Styled by……….

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style?

Every first Tuesday of the month you will  find a post here with someone who tells about her or his style.  Do you also have a story to tell, please contact me via email.

This month tells Greetje about her style!

Styled by………Greetje

My style has changed the most since I started blogging 4 years ago.

My love for adorning myself from head to toe started early. Everything from earrings to shoes, from dresses to jeans, can count on my undivided attention since childhood. Even when I was 12 years old, staying with my aunt Nel for a short holiday, I loved clothes. Must have, as my aunt asked my mother: “What is the matter with that girl? She changes clothes three times a day!”

My parents didn’t have much money so growing up my wardrobe was small. Perhaps that is the reason for my regularly (over) spending on clothes and such? Or perhaps it is just me. Don’t know.

Now that I am 62, having worked full time my whole life, I have a comfortable salary and I can indulge in my hobby. Any purchase mistakes or stuff that I am bored with, is for my friends. I never sell anything as I am afraid I might be jinxed (“You have so much and instead of sharing your wealth you want more money? Thunder and lightning!!” – that kind of thing.)

Let me show you a few photos of the past 4 years to demonstrate the change in my style.

This was my New Year’s outfit in 2012. Beautiful stuff but not very adventurous.

Style by.....


November 2012.

Right… I could have done so much better. I just liked those shiny colours and the silk so much.Styled by.....


April 2013

Moving on. Getting a bit more adventurous. But not much. Discovering skinny jeans… Yes, my hair was still brown back then.Styled by.....

April 2013

This Acne tunic was out of my comfort zone: big and boxy, but I still love it.

Styled by......

February 2015

One of my favourite outfits: jeans (I love skinny jeans) with a surprise element (golden boots) and a classic jacket for a nice juxtaposition.

Styled by......


February 2015

For a long time I had embraced the skinnies and avoided the skirts and dresses. As I had no idea how to style dresses in a contemporary way. One of my friends pointed this out and I tried harder. This is my first attempt.Styled by......

June 2015.

A dress which I would never have tried before as I would have been too scared about showing stomach etc etc. Surprise! It looked good on me.

Styled by.......

October 2015

Flared jeans on an inverted triangle figure… difficult. I thought. But with a fitted jacket I could balance my broad shoulders and hide my small hips and bum.Styled by....

February 2016.

Getting bolder all the time. This jeans dress can be worn with my golden flat boots and a studded belt. Or with these faux leather leggings and high heels.

Styled by......

June 2016.

Boyfriend jeans. No defined waist. Looking like Charlie Chaplin my husband said. And yet… I think it is fun (he liked it too surprisingly).

Styled by......

September 2016

This tunic/dress was in my wardrobe for many years. Never really knew how to style it as it was too short to wear as a dress. Pencil skirt underneath it, belt to bookend the skirt and bingo.

Styled by.....

November 2016.

A lavender dress with bold print tights and short boots. That is where I am today.

Styled by.....

Thank you very much Greetje for this wonderful fashion show! Hasn’t she got some killer legs!

You can find Greetjes blog here: No Fear of Fashion


First of all I want to wish all my readers a fantastic 2017 with lots of fun and hapiness!

Styled by……….

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style?

Every first Tuesday of the month you will  find a post here with someone who tells about her or his style.  Do you also have a story to tell, check the Styled By………page in the menu or please contact me via email.

This month tells Debbie about her style!

Styled by……..Debbie!

How Do I Define My Style?

I’m honored today to be guest posting for the “Styled By” series offered by Nancy of nancysfashionstyle blog. When I received the word about her series, which focuses on women’s unique styles of dressing, I just knew I had to join in! Many thanks for her kindness in allowing me!

I think if I were to choose one word that defines my sense of style, the word would be “eclectic.”  I enjoy wearing all types of clothing from blue jeans and leggings to skirts and dresses to formal gowns. I enjoy deriving my style from a broad range of sources.

My sense of style began early in life when as a three year old, I would clomp about the house wearing my mother’s high heeled shoes. I loved playing dress up!

In my twenties and thirties, my style was much more formal with business like dresses and suits. Although I still enjoy this look and occasionally still wear this style, my tastes have changed somewhat as I have aged.


I can now be seen sporting flowing scarf tops with brighter colors that reflect a more confident personality as I enjoy being a festive fifty something.

As an eclectic dresser, I enjoy comfortable clothing, colors that I love and feel beautiful wearing….

And adding a great pair of shoes and a little bling never hurts! Even in my eclectic style I am truly a “little bit of this and that!”

Until Next Time,

Debbie of

Please head on over to nancysfashionstyle and click on the “Styled By” button to read my guest post and then enjoy all of her wonderful blog!

Visit my blog at


Debbie, thank you so much for your contribution to the Styled By…….series. It’s great to have a whole variety of styles. So you look surprising every time!

This is where I link up!

Enjoy your day!


Styled By……….Jonathan!

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style?

Every first Tuesday of the month you will  find a post here with someone who tells about her or his style.  Do you also have a story to tell, check the Styled By………page in the menu or please contact me via email.

Today is the premiere of this series and we start off with a surprising style! Enjoy reading .

Styled By………

Hi Everyone,

First off let me start by saying my name is Jonathan and I have a blog called The Hosiery Spot which I featuring reviews on tights, interviews, etc. as I hope to one day sell tights as I really have a passion for them.

My current style is very unique as I don’t like being bound by what other people believe I should wear just because I am a guy, I like to wear what I want and what makes me happy.  Now, I wear tights all the time and don’t like to have my bare legs exposed.  With the tights I will wear shorts, sneakers, sometimes even a skirt and heels.  I like to blend masculine and feminine items into my outfits which seems to fit me well.  The way I got into this style was through my fascination with tights as I always loved how nice they made the legs look, all the colors, patterns, shiny, sheer, etc.  I just had never tried them for myself and decided to go and buy some nice ones one Saturday, and I was amazed at how nice they were and continued to explore and go for more european brands and found a site online with an amazing selection of european tights and it really took off. It was during this early phase that I was hesitant to wear as I was afraid what others would think if they knew I was wearing tights, thing is I only wore underneath my jeans.  I certainly did not wear as often as I do now.  I typically would only buy plain tights, skintone shades or colors. I continued this for a while and was satisfied, until I found some by Emilio Cavallini which are made for men and women which have barbed wire, and the other ones with skulls on them.  I knew these would be great for me to try and I did wear them, with shorts.  I was still hesitant but every time, I slowly builded up my confidence and started by more patterns after this point.  Soon enough, wearing tights felt normal for me, like second nature and just made me feel good and like this is who I am.  I thought of ways to explore and experiment with my style of wearing tights and thought heels might be nice, even a skirt might be nice.  I have slowly but surely added things like a few skirts into my wardrobe and a few pairs of heels.  I have been wearing tights for about 5 years and have been openly wearing them for 2.5 years now which has been so liberating for me and makes me so happy to dress how I want.  Now, when I want to dress nice, I can wear a nice pair of tights, depending on the time of the year will dictate whether they are patterned or not.  Normally in the summer, I will wear ones made for the summer which also happen to have a nice shine which I love!  In the Winter, I will wear more patterns and ones that are thicker, and love bright colors and fun patterns.  With the nice pair of tights, I can now wear a nice pair of heels which I think really goes well with tights and even a nice skirt to complete the look.  My style reflects my personality in that I have always been a person whom does not follow everyone else and likes to do my own thing and what better way than to wear tights, heels, skirt, even shorts and tights, and just kind of come up with my own style for me!

Thanks Jonathan for telling us your story. If I ever need some advice on tights I know where to be! And lots of succes with setting up your own sales point!

Enjoy your week everyone!



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Maxi tie dye dress disaster!

I do laugh at these pictures but it is a fake one! I’ll explain. All week the weather here has been wonderful, the sun shines all day and it’s very hot. For today’s post, I had this dress in mind because it is a real summer look. I had also in mind to make the pictures in the evening because the sun always shines so beautifully over the garden. So last night after diner we found out that the dishwasher was broken (after only two years) full with dirty dishes. Gerben checked everything but he also had an appointment so eventually we had very little time for the photos. Did I mention we host a bbq for friends on Sunday! Lots of dishes to wash by hand! We went outside and guess what….. it suddenly became cloudy. No sun to be seen! Well my mood dropped to freezing.

This really is not a nice outfit!

At first I thought the sun hat would be nice, but I actually look like a witch. I had no color to style the dress so I opted for black, but because there was no sun it just made sober. And under a dress like this, I only like to wear flip flops and not sandals. The scarf I thought to use  as something to cover up my arms, but looked rediculous. So this is my stupidest, ugliest post ever! And as a consolation I NEED very much linkups! Hahahaha, enjoy the weekend, I’m going to!

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