Today I show you how to wear white.

To not make a style blunder, the so called faux pas, you shouldn’t wear white( or a shade of) after it gets below ten degrees or something like that. But these days you can’t make a style blunder anymore because everything goes. It might not be convenient to wear white when it rains and everything is wet and muddy, and you have to bring your kids from and to school by bike, walking the dog and run some errands. But otherwise it is a good color to wear.

How I came to wear white.

I almost never wear white. I own one white summer dress and I only wear it when it’s really hot outside. And I bought this crochet dress a while ago, but it’s not really white, a bit more off-white. This outfit is also a bit off-white. So, how did I came to wear white? It began with the joggers. I do not wear pants that often and when I do it has to fit perfectly and I don’t want to”feel” them. When you wear dresses and skirts all the time you get used to the fact that you hardly ever ”feel” your clothes. Or it has to fit so tight that you can barely breath, but I feel that often enough, I don’t need my clothes doing that for me. Lol. So, when I tried these pants I thought: Oh yes, they are so soft! Almost all the pants I have are a bit boyish, boyfriend jeans, badass pants and joggers. Here is another jogger outfit. But back to my new joggers. This one I actually have to wear a bit mor baggy then I did on the pictures. And next time I wear them, I wont wear a longer blouse on them. I think only the sweater is better but I thought the sweater would be a bit to short, but it wasn’t.[bctt tweet=”Would you wear white ton sur ton?” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

I almost never wear more then two colors in one outfit and for this one I thought it would be nice to wear ton sur ton, all in one color. I love cable knit sweaters. In last weeks post I told you I needed some warm sweaters because I didn’t have any. I can hear you all say now: see that you have sweaters! Yeah yeah, just one! I wear a large white bracelet and my dreamcatcher earrings. So, did I wear white the right way?

Sweater: simular here

Jogger: here

Ankle boots: nice ones here

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Today is Jade green dress day!

Ton sur ton, as they call it. Probably most of you would think this is boring….. yeah it is! But sometimes I am a plain Jane. So what, you can’t be fibrant all the time! Hahaha, I am laughing my socks of here. Okay, lets cut the crap.

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What to wear with a jade green dress and jacket.

I told you I am a plaine jane, so there is nothing special about this outfit , exept for the color wich I really love. This is such a lovely dress, and when I have washed it , I just hang it to dry and no ironing needed. Ideal. These earrings are fantastic, the color changes the complexion of my skin, it makes me softer. So beautiful what color can do for you.The sandals have a snake print with green beads in it. The pictures are not the best, it’s taken inside because it is raining here al week long!

Dress: old, but I also love this one here

Sandals: old, but some sturdy ones here

Jacket: old, but nice one here

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