In love with this floral pareo skirt

Nothing unique with this floral pareo skirt and floral top! I copied it all! Usually you see online or in a magazine a beautiful skirt or pants, or whatever piece of clothing, and you create a look yourself. For today’s outfit I didn’t do a thing. Yes, I bought it. But I bought it exactly as it was shown online. Why? Because I think this outfit is amazing! Nothing less!

I see floral prints everywhere!

I never worn floral printed clothes as much as this year. I bought a lot of  floral dresses in spring and summer, but it still continues! Dark florals are on trend and they look amazing. Feminine, fun, happy! If you are following me from the beginning( about a year and a half ago)you would never have guessed that I would wear this bold combination! I almost never wore prints before I started blogging. I also almost never wore color. It was all black in my closet! See how I have changed. But sometimes you have to be in a certain place in your life to make a change. But I also still love to wear black!

I love this outfit! I think the colors of the top are so very beautiful! The only downside is that it has a col, I don’t really like that. I told you before that I wanted more tops and sweaters with a v-neck like this cable sweater. But I liked the colors and the print so much that I took it for granted. And the skirt is fabulous. I am trying real hard to buy items I know I like for a long time. I tend to buy a lot, and a lot that I only wear once or twice. I know, it’s not good and I am learning. For this outfit I thought a bit to long before ordering it. Although I knew straight away that I would wear this outfit often. I had a hard time ordering it, because it was or sold out, or not my size. But the holder wins! I don’t think this outfit needs any accesories, so I kept it simple with my everyday watch and earrings. Do you like this outfit as much as I do?floral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirt

Shop the look!

Floral skirt

Floral top


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About a tweed mini skirt….but then not!

I wanted to talk about wearing a tweed mini skirt. But….something happened along the way. And now I want to talk about that! And I bought another miniskirt, so I will talk about mini skirts when I show you my second one.

I want to talk about a bad collaboration. I have to get this of my chest otherwise I can get so pissed of by this. And this is my blog afther all, so I will write what I want! So if you don’t feel like swallowing( is that really the right translation?), then scroll straight down to the linkup!

My first bad collaboration experience!

Okay, so when a new brand contacts me about a collaboration, I will check their site and email them with my rules for collaboration. This brand agreed and emailed me with an amount for which I could choose a dress from their site. I told them the amount was too low and they told me they did not get any higher than that amount for a first collaboration, because bloggers often do not write a second post when they have received their items, so they said. I mailed back that I work with several brands on a regular basis, so I can be trusted. They then agreed to my amount. Afther I wrote the wishlist, I contacted them because I had a hard time finding the right size. The only mail I got back was: I will pick a dress for you….. Okay, you don’t have my adress yet, will you let me know which dress you choose etc. I thought. Afther a few days I mailed again because I didn’t hear anything back.

I will never work with this brand again!

So now I have sent them four emails! I don’t get any emails back from them. The last one I sent was not friendly. I was so pissed of! Really! You put time, hard work and energy in making a wishlist, sort out which dresses I really like to show you and then this? No no no, not with me darling!

So if you ever are contacted by the company I wrote a wishlist for here, ,remember this post! Perhaps there are enough bloggers that had a great experience with this brand, I don’t give a shit, I had a lousy one!

So let’s continue with something fun! (because it is of my chest now!) My tweed mini skirt and the Fancy Friday linkup party! Enjoy your weekend!

tweed mini skirttweed mini skirttweed mini skirttweed mini skirttweed mini skirttweed mini skirttweed mini skirttweed mini skirt

Shop my look!

Tweed mini skirt

Pink sweater

Ankle boots mine are older, these are simular ones

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My favorite of last week is: Shannon of Sunny Coastlinestweed skirt

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My checkered pants, again with a bomber

And when I wrote the title of my checkered pants post, I remembered I had already shown you this one. And then I also remembered I had another Bad Buy Jacket! But the reason that I show these pants again is because of the ankle boots and the bomber jacket. It is very obvious to wear burgundy with grey, I doubted if I would wear it like this on the blog, but I do think it looks great so why not. That half of the world wears grey with burgundy doesn’t matter. I just wear what I like. And you might think: why again with a bomber as it was a Bad Buy? Yeah I know, I felt for the color. And it was only €6. Can you believe that! And it isn’t a thrift shop item, you know I don’t do thrift shopping.

*This is a sponsored post, but all the words are my own and I don’t show what I don’t want to wear myself!

Checkered pants are always trendy in fall season

Just like floral print is in spring and glitters in December. I love checkered clothing. I used to have a checkered trenchcoat but Gerben said it was a mevrouw de Bok coat! ( only Dutch readers understand this!) It wasn’t, I loved that coat. And I also had several checkered pencil skirts. At the moment I don’t, but I have seen some I really like already. So it won’t be long that you see me wearing a checkered skirt. When I choose these ankle boots, I had already purchased the bomber, I wanted to wear it with my tulle black skirt. But there is something about red/black or green/black I don’t like. It’s to Christmas like. Don’t you agree, or is that a funny thing of me? And I already had in mind that I wanted to wear the tulle skirt underneath another skirt(I will show you soon). So I choose the obvious look. That’s okay, I am not a creative fashion designer…..

So burgundy and grey it was. The ruffled blouse is from last year, I’ve always loved these blouses especially when they had dramatic sleeves. A bit Prince like. And check my earrings! For someone who loves everything symmetric, almost obssesive, it’s quite something to wear these asymmetric earrings. But I feel good wearring them! Haha. No, but they are just very very nice. What do you think of my burgundy and checkered outfit?

checkered pantsmoon earrings with checkered pantssun earrings with checkered pantsme in checkered pantsburgundy and checkered pantsburgundy ankle boots and checkered pantscheckered pantscheckered pantscheckered pants

Shop the look!

*Ankle boots


Bomber from the Action!

Checkered pants

Ruffled blouse

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Wednesday wishlist with Rosegal

I have a new Wednesday Wishlist from Rosegal for you. Rosegal now has got a huge collection of Halloween clothes and a Special Halloween Promotion! So check it out! Oh how I wished we would celebrate that here in the Netherlands.

Wednesday wishlist: Halloween with rosegal

Wednesday wishlist: halloween with rosegalWednesday wishlist: halloween with rosegalWednesday wishlist: halloween with rosegalWednesday wishlist: halloween with rosegal


1.Wall sticker

2.Blood choker

3.Bat earrings

4.Halloween dress

5.Witch dress

Non Halloween picks!

I have seen again some other, non Halloween, items that I would like to share with you. Isn’t this the best time of the year to shop for new clothing? I don’t like the weather and all, but I love the autumn collections. Warm colors, bolder  prints, fabulous materials.

Let’s see what caught my eye!

wednesday wishlist: halloween with rosegalwednesday wishlist halloween with rosegalwednesday wishlist halloween with rosegalwednesday wishlist halloween with rosegalwednesday wishlist halloween with rosegal

1.Maxi dress

2.Ombre sweater

3.Plaid skirt

4.Graphic skirt

5.Cowl neck sweater

I don’t wear miniskirts anymore, but I love them (only in autumn and winter btw). But I read this weekend a post from a blogger, don’t know who it was anymore, that made me think: well why not. So I think I will choose one!

For those who celebrate Halloween, I wish you a fantastic time and I hope to see all of your pictures on your blogs! Have a great day everybody!

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