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Hottest Trends from International Fashion Weeks

Claire Hastings is my guest writer today. She wrote some great posts for my blog before here, here and here. Today she tell’s about the fashion weeks hottest trends!

Bright colours, high-impact make-up, and 90s flashback are just some of the fabulous trends the latest fashion weeks featured. From involving plus size models into their fashion shows, through bringing back the legendary models of the 90s, designers have certainly given their best to offer the audience in the front rows a majestic show, while also presenting revolutionary trends we’ll love in the season to come.

Hair ornamentsfashion weeks hottest trends

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Headpieces were a huge hit on the runways. From pearl-encrusted bands to bejewelled crowns, the hair ornaments were nothing if not decadent. Versace had their gold barrettes embellished with the house’s iconic medallions and it made an amazing accessory to the rest of the ensemble. So, if you’ve had a cute stylish brooch, think about pinning it to a pretty little barrette instead of attaching it to your garments, and create a unique look worthy of a runaway.

Feathersfashion weeks hottest trends


From Moschino to Saint Laurent, the runways were filled with models walking in feathery creations of various hues. From white, through neon blue, gold and to black, flirty looks were created everywhere. Whether you’re thinking about skirts, coats, boots or dresses, feathers will be a compulsory detail on every one of those clothing items.

Braidsfashion weeks hottest trends

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The one beauty trend that can make anyone look fabulous and the one that is so versatile that everyone can find their favourite kind to rock fiercely are braids. Whether you decide to go with boxer braids, a loose braid on the side, or the five-strand low braid as seen on Milan Fashion Week, you’ll look nothing if not fabulous. Even if you don’t have long hair to pull off a braid, there’s the quickest and the best solution ever called hair extensions. The ladies of the Land Down Under find them particularly attractive, so you can easily order some of the best quality hair extensions online from Australia. Pick out the appropriate length, and make a perfect braid just like the one from the spring fashion shows.

Asymmetrical necklinefashion weeks hottest trends


An off-balanced silhouette dancing along the shoulder, and wrapping around the neck, then twisting around the collarbone is the next big thing. You guessed it; we’re talking about the asymmetrical neckline. It’s both classy and sassy, revealing just enough skin while leaving plenty to the imagination. If you decide to wear a dress with an asymmetrical neckline, consider pulling your hair up, to reveal as much neck as you can, since the majority of the chest area will be covered.

Eyeliner variationsfashion weeks hottest trends

Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash

Dark cat eye doesn’t have centre stage anymore, because high-impact eyeliner is the next big make-up trend. A glossy and glittery rounded cat eye, and thin white stripes underneath the lower lash line were some of the ground-breaking make-up looks on the latest runaways. Let’s not forget the thin arches of black liner between lashes and eyebrows that completely outshined the well-known feline flick and the classic smoky eye.

White suitsfashion weeks hottest trends


With the first spring blossoming, the white suiting will come. The designs were so versatile that we could see white suits in all variations, from an oversized tux matched with fitted pants, through wide leg high waisted pants combined with a white bra and an unbuttoned blazer, to a Saturday Night Fever-like ensemble introduced by Acne Studios.

X-Girl sunglassesfashion weeks hottest trends


The ‘90s are back and they’re representing sporty shades. Remember those sharp edges, the amalgamation of bright hues, and that cool sporty design? Well, if you’ve been missing it for all these years, it’s finally back and you’ll be able to rock it with the rest of your spring outfit.

Final thoughts

Every fashion week season brings along some of the most ground-breaking trends, and the latest one was no different. From feathers, through braids, high-impact eyeliner and to white suits, asymmetrical necklines and sunglasses from the ‘90s, the spring of 2018 will be nothing if not colourful and fashion forward.

Thank you very much Claire! Love the brooche on a barette trend!

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Shoe Trends: Upcoming Spring Essentials

Today I have Claire again as guest writer!

Remember that “Sex and the City” episode when Carrie was mugged? That was the episode where the probably the most iconic sentence was shouted: “Please sir, you can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and watch, but you can’t take my Manolo Blahniks!” There is something about shoes that make us women feel super powerful, especially if our feet are “dressed” in the trendiest pair. To help you and your feet feel happy, here is a list of shoe trends for spring 2017.

Sock boots

Balenciaga went crazy with these on latest fashion shows. We have seen Rihanna rock their leather-velvet navy blues, and we admired those lime green ones as well as those square antelope leather ones. Besides Balenciaga, brands like Valentino and Celine also embraced this vibe. Not only do these cool boots look incredibly futuristic, they are also made of top-quality materials, since they have to be skintight. Not to mention that they are also comfortable as hell! You can find them in a wide range of styles and, while wearing them, you will feel like you have 2 layers of skin on your legs – which believe it or not, feels great!shoe trends


Wear them with:

You can copy Rihanna’s style and rock them with a striped button-down shirt and a mini denim skirt. They also go great with baggy jeans and oversized tops or crop tops – basically, they go with almost anything.


The trend that we thought will never see the sunlight again managed to come back once more. Platform sneakers or flatforms are among us, probably to remind us of the fashion of the ‘80s. People either hate them or adore them. Brands like Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci etc. really embraced these, and you can now find them in literally any color and pattern. Silver or black ones with white stars are probably the most popular choice.SHOE TRENDS



Wear them with:

If you decide to buy these, go all the way and combine them with eighties-like garments such as leggings and one-shoulder T-shirts. You go girl!

Glittery slip-on shoes

It is simple – many of us just don’t enjoy heels. That’s why slip-on shoes or ballet pumps will always be here for us. They are a great option when you want to be trendy, but want to avoid heels. Not to mention that they also got a glittery update now, so you will definitely stand out.shoe trends



Wear them with:

Since they are so girly-like, they will go great with those cute day dresses every woman must have. Also, you are free to wear them with your blouse, jacket and skinny jeans if you love that cute, college-girl vibe.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels were never this popular and cool. Kitten heels are basically shoes with super short and slender heels (from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches), which became popular thanks to Audrey Hepburn. Even though many girls think of them as “granny heels”, check out what famous designers had done to them, like Celine – with their straps and ties, Dior – with their logoed version, and Miu Miu with their transparent flower details.shoe trends

Wear them with:

Since they are super elegant, they go great with business attire, but since it is the year 2017, who can forbid you to rock them with your boyfriend jeans and a bold tank top?

Athletic inspired boots

From all of those athleisure combinations, this is something that just had to happen, even though we didn’t expect it. Dior and Versace decided to launch boxer-like boots that, surprisingly, look incredibly cool and versatile. Versace and Maison Martin Margiela also followed this vibe, and as far as we can see, they are going to stay among us for a while.shoe trends

Wear them with:

Again, since it is the year 2017, your options are limitless, but try sticking to minimalistic and monochrome outfits since these boots are already over the top.

That would be it. What do you think about these trends? Let us know in the comments.

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Claire Hastings is a designer and a style writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. You can follow Claire on  Facebook and Twitter


Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2017!

Claire writes today about the emerging fashion and beauty trends in 2017.

5 Groundbreaking Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2017


The year behind us left a major challenge for the year 2017 when it comes to versatility of the trends. We saw comebacks of many trends in 2016 – chokers from the ‘90s, customized denim jackets from the ‘80s, and so on. Furthermore, last year brought velvet, extra-long sleeves, and statement furs, but 2017 surprised us at the very beginning of the year. Turns out, the year ahead of us might be even more groundbreaking for the fashion and beauty world, so here are some of the most extraordinary trends 2017 has brought so far.

Greenery is the new blackfashion and beauty trends in 2017

Traditionally, Pantone’s team announced their pick of the colour for the next year but, unlike last year’s versatile shades Rose Quartz and Serenity, this year’s winner, Greenery, brought confusion to the fashion world. This grass-green shade is not something we’re used to seeing on runway shows or in our closets but it seems like Greenery will find its way to our hearts nevertheless. After all, it’s the colour of precious gemstones, such as peridot, emerald, and tourmaline, so it’s not hard to implement it into accessories. Statement green coats, skirts, and pants are also a fashion yes, so let’s just wait and see how vivid the outfits of 2017 will be.

Gopnik stylefashion and beauty trends in 2017

Another subculture has found its way to fashion runway shows – gopnik style, inspired by grungy post-Soviet street fashion. One designer, in particular, popularised the trend – Gosha Rubchinskiy. Moscow-born fashion designer brought Russian youth culture to the fashion scene and it’s threating to become one of the most groundbreaking trends for the year ahead of us. Reinventing men’s fashion, Gosha Rubchinskiy is contributing to another fashion trend arising – the so-called workleisure – activewear you can actually wear at the office. It’s all about being stylish yet comfy, so don’t be surprised if this trend stays for a while.

Minimal satin dressesfashion and beauty trends in 2017

Satin dresses have been trending for the past few seasons, but it seems like the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, 2017 will be the year of the minimal ones that will now cover only the necessary parts. Go on a shopping spree, or find lovely satin dresses online – the choice is all yours, as long as you keep it minimal. As for the colours, neutral shades of ivory, beige, and grey are still dominating, so this is going to be among the most versatile pieces in 2017.

Highlighting your best featuresfashion and beauty trends in 2017

While contouring dominated the beauty scene for the last few years, a new, far simpler makeup technique appeared in 2016 and quickly dethroned all other popular techniques. Strobing is a makeup technique that relies on highlighting products in order to enhance your best features. It’s done by applying highlighter on the areas of your face where the light would naturally hit – cheekbones, brow bones, the cupid’s bow, and chin. It’s faster and simpler than contouring, not to mention how natural it looks, and that’s why strobing is the groundbreaking beauty trend for the future.

Growing-out shagfashion and beauty trends in 2017

A haircut characterised by messy layers is not a new thing in the hairstyling world – a shag haircut has been around ever since the ‘70s. Seems like everyone was wearing it in 2016 and if you were among those fashionistas, we have good news for you – a growing-out shag is going to be huge in 2017 meaning you don’t need to change your haircut, just let it grow for a while. Let your bangs grow enough to be split down the middle and you’ll be as trendy as Mandy Moore was at Emmys red carpet.

As you can see, fashion and beauty trends are getting bolder year by year and those are fantastic news for fashionistas since now you can express your unique style without the fear of being ridiculed. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and play!

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Thanks Claire for this interresting and informative article about fashion and beauty trends in 2017!

Claire Hastings is a designer and a style writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. You can follow Claire on  Facebook and Twitter.

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Have a great day everyone!