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A new year of monthly fun starting with something new to show! As a theme I mean! Because a lot of women bought or were gifted something new. Of course it also can be something thrifted, because it will be new for you.

Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge and myself started this series after we had hosted The Bad Buy Book for a year. Now we are ready for a new challenge! Every 15th of the month we show our Good Buy or Good-Bye item. And we want you to join!

What is The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book about?

It is a collage of outfits! You can choose yourself whether you want to show a Good Buy (which is an item you are really exited about) or a Good-Bye ( which is an item you are going to say good bye to). We will keep buying a Bad Buy from now and then, you know, it was so cheap, you were in a hurry and really wanted(needed) to buy something etc.

But of course we also have those purchases that can make us so very happy. A piece of clothing that you have had for years and that you also wear a lot. Or something you bought on a holiday, and every time you wear it you get that holiday feeling back. Every month you can choose which item you want to send in. A Good Buy or a Good-Bye. We will provide a theme for each month!

So let’s start with The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book: Something new to show!

First my dear blogging friend and co-host Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

something new to show


I just got these amazing sparkly combat boots for Christmas and I love everything about them. They are so comfortable and the lug sole is perfect for our crazy snowy winters.


Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style

knit sweater from Zara


I was totally influenced by another influencer on Instagram to buy this sweater from Zara. I rarely pay full price for anything from the big stores, but I splurged for my birthday last month and this was the first time I wore it.

Laura of I do DeClaire

leather legging look
This burgundy sweater is super soft and I love the glam backless element to it so it was a good buy! I can’t wait to wear it on a date night!
Valerie of Maple Leopard
something new to show
This fabulous Red Teddy Coat was a GOOD BUY: a versatile outerwear piece for the winter season. Pair it with faux leather leggings and a leopard top for a chic Valentine look.
Sheila of Ephemera
plaid dress

While I’ve been shopping my closet a lot more this past year than ever, I still love finding a good bargain – and it’s even better when it’s a plaid bargain!

I saw this plaid dress a few months ago while I was at the local designer consignment shop and tried it on. Meh. Not worth $38.00 for Zara, but when I popped in last week it was marked all the way down to $11.40!


Michelle of My Bijou Life

something new to show

Here is my new item – the hat. Now that I’ve moved to where it actually gets cold in the winter, I am trying to get used to wearing hats. This one was the first I added to my wardrobe, and am quite pleased with it.
plaid trousers
My new teal suede smoking flats from Nine West have been in heavy rotation this fall and winter.  They have a sleek silhouette that I like and are a nice teal color that plays well with both bluer and greener teal outfits.

And here is my new item

something new to show

A trouser suit! A purple one! I love this, bought in sale at Zara and it is definitely a Good Buy! I will show you more of this suit soon on the blog.

February’s theme will be: Winter layering!

And now hop over to Shelbee’s blog to see what the other fashion bloggers are wearing!

Send your photo with a few sentences if it is a Good Buy or a Good-Bye and we will put you in the spotlights! Send it please before the 10th of each month to or to

By joining The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book, you agree to receive a monthly reminder email for next month!


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  1. 15th January 2022 / 18:22

    That purple suit you got is gorgeous on you! I can’t wait to see more of it on you!

  2. 15th January 2022 / 18:22

    Hi Nancy

    Loving all the fabulous looks here ..good buys and good byes! Ha that was a great style prompt to choose!

    Thanks for featuring my look! You look amazing in that purple suit!


    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      Thank you very much! We loved to have you featured and hop you like to join us again next month!

  3. 15th January 2022 / 18:22

    There are so many gorgeous new things featured this month! I love Jodie’s Zara sweater, Sheila’s plaid dress, and Michelle’s adorable hat! And your purple trouser suit is simply amazing!


    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      Thanks! Yes a lot of great new items!

    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      Thanks! Hope you like to join us some day!

  4. 15th January 2022 / 18:22

    Nice new looks, I love the suit Nancy. I need to get myself into gear and get involved with your series. Have a super weekend. Jacqui x

    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      Yes you do Jacqui! Lol!

  5. jodie filogomo
    15th January 2022 / 18:22

    We both had Zara on our minds. And I just ADORE your suit. I would buy it in a second Nancy,

    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      It is a great one isn’t it! Bought on sale!

  6. 15th January 2022 / 18:22

    Although I did buy something new new (as opposed to thrifted new), unfortunately it slipped my mind to take photos and participate. Lots of lovely new buys here, but my favourite is definitely your purple suit, which is absolutely fabulous.
    I’ll have a think about February’s theme in the meantime! xxx

    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      Isn’t it! I love that suit. Layering is something you do so it’s a easy one!

  7. 15th January 2022 / 18:22

    What a great collection of looks. That purple suit is fabulous.

    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      Thanks Hilda!

    • nancy
      16th January 2022 / 18:22

      It is fun indeed! Thanks for joining!

  8. 18th January 2022 / 18:22

    I saw this post and thought, “Aw, I forgot to participate”…and then there I was! I totally forgot that I’d even sent in pictures, ha ha!

    LOVE your purple suit, Nancy!

    • nancy
      18th January 2022 / 18:22

      Haha, brainfog Sheila! I stood in my kitchen today and thought: I need to take my mask to the gym, I walked 10 metres to my closet and forgot my mask….

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