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Last week, after showing a black outfit for weeks, I promised you to wear a colorful look! Because I know a lot of you don’t like black, you like colors! Tada! What do you think of this pink linen skirt? Lovely isn’t it? And as much as I love black, I can get thrilled about colors and especially the colors of this skirt!

Pink linen skirt

pink linen skirt

Normally I never wear linen, because I hate that it wrinkles. But the colors and pattern were to beautiful not to buy. And I have to be honest, linen actually wears quite nicely. But I don’t have to tell you that, you’ve known that for a long time. I wear it with white, nice and fresh and summery. 

We have a very weird summer btw. One week it’s sweltering hot, the next week it’s just another 8/9 degree colder. Little sun too, lots of clouds. And then it might be nice in terms of temperature, it just doesn’t feel summery. I would like 26 degrees and a clear blue sky please, is that possible?

Pink, red and purple, delicious color combination

linen skirt and slippers

This pink linen skirt is just made to wear with slippers, don’t you think? Slippers and a white tee. But not just any tee. One with great puff sleeves. Oh how I love these kind of sleeves! It gives an outfit just that little bit more umph. I wear my beloved bracelet with it. I bought it in Canterbury when I was in England for the first time with Gerben. That must have been 20 years ago.  Beautiful memories. 

Further I am wearing pink tassel earrings and two pink rings. Although I have to say that I don’t wear a lot of rings in the summer. Pink and red is the best color combination in my eyes. And then to think that it once was, like when I was 10 or so, not done to wear those colors together! Whoever made that up!

Do you wear a lot of linen in the summer?

pink linen skirt and white tee with puff sleeves

white slippers under a pink skirtpink purple red and white outfit

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  1. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    YOU wear black so well but I have never liked it much on me. Especially when I wear color better. I absolutely LOVE this outfit. The print of that skirt, those colors. And it is perfect with that sweet white blouse. My favorite pic is where you are leaning back against the rocks on the steps. You look gorgeous.

  2. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    That is such a beautiful skirt on you! I love the pink and red together and the white top is a great pairing with it as well 🙂

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope you are having a good week and you get some warmer weather soon!

  3. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    What a fabulous skirt! I love the colors and print! Thank you for the linkup!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  4. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    I am in love with that skirt Nancy – the color, the pattern, and it’s linen! I’m with you, don’t love wrinkles in linen but I do love the fabric itself. The white puff sleeved tee is a great way to top it off.
    Thanks for the feature – I surely appreciate it!

  5. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    Yes, I love linen for the summer season so much! It is my favorite fabric! I think that the print of your skirt hides all the wrinkles, plus I believe that linen fabric looks gorgeous even when wrinkled. this skirt is is made for you! Love it very much!


  6. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    I enjoyed this set of pictures, Playful and happy even if your summer hasn’t cooperated in giving you sun and blue skies! I am starting to feel the call for some neutral outfits myself, I am not tired of color but I am wanting a change.

  7. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    Nancy, I think you know I LOVE this skirt, and your pink/red accessories are amazing. I have been wearing these colours together since I was a teenager – I love how they complement each other. I have come around on linen – I used to hate it, but now I like it. Your white top is perfect – the sleeves make it special. I’d wear this entire look!

    Thanks so much for the link-up – Vizzini demanded I include him in at least one!

  8. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    I adore this outfit on you, Nancy! Perfect for summer. I haven’t yet braved linen yet. I dislike it for all the reasons you mentioned. But you are making me think I should consider it.


  9. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    Your skirt definitely has that wow factor! Love the bold print and colors, they are so fun and cheerful. Your accessories are perfect for summer, too. Thanks for sharing, and hope you have a great weekend!

  10. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    We’re sharing that weird Summer, Nancy, and although 25°C is about my limit, I’ll settle for one degree more just to please you 🙂 With blue skies obviously! That skirt is absolutely fabulous, Nancy, I’m loving the colours and pattern so much! I’d buy it too even if it is linen, which I’m not a fan of either. Love it worn with the simple white top, and how divine our those earrings! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Nancy! xxx

  11. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    Skirt of my DREAMS!!! How gorgeous is this piece?! Yu look fantabulous my friend- the colours, the pattern, the fit- everything!! xx

  12. 9th July 2021 / 18:22

    I agree, Nancy, that pink and red is the best color combo! And that skirt is a GREAT example. Yes, white tee and sandals is all that’s needed. SO cute! We had our usual coastal cool June and we were complaining and complaining. But we figured we should be thankful with all the terrible heat inland and in Northern California. We are just never happy, are we? Lol! It’s warming up now to a perfect 75F! Have a wonderful weekend with lots of sun!

    xx Darlene

  13. 10th July 2021 / 18:22

    This skirt is a beautiful addition to your closet, Nancy! I love the pink and the retro vibes, and it looks so good with your white top. I’m with you on perfect summer weather being around 26-27 and sunny/clear skies, I wish we could have that for three months straight. =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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  14. 10th July 2021 / 18:22

    Nancy you are radiant in that gorgeous skirt! I love the bright colors!

  15. 10th July 2021 / 18:22

    Lovely skirt and the top is also spectacular with those sleeves! I have avoided linen for years because I can’t stand the creasing, but I recently bought a linen top, and hooray, it doesn’t crease!

  16. 10th July 2021 / 18:22

    Nancy, I absolutely adore this skirt! The colors and the print are just so fun! I am wearing pink and purple tie dye on the blog today. I need to create more pink and red outfits though because it really is a fun combination. You look stunning as always, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend.


  17. 12th July 2021 / 18:22

    This linen skirt looks perfect for summer and I love how you styled it with a white puff sleeved top. Great look!

    • nancy
      13th July 2021 / 18:22

      Thank you very much!

  18. 13th July 2021 / 18:22

    That skirt is so much fun, and I’m really loving the sleeves on your top! Hoping your weather stays more consistent—ours has been up and down too, and so windy!
    Cheryl Shops |

    • nancy
      13th July 2021 / 18:22

      Yes the same here, not really summer weather. Thanks Cheryl!

    • nancy
      19th July 2021 / 18:22

      Thanks Jess, I am in love with this skirt!

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