Always feeling happy in a floral wrap dress

We are back a week from a short vacation to England. I will not bore you with the pictures because they are always the same. We love England and especially Sussex, and we went there for the I don’t know how many time! We had fantastic weather and spend a lot of time at the beach. And we always go to Brighton. Really a great city! So now our 25-year anniversary party is been( I write a post about that) and the holiday is over, it’s back to real life again. Fortunately, we still have great weather here in the Netherlands, so we can eat outside every night and stay outside till bedtime. I think that is so relaxing. When we got home there were a lot of packages that need to be unpacked, tried on and be photographed. Enough to do! I still remeber writing a post a while ago about how fun it seemed to be working with bloggers and companies. I also know I was complaining a little. Because it seemed like everyone had fun collaborations except for me! Now I really have to plan wich package and company comes first etc. How crazy is that! And….more important! I now have such a nice collaboration with Shelbee! Our Bad Buy Book series! I love it dear Shelbee. But one of the packages that was ready for me was this amazing floral wrap dress.

Floral wrap dress

I am already fond of dresses but especially wrap dresses. And after all the happy floral and pink and red outfits of the last weeks, I also like to wear a black dress again. But all black seemed to sober for a dress in this season. I wear very little orange but this dress has it combined with brown and I think that is very nice. Color, but still understated. The fun part of the dress is the high low hem line. I love that. I didn’t see it when I ordered the dress. An extra bonus! Btw, I later remembered I wore this shirtdress last year in orange and pink. Forgot all about it. And wearing the same shoes. I wore it right away yesterday!fashionable floral wrap dressfashion over 50 floral wrap dressdresses in floral wrap dressoutfit floral wrap dressfloral wrap dressfashion over 40 floral wrap dressbrown shoes and floral wrap dressfashion floral wrap dress

Dress: Shein c/o

Shoes: these are old and wanted to show you simular ones but could not find it. And I stumbled up on these here. I love them! And look at the price!

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Today I’m wearing my pleated skirt Fall version!

The trend of 2016 is the pleated skirt. When I first wore this skirt I told you how I was inspired to buy a pleated skirt. I actually havn’t worn it that much yet because it’s a fairly heavy skirt and quite warm. But now it’s time to get it out of the closet and wear it a lot. The pleated skirt is seen in every collection in every color and even with prints. When I was in the UK a few weeks ago, I saw this one but didn’t buy it. Now I regret it, it’s almost sold out. And they are so versatile, wear it with a high heeled shoe and it’s dressed. Wearing boots with heels or ankle boots, it becomes more casual and when you wear a flat boot it gives the look a bit of an edge. The pleated skirt is a great garment.

Beauty is in the simplicity….

That’s what the sweater says. I am not a person that has much with spells and texts who are to be called profound. It is that it’s in French, it sounds good, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. Beauty is in the simplicity, yeah we all know that. We all know that we should enjoy the little things , that we have to realize what we have, that we should be grateful etc. etc. …most people are going to do that when life is no longer that obvious…. and there is nothing wrong with that. People should live there lives the best they can, the way they want to. I think the important thing is satisfaction! When you’re not satisfied, you can’t enjoy simple things. And probably also not simple things for that matter. I am glad I am a happy person. But well… the text actually refers to my taste in style. I like my outfits without to much prints, without to much accesories, without to much of anything. And is there anything wrong with that? No, I am satisfied with it! What else do you want?

What I wear on my pleated skirt?

I would love to wear the skirt with  a nice thick sweater with very long sleeves and a large col. But not just yet, we’ll do that in Winter! I’m wearing a thin sweater, a coated bikerjacket and my favorite lace-up boots that I bought four years ago because they were so beautiful just to look at…..and that’s exactly what I ve been doing ……looking at them. The heel was to high, but I brought them to the shoemaker( is that a correct word? It sounds strange) and he has taken a small piece of the heel and they are perfect now! I’m so happy with it!

Skirt:  *here

Boots: old, but saw some fantastic ones *here

Jacket: old, but a nice one *here

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I wish you all a great day!



Today a more sober outfit that suits the weather in The Netherlands. It is summer, so the calendar tells us, therefore the yellow. But here it is 18 degrees and it’s raining for I do not know how long and it will remain this week too! And my outfit is not the only thing that’s gloomy. Well….

It’s my party, and I cry if I want to!

Last week I went with Gerben to the hospital to see if I already have to be on the transplant list. I am still too ,,good”. Now you might think: so, that’s a good thing right? Yes, but…. the doctor made clear to me that transplanting is to survive. And in The Netherlands the chance that  there is a donor for you is very small, because we have a shortage of donors. And then the risk is also enormous. So at this point it feels a bit like waiting for ….yeah you know. My disease is progressive, I can do nothing to stop it. I can only do my best to make deterioration as slowly as possible. Sometimes it sucks! Don’t worry, this will pass in a few days and then I can deal with everything again and see the beautiful things in my life, as my great partner! So he is the yellow in my outfit! Hahaha.

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In terms of temperature it is quite nice, but it’s so cloudy all day and at the moment I don’t feel like dressing up. Yes, this post gets really nice ! Hahah, oh stop it… But I mean, when you are in a kind of gloomy mood than it is such a waste to put on my new skirt( wich is hanging in the closet for weeks because I could not find the right shoes with it, but now I have), then it feels like you couldn’t be bothered, I don’t know how to express it. Do you know what I mean, I hope so because otherwise it’s me! But for now I pulled this dress off the shelf with a sunny feeling vest. Lately I am very much in love with my Allstars, especially among dresses.  So, and now I am going to pull myself together…and probably go shopping! Have a great day!

Vest: here

Dress: sold out, but I saw here  some great bodycon dresses

Allstars: here

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Back to black!

After, for my doing, some color explosions I want to wear all black again, just for one day.( just like Gemma did with her stunning wrapdress). But for you I added a little lilac to the outfit of the day. I must honestly say that I would never wear it this way. I think this tulle skirt is perfect with a simple tee and heels.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that I, among other bloggers, was being featured by Sylvia of 40plusstyle. Thank you Sylvia!

I am every time as proud as a peacock ( do you say something like that? I know another phrase, something with a dog, but I keep that to myself!), When I am being mentioned in ablog. I mean, me? Nancy from Westervoort? hahaha, isn’t is awesome!

Back to the outfit!

Because this cardigan is a little fussy long, I’ve knotted it like a bolero. I wear two thin straps, also knotted. A simple plastic bracelet and a purple corsage because otherwise I think the lilac is a bit faded. And peacock earrings in various shades of purple. There is the peacock again! On the outfit with the leopard print flats, I wear a lot of gold metal bracelets and gold colored creoles with a lacquer belt. But I prefer to wear it like the first picture. All black!

Have agreat day everyone!

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outfit denim&leather

Being a rockchick( yeah right, 30 years ago!), this is the tittle of a Saxon song!

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Right! Denim and leather, I love it! I have worn both of these garments previously here and here, but not together. I actually got the idea because of the shoes. These espadrilles are made of denim so of course I had to wear denim on top of it. I love espadrilles in the summer, they are feminine, stylish and easy to wear. This button down dress I find really fun when wearing it open. I’m curious what you think looks better. The large bead has been around for centuries, before I wore more often this kind of beads. Now I like it a little more sophisticated. Probably has to do with age! Pfff.

Dress: here

Leggings: here

Espadrilles: here


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What do you see in the picture? GREEN!

I see this as I sit on the couch, everything is so beautiful green, so bright. Green inspired me to this outfit.

If I ever wore a color it was green. But last week I bought a blue skirt and a red top and skirt, so in terms of color everything is going to be okay with me! For a couple of years ago you saw very little green in spring collections, but for the last few years you see it more often. Now ofcourse you see a lot of army green but also very bright colors, like my trees! I must always be careful with bright green because if it is a bit of a cool color, I can’t wear it in my face. Cool colors give me a huge tired look.

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I never wear cool colors, not in clothing, not in my haircolor, not in make-up. I also do not wear silver jewelry as it is a cool metal. If you do not know if you’re a warm or a cool type, it’s very nice to look in your area for someone who does color analysis. It ‘s surprising what color can do for your face!

What am I wearing?

A green wrap dress of which the back is longer than the front. A cardigan with the same model, even longer at the back. A thin black strap buttoned. Beaded necklace worn as a bracelet, with a black string bracelet underneat, from the colorful lady at Brighton Beach. Green earrings and I see that my nail polish chipped! Bummer!

Dress: old but I also like this one here

Boots: old but these are nice too here

Cardigan: here

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