Wednesday wishlist: Shein cravings

I have a Wednesday wishlist for you from Shein. I love to browse the Shein site! They have such fantastic trendy items. I always love to do some imaginary shopping there. You know, the kind were you throw your entire shopping basket full with all these fabulous items you see. Just choose everything you like!

And then I leave it there for a few days, so you can select better…. Oh online shopping is so much fun!

1.Purple off shoulder jacket  (featered one)

2.Tribal embroided jacket

3.Black sweater

4.Color block sweater

5.Faux fur coat

6.Bow tie mules

7.Metallic gold heels

8.Floral dress

9.Grey wrap dress

The golden sandals are perfect for the Holidays.( yes I am early, it’s because a girlfriend was already planning a dinner for the second Christmas day. yes, we have two in the Netherlands!)

And of course I love that wrap dress, but I also saw some fantastic tweed jackets! You will see!

I hope you liked the Wednesday wishlist from Shein, let me know if you found a fabulous garment!

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Welcome to July’s edition of The Bad Buy Book: Tops!

The Bad Buy Book is a series hosted by Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge and Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style. We wanted to establish together something fun and new. We both talked about our,,Sitting Shoes,, and so we came up with the idea for The Bad Buy Book!

We all do our best to look great in our outfits, choose the right accessories, the right makeup, the perfect shoes, and wait for the best light to shoot the most flattering outfit photos. And now we are asking you to show us the items you don’t feel your very best in. You know, those ,,Sitting Shoes,, that dress that is actually not quite your color, the skirt that is a size too small but the saleswoman said it looked amazing. We all own those items!  And while they may look fabulous, they don’t always feel fabulous! So we want you to show us your bad buys and tell us the story about them! What made you purchase the item?  And why do you dislike it now?  And why not share them with us?  We buy these things for a reason then hide them in the back of the closet.  Now it’s their turn to share the limelight.

Every month on the 15 th, we will both publish a post sharing the photos you have sent us along with a few sentences about the bad buy. Photo submissions will be due by the 1st of each month so we have time to edit and compile all of the entries. At the end of each post we will let you know the theme for the next month’s post. Photos and the story of your ”Bad Buy” can be emailed to or Please put”Bad Buy” in the subject line.

Let’s see who all bought a Bad Buy top!

First of all of course, is my lovely co-host Shelbee of Shelbee on The EdgeThe Bad Buy Book: topsI really liked this striped peplum top from Old Navy and didn’t buy it when I tried it on.  When I went back for it, they did not have my size so I bought one size smaller. And now it pulls across my chest, the sleeves feel too snug, and the peplum hits right at the widest part of my midsection.  It also gets all caught up in the back on the waistband of my pants.  I should have just ordered the correct size online!

Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style


The Bad Buy Book: tops

I guess I should be embarrassed that I have categories for everything you’ve talked about so far…ha ha!!( no Jodie, I love that you buy Bad Buys LOL!)

I’m including a photo of this blouse. I liked the blouse and it fit fine—until I washed it! Then it shrunk like no ones business!! Of course, I’m sure if I was more careful about how I wash my items, I might not have had this issue. But I’m one of those that everything needs to go in the washer and dryer or it just doesn’t work in my life!!!

Too bad, because the whole outfit looks amazing!

Your host! I could add so many bad buy tops. It’s awfull!The Bad Buy Book: tops

I don’t know exactly why I don’t like this top. I think it’s the neckline and the color.

Me again! (that should tell me something!)

The Bad Buy Book: topsAnd this one I only wore once to show here. Again it’s the color, now that I am showing it to you I understand I never must by a top in off white! How helpfull is The Bad Buy Book!

That’s it for now! Although several ladies said they had a Bad Buy top, they did not submit anything. That’s a pitty, I hope you will join next month!

If there are themes that you would find easier, then we would love to hear that!

Next month theme is: .,,Sitting Shoes Sandals”!

So remove those nasty, ugly, uncomfortable sandals from the closet, put them on your feet for one last time and take a picture! We would love to see them before August 10th.

Have a great weekend everybody!




Pink floral summer dress

I have never had such a fleeting wardrobe as at the present. It seems to be full with floral summer dresses! And I keep coming back to pink and floral dresses. This one is also one of my favorites of this season. It’s colorful and elegant and it reminds me of England. You know, cottages, floral wallpaper, pink, Laura Ashley. I love it. This dress was also a tryout because I wanted to find out if overseas ordering works for me. And it does. That increases the choice in clothes a lot more. As if we already havn’t got enough choice!

Pink floral dress styled with pink

I can wear this dress in so many ways. With white sneakers and a denim jacket, or a black cardigan and flats. But today I want to show it a bit more elegant with my favorite shoes and a blazer. All in pink tones. I’ve been looking for a shorter cardigan in dark pink( enough in blush) for a while now and do you think I can find it! No! But I don’t give up. I think a short cardigan would show of the dress a bit more and show the waistline. That is better. I know I will find that cardigan!

Are you into pink floral dresses this season?

pink in floral summer dressoutfit in floral summer dressfashion over 40 floral summer dressfashion over 50 floral summer dresswomenslook floral summer dresspink blazer floral summer dressred shoes floral summer dressdresses floral summer dress

Dress: simular and many more here

Blazer: old, but this one here is fabulous too

Shoes: here

From Monday till Friday I am off line! I do post and do read but don’t comment!

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My favorite of last week is: Porcelina of Porcelina’s WorldFloral dress

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Where do you get your inspiration?

First I want to ask you, if you want to be kept informered of the latest post and you did not get an notification last Tuesday, to subscribe again in the sidebar with your email. I cancelled my old site and thus the Jetpack plugin that registered the email subscribers. The reminder email for the linkup is something different. I would appreciate it!

Since Victoria Beckham has left the Spice Girls, she is to me one of the greatest style icons. But not only that! I think she’s an inspiration because she did not walk an easy path, also not in her marriage, but she has become, in my view, a great designer. I really love her style. Take a look here at her new collection for Target. This outfit is also inspired on her looks. She has got gorgeous photo’s on her Instagram account.

Wearing it like Beckham…

I wanted to purchase a pink pleated skirt for this season. You guys know that I already have two. And on Pinterest I have a Victoria Beckham board and when I was searching for new pictures I came across this one and I was inspired to wear a pink skirt like that. Yes hello, I know I don’t look as good as she does, am not as talented as she is etc., but I liked the look! So who is your style icon and do you sometimes wear the same look as your style icon?

Speaking of style, I really need your Style stories if I want to continue with the Styled by…. series. So please read this page to see if it is something you like to write about. I would be very sorry if I have to quit these series.white blouse like Victoria Beckhamsneakers like Victoria Beckhampink skirt like Victoria Beckham Love Victoria Beckhampleated skirt like Victoria Beckhamoutfit like Victoria Beckhamwhite sneakers like Victoria Beckhamclutch like Victoria Beckhamcollection Victoria Beckham


Blouse: here

Sneakers: here

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My choice of last week is: Monika of Style is my pudding. I think she is a very cool woman!Victoria Beckham post

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A preview of the Styled By….series. Styled By ………Nancy

Tuesday is the premiere of the new Styled By….. series. I’m very curious what you will think about these series. If you want to join, take a look at the Styled By……… page in the menu. Today a preview of a post you could have seen before, but to give you an idea of what the meaning is. Enjoy ……and participate!

My style

My passion for fashion appparently started very early because my  grandparents told me long time ago a story: I was four years old and I could pick out some new shoes. And I just wanted black patent leather shoes! Nothing else. There you have it! When I was in my puberty(14) I began to develope my style. Not that I wore pencilskirts at that age, lol, but I began to love music that nobody else in  my environment loved. It started with The Cure, then Siouxie & the Banshees and more New Wave, hardrock and Punk. And if you loved this kind of music you wore black. So while friends wore colorful dresses, I wore black. Black clothes, big earrings, big hair! No scarves, necklaces, or brooches, just gold colored big earrings.

Hasn’t my style changed over the years?

Over the years my style changed into lots of pencilskirts and dresses. Always a bit fussy with a cool item( don’t know if that is correct), what I mean is a pencilskirt with a studded belt for example. That’s what I liked and still do. I sometimes wore gray or brown but my wardrobe concisted almost exclusively of black garments and golden accesories. Since blogging more color came into my wardrobe. And I like color now, but when I wear a black outfit I feel most myself. I still wear almost no accesories, often or larger earrings, or bracelets but almost never at the same time. In terms of shoes my tast stayed almost the same. I was and am fond of ankle boots and preferably with a nice heel, but because my lung capacity is not very big, I keep my heels not to high. And what does my style say about my personality? I don’t like a mess, I want everything clean and organised, I know exactly what I do and do not want, I have a strong will, I never walk away from a challenge, I’m not easily approachable( well, I am but people think I’m not!) and I’m not the easiest person to be with! Duh.


I hope to see you all next Tuesday for the kick off! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Today I’m wearing my pleated skirt Fall version!

The trend of 2016 is the pleated skirt. When I first wore this skirt I told you how I was inspired to buy a pleated skirt. I actually havn’t worn it that much yet because it’s a fairly heavy skirt and quite warm. But now it’s time to get it out of the closet and wear it a lot. The pleated skirt is seen in every collection in every color and even with prints. When I was in the UK a few weeks ago, I saw this one but didn’t buy it. Now I regret it, it’s almost sold out. And they are so versatile, wear it with a high heeled shoe and it’s dressed. Wearing boots with heels or ankle boots, it becomes more casual and when you wear a flat boot it gives the look a bit of an edge. The pleated skirt is a great garment.

Beauty is in the simplicity….

That’s what the sweater says. I am not a person that has much with spells and texts who are to be called profound. It is that it’s in French, it sounds good, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. Beauty is in the simplicity, yeah we all know that. We all know that we should enjoy the little things , that we have to realize what we have, that we should be grateful etc. etc. …most people are going to do that when life is no longer that obvious…. and there is nothing wrong with that. People should live there lives the best they can, the way they want to. I think the important thing is satisfaction! When you’re not satisfied, you can’t enjoy simple things. And probably also not simple things for that matter. I am glad I am a happy person. But well… the text actually refers to my taste in style. I like my outfits without to much prints, without to much accesories, without to much of anything. And is there anything wrong with that? No, I am satisfied with it! What else do you want?

What I wear on my pleated skirt?

I would love to wear the skirt with  a nice thick sweater with very long sleeves and a large col. But not just yet, we’ll do that in Winter! I’m wearing a thin sweater, a coated bikerjacket and my favorite lace-up boots that I bought four years ago because they were so beautiful just to look at…..and that’s exactly what I ve been doing ……looking at them. The heel was to high, but I brought them to the shoemaker( is that a correct word? It sounds strange) and he has taken a small piece of the heel and they are perfect now! I’m so happy with it!

Skirt:  *here

Boots: old, but saw some fantastic ones *here

Jacket: old, but a nice one *here

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I wish you all a great day!