Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2017!

Claire writes today about the emerging fashion and beauty trends in 2017.

5 Groundbreaking Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2017


The year behind us left a major challenge for the year 2017 when it comes to versatility of the trends. We saw comebacks of many trends in 2016 – chokers from the ‘90s, customized denim jackets from the ‘80s, and so on. Furthermore, last year brought velvet, extra-long sleeves, and statement furs, but 2017 surprised us at the very beginning of the year. Turns out, the year ahead of us might be even more groundbreaking for the fashion and beauty world, so here are some of the most extraordinary trends 2017 has brought so far.

Greenery is the new blackfashion and beauty trends in 2017

Traditionally, Pantone’s team announced their pick of the colour for the next year but, unlike last year’s versatile shades Rose Quartz and Serenity, this year’s winner, Greenery, brought confusion to the fashion world. This grass-green shade is not something we’re used to seeing on runway shows or in our closets but it seems like Greenery will find its way to our hearts nevertheless. After all, it’s the colour of precious gemstones, such as peridot, emerald, and tourmaline, so it’s not hard to implement it into accessories. Statement green coats, skirts, and pants are also a fashion yes, so let’s just wait and see how vivid the outfits of 2017 will be.

Gopnik stylefashion and beauty trends in 2017

Another subculture has found its way to fashion runway shows – gopnik style, inspired by grungy post-Soviet street fashion. One designer, in particular, popularised the trend – Gosha Rubchinskiy. Moscow-born fashion designer brought Russian youth culture to the fashion scene and it’s threating to become one of the most groundbreaking trends for the year ahead of us. Reinventing men’s fashion, Gosha Rubchinskiy is contributing to another fashion trend arising – the so-called workleisure – activewear you can actually wear at the office. It’s all about being stylish yet comfy, so don’t be surprised if this trend stays for a while.

Minimal satin dressesfashion and beauty trends in 2017

Satin dresses have been trending for the past few seasons, but it seems like the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, 2017 will be the year of the minimal ones that will now cover only the necessary parts. Go on a shopping spree, or find lovely satin dresses online – the choice is all yours, as long as you keep it minimal. As for the colours, neutral shades of ivory, beige, and grey are still dominating, so this is going to be among the most versatile pieces in 2017.

Highlighting your best featuresfashion and beauty trends in 2017

While contouring dominated the beauty scene for the last few years, a new, far simpler makeup technique appeared in 2016 and quickly dethroned all other popular techniques. Strobing is a makeup technique that relies on highlighting products in order to enhance your best features. It’s done by applying highlighter on the areas of your face where the light would naturally hit – cheekbones, brow bones, the cupid’s bow, and chin. It’s faster and simpler than contouring, not to mention how natural it looks, and that’s why strobing is the groundbreaking beauty trend for the future.

Growing-out shagfashion and beauty trends in 2017

A haircut characterised by messy layers is not a new thing in the hairstyling world – a shag haircut has been around ever since the ‘70s. Seems like everyone was wearing it in 2016 and if you were among those fashionistas, we have good news for you – a growing-out shag is going to be huge in 2017 meaning you don’t need to change your haircut, just let it grow for a while. Let your bangs grow enough to be split down the middle and you’ll be as trendy as Mandy Moore was at Emmys red carpet.

As you can see, fashion and beauty trends are getting bolder year by year and those are fantastic news for fashionistas since now you can express your unique style without the fear of being ridiculed. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and play!

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Thanks Claire for this interresting and informative article about fashion and beauty trends in 2017!

Claire Hastings is a designer and a style writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. You can follow Claire on  Facebook and Twitter.

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Houndstooth or Pied-de-poule culotte?

But first I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments on last Friday’s post. It’s incredibly nice to have such a group of readers! Thank you!

I’ve always called this print Pied-de-poule, but it is originally from the Scottish Lowlands so I will call it from now on houndstooth. I’ve always liked this print very much. I can recall various garments with houndstooth print from long ago. I can also remember my grandmother wore it before when she was going to a party in the 70 s. It has something sophisticated, classy, movie stars, 50-60 ish. Alexander Mcqueen has created a beautiful collection with this print in 2009.

My houndstooth culotte!

I have told you several times that I really like the culotte, I have also bought one last year. But I could not get used to it, well I have to say quite honestly that the fit was not good either. But when I saw this houndstooth culotte I knew I had to have. I put it on my wishlist and waited a week to make sure I really wanted it and then bought it! Andrea knew I was going to buy it didn’t you! Lol. I personally think the houndstooth is best combined with black and a touch of red, but cobalt blue is also very pretty with it. And a sleeveless turtleneck with pumps would look very classy too. I wear a bow blouse on it and simple black ankle boots. This culotte is quite high in the waist. Last Sunday we went out for diner with friends(a present for my birthday, sweet huh!)and I didn’t wear the culotte then. I think I would have needed double corrective underwear! That’s with such high waisted pants, you have to hold in your belly!

Culotte: here

Blouse:old, but other one here

Ankle boots:old, but great ones here

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The Cure concert & it’s Fancy Friday!

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My history with The Cure.

Today’s post has nothing to do with fashion, but it’s my blog and I decide what is to come. Lol. We went to a concert by The Cure last weekend and I want to tell you about it.

I was a somber adolescent of just 15, when I first heard ”A Forrest” on the radio. I remember exactly where I was and what I then thought. I thought: maybe life will be fun one day. Yes, I was that kind of teenager.  So I became a big fan of their music and my love for black clothing and England also comes from The Cure. Today The Cure is still the number one for me and ”a Forrest”is ,for me, the best song ever! Eight years ago I saw them for the first time life in Rotterdam and I believe I had goosebumps all night. Fantastic! In 2012 they came to Pinkpop, a festival in the Netherlands. I still worked back then but was in a very bad shape. I asked three months before the festival that particular day of and did not get it. I was really upset about it, not to say devistated. Meanwhile it was getting worse with my health and my lung doctor advised me strongly to stop working  as I was demolitioning my body. I stopped working after he told me for a second time to stop otherwise he couldn’t do anything for me anymore. I stopped……..and I went to Pinkpop!

Enjoying The Cure!

November 2015 began the presale for this concert. In the years from the moment I stopped working till about five months ago, we had to accept and learn a lot and there was a lot of grief involved because of my health. In that period I never listened to The Cure. I couldn’t, it was to emotional. Since a few months I can listen again and enjoy! Therefore I looked forward enormously at the concert and I can tell you, it was great! I had booked an overnight stay at the hotel next to the Ziggo, so distance to walk was not a problem. We sat at the top row and it was overwhelming. Three hours listening to your favorite band, yelling, singing, enjoying. If you wondered what a blurry photograph there is in between, that’s me singing! Probably a lot of you never heard of The Cure and this is a totally uninteresting article for you to read, but I wanted this experience written on my blog. The hole week I wake up with a The Cure song in my head and I hardly can believe we’ve seen them again and that it is already over! It was unforgettable!

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Today I show you how to wear white.

To not make a style blunder, the so called faux pas, you shouldn’t wear white( or a shade of) after it gets below ten degrees or something like that. But these days you can’t make a style blunder anymore because everything goes. It might not be convenient to wear white when it rains and everything is wet and muddy, and you have to bring your kids from and to school by bike, walking the dog and run some errands. But otherwise it is a good color to wear.

How I came to wear white.

I almost never wear white. I own one white summer dress and I only wear it when it’s really hot outside. And I bought this crochet dress a while ago, but it’s not really white, a bit more off-white. This outfit is also a bit off-white. So, how did I came to wear white? It began with the joggers. I do not wear pants that often and when I do it has to fit perfectly and I don’t want to”feel” them. When you wear dresses and skirts all the time you get used to the fact that you hardly ever ”feel” your clothes. Or it has to fit so tight that you can barely breath, but I feel that often enough, I don’t need my clothes doing that for me. Lol. So, when I tried these pants I thought: Oh yes, they are so soft! Almost all the pants I have are a bit boyish, boyfriend jeans, badass pants and joggers. Here is another jogger outfit. But back to my new joggers. This one I actually have to wear a bit mor baggy then I did on the pictures. And next time I wear them, I wont wear a longer blouse on them. I think only the sweater is better but I thought the sweater would be a bit to short, but it wasn’t.[bctt tweet=”Would you wear white ton sur ton?” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

I almost never wear more then two colors in one outfit and for this one I thought it would be nice to wear ton sur ton, all in one color. I love cable knit sweaters. In last weeks post I told you I needed some warm sweaters because I didn’t have any. I can hear you all say now: see that you have sweaters! Yeah yeah, just one! I wear a large white bracelet and my dreamcatcher earrings. So, did I wear white the right way?

Sweater: simular here

Jogger: here

Ankle boots: nice ones here

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Today I’m wearing a gray shirt dress and it’s Fancy Friday linkup time!

Join the Fancy Friday linkup at the bottom of this post! I’ve already let you all know in a previous post that I want to start a series about style, you can read all about it here. For those who had already let me know they were interested, I’m looking forward to your mail, of some I know it’s coming later.

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The shirt dress is very trendy at the moment, although you saw them a lot in spring collections too. This is an item that is always stylish, easy to wear and versatile. I own several shirt dresses, see here and here, and basically I never wear them barelegged. I don’t like them barelegged. The one I am wearing today is been on the blog before here and you can see I only wear it in the colder months while the fabric is chiffon, so it’s really a summer item. But not for me, today I am wearing a gray shirt dress with dark brown!

Colors that you’re not supposed to wear together!

Last week I told a bit in this post about what my style says over me. I remember now that I forgot to mention that I am terribly stubborn. Yes yes, self- reflection. I love contradictions, smart and tough, pink and red, blue and green, masculine pants with high heels… And so I wear this gray shirt dress with dark brown, wich actually is not done in fashion world. But yeah, stubborn. First I think the boots are beautiful with the shirtdress( the shoemaker could not take anything of the heel so these are sitting boots). And it seemed to me not at all nice to add another color to make it a little brighter. And why should I, it doesn’t have to be smart, it has to be the way I like it!

And who decides then what you can and can’t wear together, you yourself surely! If you find it beautiful and you feel good in it, it’s good. Well, that is not entirely true, it depends on your demands on the way you want to look. There are plenty of women who wear something because they have to wear something. You hardly can go outside in your bare ass. And then I may think, oh dear you could look so much nicer if you put a little more affort into it. But if that women is not interested in the way she looks, who am I to say that she could look so much better. But okay, I think gray and dark brown go well together, it depends on the items and the accesories. Gold colored earrings to keep a warm touch in my face, wooden bangles and a corsage to secretly brighten it up…Nancy’s style!

Shirtdress: this one is from last year, I saw a nice one here*

Boots: these were from h&m last year, these hereare gorgeous too, check the heel!

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