Black knitted dress with a pink blazer.

At first I wanted to wear this black knitted dress with a black cardigan( of course, how predictable can you be) but then I thought about red and pink. I love red and pink together and I have this beautiful bright pink blazer that you have seen here before. It has a beautiful orange lining. A black knitted dress is a garment that I always own in winter time. It’s warm, stylish and very easy to wear and to combine. You can wear them with high heels to make the look more stylish, or wear comfortable boots for a sporty look. I am not very fond of a sporty look, I only wear that when the weather is bad and I have to do my groceries. The weather here is fortunately a bit better. It has been really cold here, for Dutch standards. There were days when the temperature didn’t reach above zero. And all that snow, pfff I hate that. Those temperatures are very bad for my lungs. So I hardly get out of my house then. Well let me tell you, that is not something to get cheerful over.

What more to wear with a pink blazer and black knitted dress.

Like I said: red! I actually never wear these sandals in summer but I like them a lot more in winter or fall with tights. I added a red bracelet that I bought when I was for the first time in England, as a adult that is. I have been  there many times with my parents in my teens. I bought the bracelet at Claire’s in Canterbury! It was 15 years ago! So this bracelet always reminds me of the UK. You might think, well it’s just a bracelet from Claire’s. Nothing special. But it was the first time that Gerben and I went together England and he didn’t know if he would like it. As you may perhaps no by now, if I were healthy, I would moved years ago to England! And he loved it as much as I do. So that was a fantastic holiday, one of many more! Now we go at least twice a year.

I am also wearing a red belt and pink peacock earrings. Don’t you love the brooche! I think it’s really cute. pink blazer black knitted dress outfitred bracelet in pink blazer black knitted dressowl brooche in pink blazer black knitted dresscol dress in pink blazer black knitted dresswearing tights in pink blazer black knitted dresssandals in pink blazer black knitted dresspeacock earrings in pink blazer black knitted dresspink sandals in pink blazer black knitted dressme in pink blazer black knitted dress

Dress: mine is sold out but simulare here

Blazer: mine is old, simular here*

Brooche: here

Sandals: mine are old, but I love these here* and here*

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A high low blouse on a denim pencil skirt?

No no, what to wear on a high-waisted denim pencil skirt! If you are my age, you’ve already worn high-waisted pants or skirts in a previous century. And we tucked everything in the pants or skirts. Teens don’t do that! They probably havn’t tucked a shirt in their lives! There is still nothing wrong with tucking a shirt in a pencil skirt, I did here, especially if you have a lot of details on the waistband. But you can also wear your shirt, or blouse, over your skirt especially if it is a high low blouse. When you wear a pencil skirt, and you are again my age, you have to keep an eye on the abdominal area especially if there is some stretch in the skirt. When you wear a blouse over it, you don’t have to worry about that. I do  think it’s better to wear a jacket to create a waist if the blouse isn’t fitted.

And did I invent this outfit completely by myself?

No! I have been a copycat! I saw it on Jodie’s blog Jodie’s Touch of Style. I only wore this blouse on a skinny jeans or a leather legging. And when I saw this post of Jodie, I thought, wow that’s a great way to wear a high low blouse. So all the credits go to Jodie!

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My version of a high low blouse on denim pencil skirt.

I will say that the blouse and skirt needed some color.( Yes, I’m really saying that). A nice bright color. So I wore my pink jacket and pink red wedges with it. I love the combination of red and pink. Like blue and green. I added my red bracelet to have some red with the pink jacket. Soft pink earrings and that’s all the outfit needed in my eyes. Apart from a red watering can and a red plant. Hey, you can even water your plants in a stylish way!

Skirt: almost sold out but simular here

Shoes: sold out, but just for the fun of it, check here

Blouse: old one, but I like this one

Jacket: older, but simular one here

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Enjoy your week!