How to style  badass military pants.

Yes, even after your 40th ….uh….even 50th(oops) you can still wear badass military pants. At least I think so. I actually always wear what I like without thinking about my age. But suddenly when I write this down, that you can easy wear something after a certain age, I think: wow, I ‘m old. Ha ha, I need a drink now, will be back later……no just kidding(about the drink that is). Look, a mini skirt I really do not wear anymore. Sometimes I will try it and I take a look in the mirror and shake my head…no not for me anymore. But cool pants are different. I just trust myself enough to see if something is age appropiate. But what if I am wrong? Mmm, I have quite enough fashion sence to notice that don’t I? Well, I hope so. This is a simular pair of pants that I wore when I was about 19. Only it was a black one and had no buckles but was quite tight at the calves and wider above. And it was a bit shiny. Can you picture it? Yes I know, the pants looked a bit”wrong” but it was in the punk period. I adored the pants, thought they were so cool. When I saw this pants I had to have them. They look so simular! But what looked good twenty……oh my….thirty years ago, doesn’t have to look good now. I love them anyway.

How to style a badass military pants!

Oh, there are so many ways you can style these pants. After we took these pictures I wore the pants in a few other ways. With a long tunic and with a black blazer. I will show you in a few weeks. I love all the looks. The tee with the rinestone decoration I had bought in September but not yet worn, and now it is to cold for short sleeves. I thought wearing it like this is a fun way! It’s also to cold now to wear peeptoes and after these pictures were taken I saw on Nicole s blog how she wore socks in sandals and I thought that was so cool. I am going to copy that! ……After I bought some new socks( instead of worn faded ones)…..

Tee: here

Pants: here

Blouse: here*

Sweater: Primark

Wedges: here*

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Do you like this outfit better with tights or leather leggings?

I see many bloggers lately combine black with off-white. I’ve never been a fan of since it always did too much remind me of a waitress outfit. Yes yes, thirty years ago. But I’m lately already so much on trying, colors, prints, two prints! I thought I could add this one too. So I bought this blouse and did not really know how I would like to wear it. Well, exept of wearing it with a very cool pants and heels. And I will wear it like that, but I wanted to try the off-white/black trend.

How to wear black & off-white.

I bought this dress at the time I was still working, and got 50 % discount on all the clothes, and bought standard everything that was black. It’s a rather brave dress and I normally wear it with leather leggings to give it a tougher appearance. I think the Chelsea boots look good with this outfit. But it’s rather brave. The other outfit is with the leggings and other shoes. I put two pins on the scarf. Yes it is a scarf, you will see on the last picture, I had ordered a leopard print belt that hadn’t arrived yet! In my teens I loved these pins, think Sex Pistols. I own the necklace also for a long time but I think it is such a cute one. I must say that I like the outfit with the leggings the most, but I also think that wearing black and off-white isn’t that bad after all. But now I’m curious what you think![bctt tweet=”Tights or leather leggings?” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]


Blouse: here

Dress: old but simular one here*

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