In love with this floral pareo skirt

Nothing unique with this floral pareo skirt and floral top! I copied it all! Usually you see online or in a magazine a beautiful skirt or pants, or whatever piece of clothing, and you create a look yourself. For today’s outfit I didn’t do a thing. Yes, I bought it. But I bought it exactly as it was shown online. Why? Because I think this outfit is amazing! Nothing less!

I see floral prints everywhere!

I never worn floral printed clothes as much as this year. I bought a lot of  floral dresses in spring and summer, but it still continues! Dark florals are on trend and they look amazing. Feminine, fun, happy! If you are following me from the beginning( about a year and a half ago)you would never have guessed that I would wear this bold combination! I almost never wore prints before I started blogging. I also almost never wore color. It was all black in my closet! See how I have changed. But sometimes you have to be in a certain place in your life to make a change. But I also still love to wear black!

I love this outfit! I think the colors of the top are so very beautiful! The only downside is that it has a col, I don’t really like that. I told you before that I wanted more tops and sweaters with a v-neck like this cable sweater. But I liked the colors and the print so much that I took it for granted. And the skirt is fabulous. I am trying real hard to buy items I know I like for a long time. I tend to buy a lot, and a lot that I only wear once or twice. I know, it’s not good and I am learning. For this outfit I thought a bit to long before ordering it. Although I knew straight away that I would wear this outfit often. I had a hard time ordering it, because it was or sold out, or not my size. But the holder wins! I don’t think this outfit needs any accesories, so I kept it simple with my everyday watch and earrings. Do you like this outfit as much as I do?floral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirtfloral pareo skirt

Shop the look!

Floral skirt

Floral top


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Zaful Black Friday! Credit cards at the ready!Zaful Black Friday! Credit cards at the ready!

This Friday is special, it’s the BLACK FRIDAY(Nov. 24, 2017) https://www.zaful.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sales-preview-2017.html?lkid=11981664 , are you already gearing up to overfill your shopping appetites? If you love a good style steal online retailer, Zaful https://www.zaful.com/?lkid=11981664 will probably be the first port of call when shopping online. This year, Zaful Black Friday Sale https://www.zaful.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sales-preview-2017.html?lkid=11981664 offers you: Even more insane deals than ever & The Big Sale last even longer! But before you hop into Zaful’s Black Friday Sale https://www.zaful.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sales-preview-2017.html?lkid=11981664 , do a research and plan wisely is a smart way to save more cash. Let’s check out our A-to-Z guiding list and do things right!

Big Promotions(Nov. 24 – Nov. 29)Zaful Black Friday! Credit cards at the ready!

Be ready for the biggest discount of 2017. From (November 24th – November 29th), buy 3 and get 1 for free at Zaful’s best seller list https://www.zaful.com/best-sellers/?lkid=11981664 ! If that’s not what you’re looking for, we have our “New faves & New arrivals” zone standing by. Up to 50% OFF discounts are waiting to satiate your fashion needs!

Zaful Black Friday Carnival(Nov. 24 – Nov. 29)

Cutthroat price is the most common thing during Black Fridays https://www.zaful.com/new-faves/?lkid=11981664 . Who doesn’t love cheap goods? From November 24th – November 29th, 3 different discounts: 20%/30%/40% will be marked on selected products!

  • 40% off select items on Nov. 24 & Nov. 27
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Plaid, tulle, lacquer all on Black Friday!

It is Black Friday and I am wearing a lot! Plaid and tulle, knitwear, laquer!

I hope my American readers had a great Thanksgiving Day! And today it is Black Friday. I can’t wait to see the madness on tv! Fantastic.

I got to choose something from Rosegal and I new I wanted a plaid skirt to wear over my tulle skirt. You have seen the tulle skirt before here. I wanted to create a bit of a punk, Vivienne Westwood, UK in the 80s look. But then for a 50 plus woman. I love a plaid skirt, especially this color, although a blue/green combination is fantastic too. And it has been a while since I wore my tulle skirt. An outfit is all about how it makes you feel. Shelbee and I get a lot of comments on our The Bad Buy Book series that some pieces don’t look as bad buys at all. But that’s just it. It feels often as bad buys. Just like some outfits makes you feel full of convidence.

Feeling fantastic in plaid and tulle

I feel great in this outfit! I love this look. I love to wear black, I just feel the best in black or a lot of black. I love simple pieces, a simple cable knit sweater feels perfect for me on these skirts. I wear tassel black earrings and my old red bracelet(I forgot to pull up my sleeve!). I pulled the skirts up on one side and I fastened it with a safety pin. I only wanted to wear other lacquer boots, but they havn’t arrived yet. You will see them with another outfit. These Chelsea boots are older, but still love them though. I hope you like my,,punky,, look as much as I do. And I hope you all can find the time to link up during all that shopping! But enjoy your Black Friday!

plaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black fridayplaid and tulle on black friday

Shop the look!

Plaid skirt c/o

Tulle skirt mine is old, this one is great too!

Cable knit sweater mine is sold out, but there are more great black sweaters

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My favorite of last week is: Nicole of High Latitude Styleplaid and tulle on black friday

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Thanksgiving: Save to 65% and Free Shipping


Do I have some party dresses for you today!

Today I introduce you Sassy My Prom. A company with fabulous party and special occasion dresses. And now is the time to choose a beautiful party dress for the holidays, isn’t it!

Let’s take a look at some fabulous Black prom dresses.

1. Mermaid dress

2. Off shoulder dress

3. Satin dress

And beautiful Lace dresses.

1. Coctail dress

2.  Lace dress

3. Black lace dress


And the perfect color for the holidays, Burgundy dresses

1. Backless dress

2. Lace mermaid dress

3. Halter grape dress

I hope I’ve givin you some inspiration to check the site for a gorgeous party dress and to look fabulous at Christmas!

Sassy my prom has also got a decent collection of plus size party dresses.



Wednesday wishlist with Gamiss

I have got a Wednesday Wishlist with Gamiss for you today! But Nancy, it’s Tuesday love, I hear you say! Yes, I know, but tomorrow is the 15th…..you all know what that means don’t you….dont’t you! The Bad Buy Book! So that’s why I introduce Gamiss to you today!

First are my favorite dresses!

1. Vintage dress

2. Printed dress

3. Floral bodycon dress

And with a dress we need a bag!

1. Crossbody bag

2. Tote bag

3. Tote bag with studs

And boots! (I think I want them all!)

1. Black boots

2. Golden boots

3. Green ankle boots

I really love those boots, especially the golden ones. They also are available in silver!

wednesday wishlist with Gamiss

Check out the Gamiss sale!

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Welcome to the Wednesday Wishlist with Zaful

Zaful has great new items that I wanted to show you on my Wednesday Wishlist. First I am totally, what lot’s of bloggers call, obsessed(haha) with faux leather leggings. I have a black one and I want a wine one too. I always forget that they are so incredible comfortable and stylish. If you havn’t got one yet, try it! Here are a few faux leather items that caught my eye.

1. Faux leather skirt

2. Faux leather jacket

3. Faux leather skinny pants

I know we have seen jackets like that last season, but they are pretty nice! On a pleated skirt for example.


1. Hounstooth pleated skirt

2. Floral embroided pants

3. Checked and lace pants

Isn’t that plaid and lace pants interesting! And that houndstooth skirt would look great on that faux leather jacket!

Let’s also shop for some sweaters!

1. Flare sleeve sweater

2.Knit sweater

3.Chunky sweater

Doesn’t the middle sweater remind you of your first self made knitwear? It does to me! I like it a lot. Would be great on that faux leather skirt!

I hope you enjoyed the wishlist and check Zaful’s global shopping festival!

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