and orange combined with brown. I think the colors go great together. And I always love a high low hem.These colors and the wooden sandals give the outfit, with a bit of imagination, a 70 s feel. Leave earrings are the only accessory. I think the outfit doesn’t need more.

Shirtdress: here

Leggings: everywere

Clogs: here


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