Talking jewelry on a Fancy Friday.

This post is made in collaboration with Invaluable. I did not get paid and there was nothing gifted to me(sadly). But I love auctions and vintage jewelry.

Today I wanted to talk about how jewelry styles change with the seasons. Winter jewelry styles different a lot from jewelry you will wear in the summer. For the most part, winter jewelry is seen as more bold and a counterpoint to summer jewelry which is more relaxed. Winter jewelry is usually focused on making a statement, since most of the winter colors are darker. Summer jewelry, on the other hand, can be more form fitting and suggestively accentuating the outfit rather than standing


I got the ideas for this piece from this article by Invaluable called Jewelry Styles for Winter. They have some ideas I agree with but I definitely have some of my own. Invaluable sells vintage jewelry pieces so definitely check them out even just to browse. They have some cool stuff. Take a look at the brooches! I am a big fan of brooches lately and they offer some great ones ( lovely ones with dogs and cats) starting fron $1!jewelry

One thing I agree with Invaluable about is that using cocktail rings to bring color and flair to a dreary winter outfit can be a great option. If you’re wearing grey and black for the most part, that beautiful gemstone will really stand out and attract attention. It’s not an everyday piece though, save it for special

I personally like the look of matching diamonds to an all white outfit. It’s a very sleek and elegant look, and the diamonds simply blend better into a white outfit than black. The black fur with diamonds look is so 1950s. Another tip I have is matching jewelry to accent pieces in the outfit. So if you’re wearing a gold scarf, it might be the time to wear that gold ring. The two will stand out well with grey, black, or navy tones in the rest of the outfit. But you all know that I don’t wear much jewelry. But to save up for a unique ring and buying it on an auction is a great idea. Gerben likes watches. Expensive watches that is…. And he has a Omega  for years now. So also when you want to surprise your other half check this out!jewelry


So what do you do, readers? Let’s hear your favorite jewelry and outfit pairings in the comments!

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