But what is a gingham dress?

Back from a lovely week in the UK! Back on Wifi! Haha.

Yes, I can picture a Brigitte Bardot-like dress in black and white like here, although most of them are actually in red/white! But where does gingham come from, why is it called gingham? Of course everything we want to know can be found on Wikipedia. So now we know!

I really wanted a gingham print dress in black and white for years, but because these are often off shoulder, and I don’t think that looks good on me, I have never bought one. Until I wanted to try some dresses from overseas companies. And this one has straps on the shoulders, so I do not feel so naked in it. I’m glad I tried some overseas sites. It was worth it. I now have different dresses that I am very pleased with and they fit surprisingly good.

Styling my gingham dress with green

You almost never see me with a bag, a nice trendy one that is. I always have to carry the bag for my oxygen concentrator when I go out. If I ever, ever get a transplant and don’t need the extra oxygen anymore, the first thing I will do is by myself a designer bag! Btw, I’ve almost finished the post about my disease. I think it will be ready in two weeks. Back to the bag, isn’t the color amazing? And I think that gingham matches with green perfectly. Of course black and white match with any color. So, I wear green slippers, green earrings and a green bead chain worn as a bracelet from????? Yes, Brighton! Just like these ones! It is only a pitty that there are no loops for the belt on the dress. Now I have to check all the time if the strap is still in the right place, otherwise you see the elastic above it. Perfection is a thing….

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Dress: mine is sold, nice one here

Sandals: here

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I hope you all have a great week!