How I wear a beige clock skirt

Beige always sounds so boring to me, but I love this beige clock skirt. Beige makes me think about wool long coats from the 70’s. And then I mean the fussy ones. Or to my favorite coat, the Burberry trenchcoat. From when I was in my twenties, I have said to myself that one day I wanted to purchase a Burberry trenchcoat. The classic one. Until I found out that the color looks very bad in my face. Another dream splashed! Lol. Well you can’t have it all! But beige isn’t a fussy boring color at all, so many other colors look good on beige. And it has something sophisticated, don’t you think so? Something chique! Well, I am not wearing this color in a fancy way. I am wearing it in Fall style, with Fall colors.

Again these colors?

I’ve worn this color scheme before on the blog not so long ago, but vice versa, apparently these colors attract me. I bought this skirt somewhere in August to wear it with a white blouse and white sneakers. I don’t think I have worn it that way, because or it was to warm or it was to cold (in my head) to wear a white blouse. Of course the lacing was the one I fell for this skirt. Don’t worry, it closes with a zipper at the back. But the part where the lacing is, is thickened as with a corset. That makes your waist so slim. I am wearing my over the knee boots from last year, they are ideal because of the heel. Very comfortable and still stylish. And they stay at the same place! A cameo brooche, some brown bracelets and a leave bracelet( to stay in the Fall sphere) and leave earrings.

clock skirtclock skirtclock skirtclock skirtclock skirtclock skirtclock skirtclock skirt

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My skirt and sweater are old, I put simular links instead, the skirt was sold out, so also a simular link.

Beige skirt

Green sweater

Over the knee boots

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Black bodycon dress with gold accesories!

I love a black bodycon dress and to wear it with gold accesories. I love black clothing since I was a child, and also wear gold or gold colored accesories as long as I can remember. It’s got something chic but also something tough! I like that combination.

I did not wear a black bodycon dress for a while now, because I felt that my body was changing and didn’t feel comfortable in a bodycon dress anymore. But when we went to a food truck festival, I found this the perfect dress! It is super stretchy, so my belly can grow in it! And you want that when you go visit a food truck festival. All that delicious food, oh my. Asian, mexican, icecoffee’s, crepe’s, pulled chicken, pizza, everything! I love that. But okay, back to the outfit. I also wanted to wear my black and gold combat boots. You know, something chic, something tough! And I wrote here about sleeveless tops. I decided that I just WANT to wear whatever I like! Lol.

Sunglasses with gold and black

I was alowed to choose a pair of sunny’s from All Cheap Sunglasses. This site sells, like as if you could not guess it yourself, cheap sunglasses. Fun if you wear different styles. Delivery is very fast and I think that the quality is pretty good! Better then I would have thought.

They recommended me this one, they thought it would fit me well. Well fine, I like that! I thought I got a brown one, but it turned out to be this black and gold one! So they also fit perfectly with this outfit. I like wearing these sturdy boots with this feminine black dress. Like I said before, I like contasts in an outfit. I also wore my denim jacket and leopard print scarf with this dress. And to add lots of gold, I wore statement earrings and ring. If you are looking for statement earrings, you should read my post from last week! My Michael Kors watch and bracelets are almost my,, standard equipment”. me in black dress Black and goldsunglasses and black dressbodycon dress in black dressgold accesories and black dressgold earrings and black dresscombat boots and black dressblack dressoutfit with black dress

Dress: simular here

Boots: a few years old, but I saw these( not that I will ever pay that amount for a pair of shoes!) here

Sunny’s: here

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Back to a black dress!

For those who know me a while already, know that I adore black outfits. For those who are here for the first time: where were you all this time! Just kidding. But I love to dress in black. Not just a skirt or a blouse, no totally black. Because of blogging I started to wear colors  and I must say, I like it. But sometimes I want to wear all black for a day. It always feels the best. And although I love my pink and red and blue and green outfits, in black I feel like me. Very unfortunate that a black outfit on photographs never comes out so beautiful but maybe this wintry picture helps. And I done it all for you eh! I hate snow!

Again another black dress.

I bought this one at the fashion show of my former colleague back in december. I wanted a new dress for the holidays, and I had no black dress yet………pfffff yeah right. Okay, I didn’t have one this lenght……what the…I just wanted a new dress, let’s keep it at that. Oh yes, this one has two lits at the side. I don’t own a dress that has that! This is quite a stretchy dress, which is lovely, but the drawback is that shapewear underwear or tights are a must. And when you go out for diner I don’t like that very much, in fact even when I don’t go out for diner. But certainly with a bodycon dress it’s all much more firmer. I have never tried a shapewear slipdress, which is quite a must with a bodycon dress I think. Because when I wear shapewear thights I can always see the withdrawal and with a shapewear slip I always get such an ugly ass. What are your experiences with shapewear?

I bought with the dress a faux leather bolero. The leather gloves have a bow which I love, just like my necklace with a clock underneath which is not visible in the pictures. And I wear bowes in my ears. I wear black lace tights, 60 denier, and ankle boots. The dress is now marked down to half!me in snow in black dressleather gloves with a bow in black dressbow necklace in black dressgloves in black dressme in snow in black dressleather bolero in black dressbow earrings in black dressblack bodycon dressoutfit in black dress


Dress: here*

Bolero: here*

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Do you know that too….blogger irritations?

Nothing is as irritating as when there is something wrong with your blog and you cannot fix it. When I started my blog, fashionandfoodandotherstuff, I had the free WordPress version. I searched very long for a theme that I was happy with. The point is that I know exactly what I want. And that is usually not available. But eventually I found one that I was satisfied with. Not happy, just satisfied. When I started this blog, a self-hosted one, I had to search again for a theme. And again I sat for days in front of the laptop trying all these themes. And I found the perfect one! Sleek, simple and with everything on it that I wanted. For a few months I was very happy with it.

So, why the blogger irritations?

Well, because at some point someone said she could not respond by phone. I tried to sort it out myself but I couldn’t so I mailed the theme builder. Before he responds, a few days have past and he told me to wait for the next update. So that didn’t help. I want it to be fixed….NOW! Again after a while it started to really irritate me that my blog wasn’t functioning properly. Again I searched for another theme, mailed the theme builder again and before you know it, months have past and your baby is still sick. Hahaha, joking, I am not that crazy….. Last week I had enough of it, mailed the builder that I was pissed of and installed another theme. That took me half a day to put everything in order. And, of course, the builder mailed the next day to give me my data and he would check out what the problem was. So he did checked it out and he knew now what the problem was, and I had my old theme back. Not fixed, half day work for nothing. He promissed he would fix it asap. After a small week there was nothing fixed, I now send him a mail with an ultimatum for two days to solve it. Of course he did not respond, and I spend another half day to install a new theme. I wonder if you see a lot of differences and I hope you find this theme enjoyable to read. You can at least leave your comments with your phone again!!! Yeah!

So a picture of me with a very grumpy face, too much candy and a view that I can dream now. To still end this post a little cozy, two pictures with what I wore at New Years Eve and how the diner table looked like before our friends arrived. We love to spoil our friends with good food!


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Mixing a blazer with a joggers!

Today I am wearing a combination of dressed and casual with a blazer and joggers. I love these pants. It feels as good  as a real sweatpants and yet stylish. Today I am wearing it a bit dressier. I showed you the pants  before here, but I like it better with a blazer and a blouse. As you probably know by now I do not wear pants often, although I lately have showed quite a few. But when I wear pants then preferably a bit like this style. Casual but a bit dressier. I don’t like a totall casual look at myself. Since I saw Nicole, from High Latitude Style, wearing socks in sandals, I’m a big fan of wearing socks and these aren’t open shoes but I show a bit of the (glitter) sock anyway. It’s a great thing to get inspired by other bloggers from all over the world.

Something totally different like blazers and joggers!

When I was still working, I of course knew that a time would come when I could no longer work because of my hereditary lung disease. I then had always in my mind that I would do volenteer work and that would be something with the homeless. Never occured to me that when I couldn’t work anymore, I also wouldn’t be able to mean much for others. But especially at this time of the year( but certainly not only at this time of the year) this group of people is in my thoughts and I pray, in my own way, for them. They are people, with feelings! Usually with a lot of misery behind them, and not only behind them. Please think of that when you see them on the streets.

Blazer: simular here*

Joggers: I think mine is already sold out, but nice one here*

Booties: simular here*

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And speaking of Nicole……today I may proudly co-host her Top of the World Style fashion linkup party. This is the beautiful outfit that inspired me to wear socks in sandals.

co host in blazer and joggers
Nicole Mölders is married, has one cat, no kids. She is a fashion, and science enthusiast from Fairbanks, Alaska and the blogger of High Latitude Style – an Alaska fashion blog with science bits for the stylish 40+ woman. She shares how to dress stylishly on trend and shows that 40+ is way too young to give up having fun with fashion (and heels). She is also the author of How to Dress for Success in Midlife – a style book that provides shortcuts for dressing in all style situations for the modern woman in midlife.

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I keep on breaking fashion rules!

Oops, I did it again! Lol! But seriously, I am breaking another fashion rule again! A few weeks ago I showed you an outfit in gray & brown and last week a totall white one. And now I am wearing brown and blue together. Well what can I say, I’ve always been a bit unruly. And often to honest. And they say honesty is the best policy, but it isn’t. Not to the outside world! But then there is also the difference between being honest or rude. Dutch people always need to have an opinion about something and want to express that everywhere. When I am abroad it strikes me how rude and unkind Dutch people can be( myself included!) also in bloggerland. My foreign readers and followers are always so kind and so supportive and helping me by giving tips that are really helpfull. Well I should definitely not everyone lump together because lately I met some real nice Dutch bloggers. But in general Dutch bloggers will not support you quickly and rather criticize then say something nice. But hey, I am Dutch too. And I am also the one who thinks she should express her opinion. And I am a very impulsive person and I also write impulsive. Well and then sometimes you have these situations where you think: that could have been done more tactful. Yes indeed, on the other hand, I don’t like it when people say one thing and do another. But I will count to ten and read my writings first! ( said that already so many times to myself)

Breaking fashion rules!

Oh common! I said it before, there are no fashion rules anymore! Blue and brown go great together! I have showed you this skirt here and now I have another way of wearing it. As a midi skirt. Isn’t this a versatile piece or what! I love my blue suède boots and because I hardly wear more then two colors in one outfit it was obvious to me to wear a blue sweater also. A denim blouse underneath and a necklace with blue beads. I like it like this although the skirt is very thin so a 50 denier tights would be better to wear underneath. So now I have showed you all the options of this skirt! Do you like this one? Please let me know. And just be brutal honest with me….I can handle that….I am Dutch! Lol.

[bctt tweet=”Breaking fashion rules by wearing brown & blue?” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

Skirt: old, but I saw a nice one here*

Boots: simular here

Sweater: Primark

Denim blouse: here

So have you all checked the Styled By ……….page? I would love it if you could join. And if you have any questions left you can email me!

Enjoy your week!

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