I’ve got new shoes!

As if that is something special! I really have a shoe tic. I think I have in total 80 pair. Is that bad? There are probably a few shoe addicts among you….. I know that Sonja buys shoes to look at them! Lol. Nothing wrong with that in my world! I can really be delighted by a well designed shoe, beautiful colors, different heels. It’s not some sort of fetish, I just love shoes…….and bags, and earrings, and skirts, and dresses….. Earlier( here we go again with the past. Do I say that more and more as I get older?) I always wore heels. I also had unusual shoes. But as I have said before, I can’t walk on heels anumore because of my bad lungs and I still have to get used to be stylish in my wheelchair, when I am in the wheelchair I wear flat heeled shoes. Why….in heavens name! I don’t have to walk, put on those heels! Maybe I should dedicate a post to my illness and tell you more about it…..Oh yeah, shoes!

My lovely new shoes.

Sometimes you just have that. That you see a shoe, or a skirt, or a dress etc., and you know that it’s the perfect one for you. I had that with these shoes. I love peeptoes, I love ankle boots, I love a heel I can walk on and I love black. And these are not black! But perhaps that is what makes these so perfect, because I always buy black. I have nothing in this color. I didn’t think of how to wear these ones, I just wanted them. But of course they will look great under a black dress, I have got enough black dresses….

The fun of online ordering is when the postman comes to the door with your package. Will it fit, will it be as beautiful as on the site? The site were I bought these always pack there packages as a gift. Fantastic, that is what we women want isn’t it? Well, the size was perfect, the color is gorgeous and I really am a bit in love with my new shoes!me in new shoespencil skirt and new shoesgrey jacket and new shoesoutfit with new shoesfloral skirt and new shoesmy new shoesfashionable in new shoesred new shoes



Shoes: here

Skirt: simular here

Blouse: here*

Jacket: old but other one here*

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