I didn’t have a velvet pleated skirt yet!

This is my fourth pleated skirt! But my first velvet one. As you probably have noticed, velvet is everywhere. I never loved it. I never even liked it. I always saw it as a dusty, old fashioned fabric. But when I was asked to choose something from Dresslily, I knew I wanted a new pleated skirt. And I wanted a metallic pleated skirt since last winter. So when I choose this one I didn’t even read were the skirt was made of and I thought it would be a polyester kind of material, and a bit metallic. When the parcel arrived I then saw that it was a velvet skirt. And even more to my surprise I thought it looked pretty cool!

*This is a sponsored post but I only show items that are ,,me,, and the words are always my own. You would not expect less from me.

Are we all used to the colder weather yet? Wearing socks, thights and leggings again? Sweaters and cardigans out of the closet? I hate the colder weather. I walk with bare legs as long as possible, with socks and boots that is. My bare foot days are over now. I so often think: brrrr, I wished I had put on some thights, but I hate those too! I always pull them as high as possible, which results in a ridiculous big belly. Gerben always says: just wear some stay-ups. Yeah, men! As if they are comfortable. But that’s probably not the intention either….

My outfit of the day

I also choose this cable sweater. I know now, with help from The Bad Buy Book series, that I should not wear off-white near my face. But white is good! And I love white and grey together. I am also looking for more v-neck sweaters. I find that much better than a round neck. And it allows this sweater to wear a blouse underneath. Sometimes I like that too. For today’s outfit I am wearing grey ankle boots with the skirt and for accesories I choose very pale pink earrings and a pearl brooche with a pearl bracelet. I know I will be wearing this velvet pleated skirt a lot this season!velvet pleated skirtvelvet pleated skirtvelvet pleated skirtvelvet pleated skirtvelvet pleated skirtvelvet pleated skirtvelvet pleated skirtvelvet pleated skirt

Skirt: Dresslily

Sweater: Dresslily

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How to look preppy with fishnet tights

When I was in my adolescence fishnet tights were especially popular with punks, torn of course. In the eighties it was much worn with the secretary look, think pencilskirt and matching blazer. I’ve done both! Except for the torn part. I hadn’t worn fishnet tights for years, actually because when I wear tights it must be cold. I will stay bare legged as long as possible. And I don’t always want to wear two tights. I have done here. Normally I don’t wear tights under trousers, but I could not find fishnet knee socks. I already had a hard time finding these.

As I have said here, I love this lenght trousers. This black one I wear preferably with a tight black turtleneck sweater and ankle boots. Very simple, and in my opinion quite stylish. A few weeks ago, when we took these photos, it was so terribly cold that I wanted to wear a lot of layers. A basic shirt, this blouse and a V-neck sweater. The snakeprint bracelet is a gift to myself from Ibiza, from years ago. I love a bit edgy ness with a preppy look! I don’t often wear pants, but when I do I like it this way!


me in fishnet tights

how to wear fishnet tightssnakeprint bracelet with fishnet tightscropped pants and fishnet tightsblouse and fishnet tightspumps and fishnet tightsclutch and fishnet tightspreppy look with fishnet tights

Trousers: here

Blouse: here*

Shoes: here

Sweater: here

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Today I present you a guest post from Hottie+Lord.

Hottie+Lord represents a fearless and powerfull style. No fast fashion but high quality. Read and enjoy this guest post by Hottie+Lord! I was not compensated for this post, I just love this style!

Statement Dresses For The Lord In You!

Searching for style inspiration over the web, it’s easy to fall prey to the spiders of Insta, Pinterest and Snap. When you finally look up from your phone, you’re brought to reality and you realise you’ve no idea what to wear.
Well fear no more, we’ve got this handled for you.
Here’s what you can wear to rise high when you’re too low to decide. Because we know, that even on your worst days, you’re killing it!

Printed Bomber Harmonized with a Jumpsuit

An ultra-feminine style with classic staples, with a quirky twist. This is our go-to for a dreamy office look or sunday brunches. These dazzling prints are epitome of sleek, scandalacious style perfection!
To own the world with your style, all you have to do is put on this trend-savvy jumpsuit and harmonize it with a matching bomber jacket. This Jumpsuit boasts a plunge neckline and seductive straps to enhance your femininity and the bomber jacket is so lavish, it will leave the fashion-nazis drooling over your style. With gems and crystals carefully embellished around the neck, this bomber jacket is the next-big-thing. Own this style and be the Goddess, you already are! You can look for some stylish and designer jumpsuits online.

jumpsuit in guest post

Classic Bomber Compliments Printed Skirts & Blouses

This look is sure to spin some heads as you walk down the streets in style. With subtle edges that are true statement-makers, this outfit will add elegance to your appearance as you head for a lunch date. You can pair up a bow-tie blouse with a flared skirt and a classic bomber jacket for women to enhance the prints beneath and look absolutely stunning. This attire flaunts a bow-tie high neckline and has elegant edges to enhance your femininity and the bomber jacket is so classy, it will surely catch some eyes. With floral prints and a lavish neckline, this outfit is the drool-worthy thing, your closet lacks. Make it yours and shine in elegance!bomber in guest post

Fulfill Your Velvet Cravings With A Tux

This look will empower the free woman spirit that you preserve. With loud edges that are sure to speak volumes about your existence, this velvet tux will add more power to your personality as you head to rock your office life. All you have to do is team up a scallop lace blouse with a pair of slim pants and a fitted velvet blazer to breathe the leader in you to life. The lace blouse flaunts a scalloped neckline and the velvet pants & blazer add a spark of royalty to the look. With rich fabrics like lace and velvet, this outfit gives you all the reasons to tell them who the boss is!velvet suit in guest post

Be The Queen At Work

Walk to work in style with a crisp white silk shirt paired up with high waisted straight legged pants. The pussy bow tie compliments the attire very well and is sure to suit your style. This outfit is great for a bossy day at work. Team it up with a pair of heels to complete the look and look fiercely independent all through the day. The silky appeal of the blouse gives it a lavish appeal and the straight-legged pants are tailored to give you the perfect seamless fit. With this rebellious outfit, you’ll not only look like a queen but feel like one too!bow blouse in guest post

These outfits are true statement makers and will give serious closet goals to every eye that takes a look. Wear them. Flaunt them. Live them. Keep your head high and walk with confidence as you make every watch worth its while. Don’t forget to hunt the breadth of the Internet of some of the coolest and designer women’s clothes.

Thank you Hottie+Lord fir this guest post! I now need a bomberjacket! Lol. I hope you all liked to read this post!

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Today I show you how to wear white.

To not make a style blunder, the so called faux pas, you shouldn’t wear white( or a shade of) after it gets below ten degrees or something like that. But these days you can’t make a style blunder anymore because everything goes. It might not be convenient to wear white when it rains and everything is wet and muddy, and you have to bring your kids from and to school by bike, walking the dog and run some errands. But otherwise it is a good color to wear.

How I came to wear white.

I almost never wear white. I own one white summer dress and I only wear it when it’s really hot outside. And I bought this crochet dress a while ago, but it’s not really white, a bit more off-white. This outfit is also a bit off-white. So, how did I came to wear white? It began with the joggers. I do not wear pants that often and when I do it has to fit perfectly and I don’t want to”feel” them. When you wear dresses and skirts all the time you get used to the fact that you hardly ever ”feel” your clothes. Or it has to fit so tight that you can barely breath, but I feel that often enough, I don’t need my clothes doing that for me. Lol. So, when I tried these pants I thought: Oh yes, they are so soft! Almost all the pants I have are a bit boyish, boyfriend jeans, badass pants and joggers. Here is another jogger outfit. But back to my new joggers. This one I actually have to wear a bit mor baggy then I did on the pictures. And next time I wear them, I wont wear a longer blouse on them. I think only the sweater is better but I thought the sweater would be a bit to short, but it wasn’t.[bctt tweet=”Would you wear white ton sur ton?” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

I almost never wear more then two colors in one outfit and for this one I thought it would be nice to wear ton sur ton, all in one color. I love cable knit sweaters. In last weeks post I told you I needed some warm sweaters because I didn’t have any. I can hear you all say now: see that you have sweaters! Yeah yeah, just one! I wear a large white bracelet and my dreamcatcher earrings. So, did I wear white the right way?

Sweater: simular here

Jogger: here

Ankle boots: nice ones here

In three weeks the Styled By……… series starts off! I am so exited! I’ve already received great posts, but I would love to get more beautiful style stories. So please take a look at the Styled By…….. page to see if you want to join!

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Have a great day everyone!