In love with this floral pareo skirt

Nothing unique with this floral pareo skirt and floral top! I copied it all! Usually you see online or in a magazine a beautiful skirt or pants, or whatever piece of clothing, and you create a look yourself. For today’s outfit I didn’t do a thing. Yes, I bought it. But I bought it exactly as it was shown online. Why? Because I think this outfit is amazing! Nothing less!

I see floral prints everywhere!

I never worn floral printed clothes as much as this year. I bought a lot of  floral dresses in spring and summer, but it still continues! Dark florals are on trend and they look amazing. Feminine, fun, happy! If you are following me from the beginning( about a year and a half ago)you would never have guessed that I would wear this bold combination! I almost never wore prints before I started blogging. I also almost never wore color. It was all black in my closet! See how I have changed. But sometimes you have to be in a certain place in your life to make a change. But I also still love to wear black!

I love this outfit! I think the colors of the top are so very beautiful! The only downside is that it has a col, I don’t really like that. I told you before that I wanted more tops and sweaters with a v-neck like this cable sweater. But I liked the colors and the print so much that I took it for granted. And the skirt is fabulous. I am trying real hard to buy items I know I like for a long time. I tend to buy a lot, and a lot that I only wear once or twice. I know, it’s not good and I am learning. For this outfit I thought a bit to long before ordering it. Although I knew straight away that I would wear this outfit often. I had a hard time ordering it, because it was or sold out, or not my size. But the holder wins! I don’t think this outfit needs any accesories, so I kept it simple with my everyday watch and earrings. Do you like this outfit as much as I do?floral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirt

Shop the look!

Floral skirt

Floral top


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Black bodycon dress with gold accesories!

I love a black bodycon dress and to wear it with gold accesories. I love black clothing since I was a child, and also wear gold or gold colored accesories as long as I can remember. It’s got something chic but also something tough! I like that combination.

I did not wear a black bodycon dress for a while now, because I felt that my body was changing and didn’t feel comfortable in a bodycon dress anymore. But when we went to a food truck festival, I found this the perfect dress! It is super stretchy, so my belly can grow in it! And you want that when you go visit a food truck festival. All that delicious food, oh my. Asian, mexican, icecoffee’s, crepe’s, pulled chicken, pizza, everything! I love that. But okay, back to the outfit. I also wanted to wear my black and gold combat boots. You know, something chic, something tough! And I wrote here about sleeveless tops. I decided that I just WANT to wear whatever I like! Lol.

Sunglasses with gold and black

I was alowed to choose a pair of sunny’s from All Cheap Sunglasses. This site sells, like as if you could not guess it yourself, cheap sunglasses. Fun if you wear different styles. Delivery is very fast and I think that the quality is pretty good! Better then I would have thought.

They recommended me this one, they thought it would fit me well. Well fine, I like that! I thought I got a brown one, but it turned out to be this black and gold one! So they also fit perfectly with this outfit. I like wearing these sturdy boots with this feminine black dress. Like I said before, I like contasts in an outfit. I also wore my denim jacket and leopard print scarf with this dress. And to add lots of gold, I wore statement earrings and ring. If you are looking for statement earrings, you should read my post from last week! My Michael Kors watch and bracelets are almost my,, standard equipment”. me in black dress Black and goldsunglasses and black dressbodycon dress in black dressgold accesories and black dressgold earrings and black dresscombat boots and black dressblack dressoutfit with black dress

Dress: simular here

Boots: a few years old, but I saw these( not that I will ever pay that amount for a pair of shoes!) here

Sunny’s: here

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My old polka dot dress

But first I want to thank Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb for her fantastic post about nofollow links. It took me half a day to figure it out( and a hole lot more things to sort out) but it made me finally change some important matters on my blog. Thank you so much catherine!

This is an old polka dot dress. I think I own this one for about six or seven years now. Bought in the shop were I used to work. I bought a lot of clothes back then because I got a 50% discount. And if you get new clothes in every day, you get greedy. I can remember buying this dress and thinking: let’s get that one because I havn’t got anything with polka dots. Actually, I can’t remeber wearing a polka dot dress or anything else with polka dots. I wear stripes, not a lot but I do wear them. I wear checkered garments regularly, but not dots. At least as a child I did, because I found this very old photo of me in a polka dot blouse! It’s a very poor quality, I know, but I thought it would be fun to show you. Also funny is that the blouse is blue and white with a little bit red! Just as this outfit!

Polka dot dress with a touch of red

I have never found a good cardigan with this dress. Till now that is. I had bought red flats, when I bought the dress, and wanted a red short cardigan with it. Never found one. Or the color wasn’t right, or the fabric wasn’t. There seemed to be always something wrong. I then bought a white one but was never really happy with the combination. I’ve been wearing a denim jacket on this dress a lot. But finally in April I found a simple red cardigan that I also wore here. I’d rather had it a bit shorter but I settle for this one. The stupid thing is that I finally have the cardigan, that I had wanted six or seven years ago, but now the dress is actually a bot too tight because I gain weight in the last years. Is that fate? Lol.

But finally the dress with a red cardigan

I just think this is the most beautiful combination of the dress, with red. It looks a bit Spanish. Also because of the ruffles of course. I do not show the dress without the cardigan. It has the same sleeves as at my childhood picture, but I can’t wear it with the buttons closed, I actually can’t for a long time! Lol.me as a little girl in polka dot dress

fashion in polka dot dressfashionable in polka dot dressoutfit with polka dot dressth fashion over 50 polka dot dressred cardigan in polka dot dressred bracelet in polka dot dressred sandals in polka dot dressdresses in polka dot dress

Dress: here

Shoes: here

Cardigan: here

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And how should fashion over 50 look?

And do I look that different then I was when I was 20? Yes of course! Fashion over 50 is different then over 20. Just like everything else in your life, the way you dress yourself changes over the years. I once thought(in my twenties) that cycling for fun was awfull, I thought I would be in nightclubs dancing all night for the rest of my life, I never noticed the birds singing in spring when I was in my twenties! So yes, also the way I dress has changed. I don’t wear short skirts anymore, I don’t like to wear sleeveless anymore and I don’t like my dresses to tight anymore. But that doesn’t mean I now, at the age of 50, have to dress frumpy.  I still wear what I like! And today I like to wear a somewhat stuffy outfit!

Is a pleated skirt fashion over 50?

Well not necessarily, but today I wanted  to wear something a bit frumpy. Click here for more inspiration on pleated skirts. Not that I think it’s frumpy, I think this is a fanstastic outfit! I love it! I told you before here that I would show you how the sweater would look like with this skirt. But I liked the outfit so much that I decided to dedicate a hole post to it. So now I am hoping that you don’t sigh: Oh there she is again with that pleated skirt. I also showed you my blue pleated skirt. Haha. I also had already bought a pink one so I think you see me wearing the entire summer pleated skirts. I wore big earrings with it and a small pink belt. I wanted to wear my pink mules but the pink of the mule didn’t match the pink in the sweater.

pleated skirt in fashion over 40zigzag sweater in fashion over 40pink and grey in fashion over 40outfit in fashion over 40spring outfit in fashion over 40skirts in fashion over 40fashion over 40

Skirt: here*

Sweater: Primark

Ballerinas: from last year, I bought them here

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