My somewhat unsuccessful dark red dark blue outfit.

Yes, when I received these boots, I actually had a very nice outfit in mind. The same as this one but different! I will tell you later. And now you will think: but if this is not a successful outfit than why showing it? Well, because I am not a stylist, not a fashion designer, not a model. I will have to do with the skills I’ve got. So when I show an outfit that isn’t quite what I had in mind, so be it. We can learn from our misstakes and from each other isn’t that so? So have I learned this past year to adorn myself with more accesories. Ad a colored belt, a necklace, a ring or some other colored pieces. And the same goes for colors and prints. I never really wore prints, now I still don’t wear them that often, but I wont get it out of the way. While I am writing this, Teun is very loud snorring. It’s a bit annoying! Ah, dear old cat! I also use a lot more color and it’s just a little more enjoyable. Of course I still love all black, nothing as stylish as that!

So why is this dark red dark blue outfit unsuccessful?

Well firstly I forgot to wear the scarf that I now photographed seperately. I knew beforehand that the scarf would fit perfectly with the dress. And when I had put on this outfit I thought, I miss something! I tried on several belts, but did not like that. The boots I had worn once for the size…for a minute. I did five steps when I had put on this outfit and…..the zipper broke! F.ck! Sorry, but I had so many nice outfits in mind with these boots and cardigan. Nevertheless we took the pictures, you can see it’s broken now you know it. And afterwards I threw them in the container! And ofcourse when I changed clothes later, I remembered the scarf. Well well well, what a succes. So forgive me for this not so succesful outfit, it’s also a part of life, but I hope you will in any case love the colors! What I was pointing is snow. Snow in the Netherlands! Later we got a lot more! (As you saw last week)Lol.dark red long cardigan in dark red dark blueme in dark red dark blue outfitpearl bracelet in dark red dark bluepearl necklace in dark red dark bluepearl earrings in dark red dark blueshort dress in dark red dark bluene from the back in dark red dark blueboots with block heel in dark red dark bluebroken boots in dark red dark blue

Dress: mine is old, simular here*

Cardigan: simular here*

Boots: you don’t want to know

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