I love cardigans

I used to love a cardigan because I was always cold……now I have these hot flashes so I need to take something of when one hits me! I also think that a cardigan adds something more. Not only a layer, but color, especiallly with summer dresses like here and here.

*This is a sponsored post but I don’t show items I don’t like and the words are always my own.

Gerben asked me, about a month ago, what I wanted for my birthday.( it was my birthday on August 31th)I said that I wanted a shopping day with him. I hadn’t been shopping for a while. It’s all online shopping. In the past, with girlfriends, we spent a whole day shopping a couple times a year. And I mean a whole day, from opening till closing time! Well, we did have lunch in between. But now with a wheelchair it’s less fun….so to speak… So two weeks ago, Gerben and I went for a day of shopping in Den Bosch. And it was fantastic! To not get tired while shopping is so very nice! We had a nice lunch and had a drink in a cosy place in the afternoon and we went out for diner in the evening too! I bought fabulous things, which you all get to see. I loved this dress straight away, but it wasn’t in my size. This is actually two sizes bigger then I normally have, but it looked pretty small to me. So I tried it on and guess what! It was perfect!

And a sequin bag

What about my sequin cross body bag? Isn’t is just lovely? I never have anything with sequins, but this one was to cute. And I love the bold goldcolored chain. I normally don’t use fashion bags anymore because I always have to carry my oxygen bag, but when I use the wheelchair, I can put the concentrator in the wheelchair bag and then I can wear a small bag on my lap. For my phone, a lipstick……and my creditdard! Lol. And fortunately it is still warm enough to wear peeptoes over here. But I think that will soon be over. Then it is time for tights again.


Dress: here

Cardigan: Dresslily

Sequin bag: Dresslily

Shoes: mine are from last season, but you can find more in this color here

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