Mixing a blazer with a joggers!

Today I am wearing a combination of dressed and casual with a blazer and joggers. I love these pants. It feels as good  as a real sweatpants and yet stylish. Today I am wearing it a bit dressier. I showed you the pants  before here, but I like it better with a blazer and a blouse. As you probably know by now I do not wear pants often, although I lately have showed quite a few. But when I wear pants then preferably a bit like this style. Casual but a bit dressier. I don’t like a totall casual look at myself. Since I saw Nicole, from High Latitude Style, wearing socks in sandals, I’m a big fan of wearing socks and these aren’t open shoes but I show a bit of the (glitter) sock anyway. It’s a great thing to get inspired by other bloggers from all over the world.

Something totally different like blazers and joggers!

When I was still working, I of course knew that a time would come when I could no longer work because of my hereditary lung disease. I then had always in my mind that I would do volenteer work and that would be something with the homeless. Never occured to me that when I couldn’t work anymore, I also wouldn’t be able to mean much for others. But especially at this time of the year( but certainly not only at this time of the year) this group of people is in my thoughts and I pray, in my own way, for them. They are people, with feelings! Usually with a lot of misery behind them, and not only behind them. Please think of that when you see them on the streets.

Blazer: simular here*

Joggers: I think mine is already sold out, but nice one here*

Booties: simular here*

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And speaking of Nicole……today I may proudly co-host her Top of the World Style fashion linkup party. This is the beautiful outfit that inspired me to wear socks in sandals.

co host in blazer and joggers
Nicole Mölders is married, has one cat, no kids. She is a fashion, and science enthusiast from Fairbanks, Alaska and the blogger of High Latitude Style – an Alaska fashion blog with science bits for the stylish 40+ woman. She shares how to dress stylishly on trend and shows that 40+ is way too young to give up having fun with fashion (and heels). She is also the author of How to Dress for Success in Midlife – a style book that provides shortcuts for dressing in all style situations for the modern woman in midlife.

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Today I’m wearing my pleated skirt Fall version!

The trend of 2016 is the pleated skirt. When I first wore this skirt I told you how I was inspired to buy a pleated skirt. I actually havn’t worn it that much yet because it’s a fairly heavy skirt and quite warm. But now it’s time to get it out of the closet and wear it a lot. The pleated skirt is seen in every collection in every color and even with prints. When I was in the UK a few weeks ago, I saw this one but didn’t buy it. Now I regret it, it’s almost sold out. And they are so versatile, wear it with a high heeled shoe and it’s dressed. Wearing boots with heels or ankle boots, it becomes more casual and when you wear a flat boot it gives the look a bit of an edge. The pleated skirt is a great garment.

Beauty is in the simplicity….

That’s what the sweater says. I am not a person that has much with spells and texts who are to be called profound. It is that it’s in French, it sounds good, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. Beauty is in the simplicity, yeah we all know that. We all know that we should enjoy the little things , that we have to realize what we have, that we should be grateful etc. etc. …most people are going to do that when life is no longer that obvious…. and there is nothing wrong with that. People should live there lives the best they can, the way they want to. I think the important thing is satisfaction! When you’re not satisfied, you can’t enjoy simple things. And probably also not simple things for that matter. I am glad I am a happy person. But well… the text actually refers to my taste in style. I like my outfits without to much prints, without to much accesories, without to much of anything. And is there anything wrong with that? No, I am satisfied with it! What else do you want?

What I wear on my pleated skirt?

I would love to wear the skirt with  a nice thick sweater with very long sleeves and a large col. But not just yet, we’ll do that in Winter! I’m wearing a thin sweater, a coated bikerjacket and my favorite lace-up boots that I bought four years ago because they were so beautiful just to look at…..and that’s exactly what I ve been doing ……looking at them. The heel was to high, but I brought them to the shoemaker( is that a correct word? It sounds strange) and he has taken a small piece of the heel and they are perfect now! I’m so happy with it!

Skirt:  *here

Boots: old, but saw some fantastic ones *here

Jacket: old, but a nice one *here

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I wish you all a great day!



I’am wearing burgundy, pink & ruffles today.

But first what about the weather! Here in the Netherlands this weekend it is 25 degrees! Can you believe it! Incredible, and a clear blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. Apart from the fact that I love the sun, I’m quite a chivery person, it’s also perfect weather for my lungs. The dry air is really very nice, I don’t need to cough so much. So I feel fitter and less stressed. I hope the weather stays this way for a long time, then infections stay away for a while! By the way, what do you think about this jacket? It stays in my head but I don’t know wich color I prefer. And I was looking for new boots, I want leopard print ankle boots but I know exactly what I want so they probably don’t exist, and I ended up on the H&M site . They have very nice boots and shoes, these are fantastic and I also love these. But well, let’s talk about the outfit!

Burgundy ruffle blouse and vintage pink skirt.


As you all know by now burgundy, or bordeaux, is your color this fall. Many of you have already shown a great outfit in this color. Today I will show wich item I perchased in this color. I was actually looking for a blouse with ruffles. In the early eighties I was a big fan of these kind of blouses thanks to Prince and Adam & the Ants. I found this blouse and wanted to order it in black when I saw this color. I knew right away how I wanted to wear the blouse! On a pink skirt. I have said it before, I love the combination of red/pink and blue/green, in all color variants. This skirt is more,, vintage pink” and I like the texture of it. It has got pleats but it’s kind of a knitted skirt. I combined it with gray, wich I seem to be wearing a lot these days! Gray ankle boots and a gray fringe suède bag.

Wanted: Guest bloggers!

I would love to, occasionaly, have a guest blogger tell her/his story on this blog. A story about their style, how long you are wearing this style and why and with pictures that reflect your personality the most. If you are interested, please send me a message via the contact page or through social media. I look forward to it!

Blouse: here

Skirt: here

Ankle boots: simular here

Bag: old, but I also love this one here

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Today I am wearing gray and beige and it is time for the Fancy Friday linkup.

Do you remember that I had set, last week, a new goal for my linkup? When I reach hundred linkups, I also want to feature my favorite of the week! Well I got a sweet tip from Shelbee. Isn’t it fantastic that other bloggers on the other side of the world think along with you! Thank you dear Shelbee!

Gray and Beige

Today I show you an older outfit that I still really like. Simple, but I think it’s feminine and fun. I’ve always been fond of pencilskirts. Years ago it was more a business garment, the secretary look, but that time we’ve had. Now you wear a pencilskirt with sneakers, sweaters, long blouse over it or as an extension for a to short dress. This is a scuba pencilskirt and is wearing very comfortable. it does not crease and does not wrinkle when you were seated. Gray and beige sounds pretty boring but it really does not have to be boring at all. Wear an item with a fun print and fun shoes, make it not to seriously. Or use a lot of fun accesories. But as you might know by now, I love it simple. It’s still hot here so I wear it without a jacket or vest, but this long cardigan would fit perfectly with it in colder days!

Top: old, but here is a nice one too.

Skirt: old, but simular here

Shoes: old, but simular here

Well I’m curious, do you ever wear gray and beige together or that you find it boring?

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!

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Most clicked on from last week is: Jodie from Jodie’s touch of style. Be sure to check her blog as she always shows amazing accesories and shows outfits for different ages!

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Today I’m wearing green leather, lace and pleats!

I’ve been waiting quite a while with shopping for some new autumn clothes. Normally I am so exited that I want to buy in August all kinds of things. And that is always to early, because if you wait a few weeks longer there is much more choice. I had planned to go shopping for a day when we got back home from England. I looked forward for it for days, but I also worry a lot about it. Can I keep up with it, how can I shop as efficiently as possible, what if I am dead tired after one shop, then the disappointment is so big. These kind of thoughts dampen the enthousiasm considerably. I wanted to shop at Zara, Douglas and Primark and to do that efficiently Arnhem was the most logical choice. And Gerben likes Arnhem too, not unimportant! Well, I enjoyed it! We shopped for five hours! (and had lunch of course). I bought so many beautiful clothes! I was totally happy. Today I’ll show you the green leather, lace and pleats outfit.

A monochrome look.

At Primark it was very quiet, so I had the space to brows and so I did. Just threw everything I liked into the bag and then went to the fitting rooms were I could take everything with me because it was so quiet! Yes, I like that. I bought tops and sweaters. At Douglas I wanted to buy MAC cosmetics and the makeup artist took the time for me, that was great too! Then Gerben and I agreed to have lunch, he had shopped somewhere else, he doesn’t want to go into a Primark. We ate outside were we could watch people passing by. And after lunch I wanted to shop at Zara, Gerben went along because I think he always has a good look on what suits me and what doesn’t. And there I bought this green leather, lace and pleats outfit. Among many other items that I all will show! Because dressing is tiring for me, Gerben brought other sizes to me when I needed a bigger or smaller size. At one point he comes back with some clothes at the desk and the person there said to him: Men are not allowed to fit here. Gerben held the skirts and dresses up and asked, do you think this will fit me then? Hahaha, we had a good laugh.

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How to style a monochrome look?

Of course it’s all very personal, I give you my opinion, it is of course not to say that it is correct…for me it is! Use different fabrics with different textures. That’s really it. I’m wearing leather, lace, pleats, and I also bought a knitted sweater in the same color. Different textures!


Jacket: here

Skirt: here

Top: Primark


Shoes: old, but I love these too here

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I wish you all a fabulous day!



A compilation of my last summer outfits!

These are the last summer outfits I’m afraid. After this, I can no longer escape from the Fall collections. So it seemed fun to show pictures of my favorite outfits from last summer. But then worn in a different way then you already have seen. I usually show an outfit once, maybe I’ll show it a second time differently, and high rarely I will post it for a third time. But than I must be really fond of that skirt or dress. But of course I wear those clothes more then once, and often in a bit different way than I showed you. I like my outfits without lots of prints and simple. I wear almost only my Michael Kors  jewelry and nothing else. I do wear a lot of different earrings and sometimes an anklet, but that’s about it. I hope you like this!maxi dress in last summer outfits

This is how I wore it. I had no inspiration at all, but Tiina from Elegance Revisited told me how I could wear it in another way. And this way I liked it more! Thank you Tiina!

Here is how you saw it. I love this skirt, I will show you the skirt in Fall with a sweater and boots. I wasn’t really mawing the lawn! Haha.

checkered skirt in last summer outfits

This is how I wore it. I love my white All stars, I have worn them a lot this summer.

Zara dress in last summer outfits

The only thing that is different here are the shoes,

flowerprint skirt in last summer outfits

Here is how you saw it before.

striped skirt in last summer outfits

This is how I wore it in early spring.

blue skirt in last summer outfits

Here is how I wore it before.

The featured image is my absolute favorite. You saw it before here. So now the holiday is almost over, we have this week left. There will be a lot of shopping involved! I already have seen some beautiful skirts and ankle boots. I love ankle boots. And I love the Fall colors. I will show you how our vacation in England was soon.

I wish you all a great day!

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