Do you like Bohemian dresses?

Bohemian dresses are actually fantastic to wear on those days in September when it’s not cold and not warm. They are often long enough to cover your legs and great to wear with a cardigan and boots. I am a huge fan of wearing dresses with boots. I have a wishlist for you with fantastic bohemian dresses and you can find more here.

1.Kimonon sleeves maxi dress

2.Split tribal print dress

3.High split dress

And some fabulous boots! (sitting shoes for me!) You can find more inspiration at rosegal.

1.Stiletto heel ankle boots

2.Kitten heel boots

3.Faux fur shoe

I hope you liked my wishlist. If you also like to shop at RoseGal, there are Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!

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Is thrift shopping something you like to do?

I have told you before that I would give thrift shopping a chance while I was in England. I also said that I knew wich store I would visit because they have always a very beautiful dress in the window. In the Netherlands I never thrift shop because I hate the smell in those stores. And I don’t feel comfortable in second hand stores. But I want to give it a honest chance. And I like everything better in England, so my choice was made. Well, I went to that store and for the first time in years there was no stylish dress in the window. Just a simple black&white tunic. Okay, I went inside but what normally hangs in the window was not a reflection of what was inside. I am a terrible ,,sewer pit,,( I don’t think this is the right word) in the area of hygiëne and I was very resisted to search for a nice bargain. This wasn’t the shop for me.

I also visited a second hand store in Hastings, well I actually stayed outside. There were a few racks with clothing outside, And at some point I saw a beautiful dress, right size too. With a big STAIN! Yugh! That’s what I did not need on my thrift shopping experience! And I immediately decided that I didn’t want to check the store inside anymore. A bit stupid because in this window there hung a very nice dress. Later I had a few regrets that I didn’t give thrift shopping a better chance. So in five weeks I am going back and I will explore the shops better and even take pictures and perhaps show you a purchase! But for now I leave you with a new dress. I was allowed to choose several dresses for a collaboration. This is the second maxi dress, you can find the first one and thrift shoppingfloral dress thrift shoppingmaxi dress thrift shoppinggrey jacket thrift shoppinggreen sandals in thrift shoppingoutfits in thrift shoppingfashionable thrift shoppingfashion over 40 thrift shopping

Dress: here c/o
Beauty Hair
Jacket: old, but very nice one here*

Sandals: old, but I like these here* too

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Enjoy your week!