How to style  badass military pants.

Yes, even after your 40th ….uh….even 50th(oops) you can still wear badass military pants. At least I think so. I actually always wear what I like without thinking about my age. But suddenly when I write this down, that you can easy wear something after a certain age, I think: wow, I ‘m old. Ha ha, I need a drink now, will be back later……no just kidding(about the drink that is). Look, a mini skirt I really do not wear anymore. Sometimes I will try it and I take a look in the mirror and shake my head…no not for me anymore. But cool pants are different. I just trust myself enough to see if something is age appropiate. But what if I am wrong? Mmm, I have quite enough fashion sence to notice that don’t I? Well, I hope so. This is a simular pair of pants that I wore when I was about 19. Only it was a black one and had no buckles but was quite tight at the calves and wider above. And it was a bit shiny. Can you picture it? Yes I know, the pants looked a bit”wrong” but it was in the punk period. I adored the pants, thought they were so cool. When I saw this pants I had to have them. They look so simular! But what looked good twenty……oh my….thirty years ago, doesn’t have to look good now. I love them anyway.

How to style a badass military pants!

Oh, there are so many ways you can style these pants. After we took these pictures I wore the pants in a few other ways. With a long tunic and with a black blazer. I will show you in a few weeks. I love all the looks. The tee with the rinestone decoration I had bought in September but not yet worn, and now it is to cold for short sleeves. I thought wearing it like this is a fun way! It’s also to cold now to wear peeptoes and after these pictures were taken I saw on Nicole s blog how she wore socks in sandals and I thought that was so cool. I am going to copy that! ……After I bought some new socks( instead of worn faded ones)…..

Tee: here

Pants: here

Blouse: here*

Sweater: Primark

Wedges: here*

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Thank you, have a nice day all!

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A crochet dress with a long cardigan in natural colors.

The outfit of the day is a crochet dress and a long cardigan and I also bought in on sale! I had a shop stop in July and I almost made it….until I was browsing on the internet. I could not resist but….hear me out….I have nothing in natural colors and it was a very good price! I never shop during sale, I never can find something nice because if I like it I probably already bought it earlier in the season. But it is still good to occasionally just to see what’s on the sites. Or not of course!(when you have a shop stop)

[bctt tweet=”Can you always succeed in the sale? For once I did!” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

I think a crochet dress( or skirt) gives an outfit  a casual look, a sun, holiday, Ibiza kind of feeling. Here are more crochet dresses to give you an idea. I wore this dress for the photo’s with a wooden necklace on some to break the color, or on some with a suède belt to create a bit more waist, because this crochet dress is pretty straight down. But to be honest I find it without the belt and necklace the best. The hair in a casual braid, and my Ibiza bracelet, bought on the hippy market a few years ago. My ankle boots are suède and have a wedge heel and fringes.

Teun, our mainecoon, has to be anesthetized today because he has a decayed tooth, I will be happy when I can pick him uo again!


Dress: It could be that mine is sold out, but there still are other crochet dresses here

Cardigan: here

Ankle boots: old, but nice ones here

Enjoy your week!

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Finally the sun will be shining here this weekend(only this weekend) and we get some real summer temperatures! So time to fill the pool, bring out the BBQ and put the Rosé in the fridge! And therefore time for a summer outfit.

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Off shoulder dresses or tops normally don’t look that good on me. A boat neck either. I don’t know why not. But this dress I find actually quite nice. Perhaps it is because the dashes distract. I think I only tried plane tops and dresses. And can you believe it cost me only €9,99. I will put a link under the post but I am not sure it is still in stock, so please forgive me if it’s not. I love wedges. They are feminine, summery and they are easy to walk on, also not insignificant. Although I really tend to buy shoes that are beautiful and don’t care if I can walk on them real good! Bad bad, I know. Have a great and summery weekend!

Dress: I think mine is sold out, but you can find great sale items here

Wedges: old, but nice ones here

The fine lines of the dress are actually terrible for the picture! Sorry…

Nancy's Fashion Style

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