Striped flamingo outfit

A striped outfit. At first I wanted to tittle this post: flamingos behind bars. But that would give a totall wrong idea of what this post is about of course. And although I almost love animals more then people, and I get very upset over animals that hurt or are being abused, that is not what my blog is about. It is just a light, easy to read( at least I hope so) blog about what my style is and this post is just about another printed skirt. A printed skirt with flamingos. And I am in the mood for colors and spring and that’s why I wanted to style this skirt as if it was warm already.

*This is a sponsored post. Some items are given to me. Check out Rosegals Valentines gifts!

Stripes in a outfit

I have a few garments with stripes like you can see here, here and here . I think stripes are perfect for print mixing. But that is already been done with this skirt. So adding a striped blouse was a no brainer. I am wearing tights and although it looks very ,,springish,, it’s very cold and freezing here in the Netherlands. I added a bright pink belt to the outfit and my new pink tassel earrings. The beaded chains I wear as bracelets and are from the boulvard in Brighton. And let’s keep our fingers crossed that I can wear this outfit with bare legs soon! BTW, it was very windy the day we took the photos!striped outfitstriped outfitstriped outfitstriped outfitstriped outfitstriped outfitstriped outfitstriped outfit

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Striped flamingo skirt c/o

Striped blouse mine is old, I like this one too

Ankle boots

Basic shirt c/o

Tassel earrings c/o

Black cardigan

Here are the Best Valentine gifts 2018

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My favorite of last week is: Chichi of The Style TuneStriped flamingos

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Wearing Autumn colours in February

I love Autumn colours, I like brown and yellow, it feels like a forrest in September. The sun still warm enough, the changing of nature. It’s beautiful. Although I have to say that I don’t wear those colors that much. Lately I am very into printed skirts. This in particular, did remind me of Emma of Style Splash. She is, next to being a mother, freelancer and a fantastic blogger, also a volunteer in a animal shelter. Well, in any case, I already think that people who do voluntary work earn a big pat on the back( Is that a good sentence?) and people who do that next to their regulary job needs a ribbon! But Emma shares sometimes photos of the animals she helps. And she showed photos of a beautiful fox, and there is a fox on the skirt too. And Emma wears regulary yellow! So that’s why I thought of her when I got this skirt.

*This is a sponsored post, some of the items are gifted to me.

Printed skirt with Autumn colours and otk boots

The lace up tee is a great basic tee. It has long sleeves, what we need now, and I like the bow and the gold-colored holes, because I never wear silver and I don’t like to wear golden jewelry with silver belts or buttons. The cardigan is just to add color because it is actually a little too wide. That’s why I knotted it. I only wear leaf print earrings as the print is busy enough for me! I like to wear boots with skirts like this, just like I like to wear ankle boots under pencil skirts. Of course an ankle boot would look good with this skirt too, but I like longer boots better on wider skirts.

Do you like printed skirts like this one?

autumn coloursautumn coloursautumn coloursautumn coloursautumn coloursautumn coloursautumn coloursautumn colours

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Printed skirt c/o

Laced up top c/o

Brown cardigan the brown one isn’t available anymore

Over the knee boots mine are older, but these are fantastic too!



Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

IT Bag Trends

Today I have Claire as my guest writer! Enjoy her post about It Bags!

When it comes to accessories, bags are gold – they allow you to spice up your outfit and transform it in the blink of an eye, but also they help you keep all the things you need within reach. As convenient as they may be, bags should also be elegant and fashionable, and when you think about all the different kinds of bags you can choose from, you might get a headache. Don’t worry, we give you a list of the most fabulous IT bags for the following seasons.

Mini backpacks and fanny packsit bag trends

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

It seemed as if fanny packs and mini backpacks would be left forever in the nineties, but they’re making a comeback and it’s a triumphant one. These bags were once viewed as too practical to be stylish and fashionable, but it seems like this attitude is changing. Women usually carry more than a wallet in their bags, and fanny packs and backpacks make it possible for us to carry everything we might possibly need with us without hurting our wrists and making us feel like we’re at the gym. You can pick the more playful ones: think bright pink PVC mini backpack with prints and fanny packs decorated with pins and badges, but you can also find an elegant one if you want: leather, suede, and plaid pieces are always a good way to go.  

Charmedit bag trends

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Those who love their bags to have chain handles will love the oncoming trend: charms! It seems as if designers decided to blur the lines that separate handbags and jewellery. Many of them chose to decorate the chains on their handbags with eye-catching and adorable charms which transformed the bag from convenient accessories into breathtakingly beautiful (and still convenient) ones. The best thing is that you can choose whether you’d like to pursue a more delicate princess-like look, or you’d like to lean more toward that fierce punk-girl style. If you pick the bags with shorter chains that can be worn like clutch bags, the chains will look like bracelets, which will save you the trouble of having to pick jewellery too.

Timeless piecesit bag trends

Photo by Vlad Deep on Unsplash

When in doubt, opt for something simple and elegant. It doesn’t matter if it’s your grandma’s minaudière, your mom’s old frame bag, or a wristlet you inherited from your aunt, these pieces will never go out of style. Classic designer leather handbags, velvet wristlets with satin straps, and double handled tote bags will always be a good choice, and they are high-quality pieces you will be able to wear in years to come without worrying that they will look obsolete or boring at any point.

Fringe as far as the eye can seeit bag trends


First seen all over the runways, and expected to flood the streets this spring, fringe is the next big thing (once again). Even the most bland spring outfits will be given a fun touch with this adorable detail which will overflow pretty much every type of bag there is. Those oversized bags that resemble huge shapeless sacks will look amazing when covered in a thick fringe, and they will draw everyone’s eye. For those who can’t imagine their outfit with a bit of bling-bling, fringe pendants with a bit of glitter or sequins that can be attached to zippers and handles are the best option.

If you already have a favourite bag you can’t imagine living without, but which might not be trendy at the moment, don’t worry. As long as your treasured piece is in good condition, you’re good to go, and it’s always good to wear something new and exciting rather than something expected and boring, even if the piece only looks new. The following season, skip the boring and expected and rather opt for something bold and exciting that will make everyone notice you.

Thank you Claire, for showing us the latest trends on bags! You can find out more about Claire on twitter, and facebook.

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NO STYLED BY……..??????

No Styled by…….story

There went something wrong tonight with publishing the right post. I am sorry, you can read today’s post now.

I can’t say how disappointed I am for not presenting you a new Styled by….story! For the first time in 15 months there is just no story. For the first time I could use my new logo and no story.

I always get a lot of positive comments on those beautiful stories, so I assume that you all love to read them. I hope I can generate a lot of stories with this post, but if I can’t then I have to stop it! So, I ask you, is it all clear what the intention is? Do you understand how to get in touch with me in case there are questions? Let me explane again, but you can also read all about it here and also read all the other stories.

What is the purpose of this series?

The purpose is that you write a story about your style. Preferably from your puberty. How did your style evolve? What does it say about you? Did you have a rol model? Attache some beautiful photos that reflect your personality and how you used to look. And that’s it! It’s not that hard is it? You can send it to:

I also show your story on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. If you are not following me, please do. I really hope that you now think to your self: yes, I have a story to tell! And that you want to make the effort to write a beautiful story!

Thank you all.

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Rosegal Valentines gift

With Valentines day only two weeks away, I give you some inspiration from Rosegal. They offer best Valentines gift 2018. In the Netherlands Valentines day is not such a huge issue, actually Gerben and I don’t do anything about it, but I know it’s a thing in the US. I picked some of my favorites from Rosegal Valentines gift and hope to inspire you!

1. Heart earrings

2. Babydoll

3. Valentine pillow

Well it’s always a good time for buying lingerie isn’t it? Some more items that I liked…..if I was spending money on Valentines day!

1. Valentine lamp

2. Valentine table cloth

3. Soap flowers

So are you celebrating valentines day? Is it a big deal at your home? Gerben and I are not the most romantic people, so we don’t care about Valentines day. But if you do I already wish you a very romantic day!

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Getting inspired by other fashionbloggers

When you read a lot of fashionblogs, you can get inspired by the outfits other fashionbloggers wear. Sometimes it’s a total different style that you fall in love with, and sometimes a fashionblogger wears items that you also have, or simular of course, but never styled it in the way that blogger did. When I saw this outfit of Michelle I was immediately inspired to wear my simular items just like she did. I never thought of wearing dark brown, black and grey together. But I instantly loved it. So thank you very much for the inspiration Michelle!

Wearing dark brown, black and grey together as a fashionblogger

Sometimes you just have to see color schemes to get enthousiastic. I always thought ( long time ago) that brown and grey were the dollest colors ever. And to combine those colors with my favorite color, black, was a totall nogo. But of course it has got a lot to do with the way you style it and the leopard print makes all the difference I think. The faux leather skirt is one of my favorites. I have had leather and faux leather skirts all my life! Well…..probarbly not as a baby….. but you know, I have always loved them. Especially leather pencil skirts. Something so sexy, feminine and a bit edge about those skirts. This one is a bit of a wrap kind of pencil skirt, I bought it last year and I wear it a lot. Only not at home…..we have a white leather couch and I cannot wear faux leather on that couch because it gives of. Horrible. The blouse and the boots are older too, the boots are from 2016 but I bought another pair, you saw them here. I think over the knee boots are fantastic. Wether you want to wear them under a long dress, a short skirt or over jeans. The hat is not mine. It’s Gerben’s. I don’t wear hats because they mess up my hair, but to do justice to Michelle’s outfit, I will show it with the hat too.

(I actually tried it, but I don’t like hats on my head so I took it off before Gerben could take a photo)fashionbloggersfashionbloggersfashionbloggersfashionbloggersfashionbloggersfashionbloggersfashionbloggersfashionbloggersfashionbloggers

Shop the look!

Grey cardigan c/o

Over the knee boots mine are old, but aren’t these fabulous?

Leopard print blouse c/o

Goldplated creoles c/o

Leather pencil skirt mine is sold out, but this one is great too

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