Blue earrings and a blue ring boho style

When I was thinking of a title for this post, I had to make a guess how many earrings I actually had. Btw, I only had one pair of blue earrings! (to make sure you understand that I needed blue earrings!)The next day I took the picture of all the earrings and I counted them.( I am so terribly honest that I can’t bare it to put a wrong amount here) And there were exactly 37 pairs of earrings! How coincidental! But good, that aside. With so many earrings you can say that I love earrings!

Me and my love for earrings

I can remember that I was six years old when I got my first earrings. That happened at the jeweler with a needle and a cork( yes, I am that old). After my ears were pierced I chose pendants with ladybugs and I got a bag of candy. In my puberty I expanded my pierced ears by five, at each side. I wanted to have my hole earache(?) full, but the fifth one gave so much pain that I left it at five. I wore hoops in all, in a different size from big to small. You can find here some very nice examples of wearing many earrings in each ear. I wore this till a few years ago. But at one point I found it to be a bit ordinary and that so many earrings didn’t fit me anymore. Now I wear earrings in two holes. In the top a small stone and in the lower small golden rings or larger earrings, depending on my outfit.

Blue boho earrings and boho ring

Well and how can you surprise this earring fanatic more then let her choose a pair! Fantastic. I choose these boho style statement earrings because I only have one blue pair!( oh oh what a shame!). And I choose this statement ring too! If you are a fan of statement earrings too, you really have to check the Happiness Boutique site. Not because I got a gift from them, but they really have stunning earrings.

And now you get 10% discount for orders over €19! Insert nancysfashionstyle at the checkout! Valid from August 4th until September 4th.

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