How to Achieve the California Girl Beach Look

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Summer is the most relaxing and carefree time of the year, when we finally get to unwind and take a break from our hectic lives. For that reason, most of us want that same effortlessness to reflect in our fashion sense as well. Where better to look than the casual yet chic California girl style? Whether you’re going on holiday or you just want to look more nonchalant and relaxed every day this summer, here’s how you can achieve that effortlessly gorgeous Cali girl beach look!

*This post is written by Claire. She writes on a regular base for my blog with lovely informative posts!

Mix up your swimwear pieces

California girl

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Swimwear is a quintessential aspect of summer and relaxing days spent lounging on the beach. However, that doesn’t mean you have to waste a lot of money on new bikinis every week in order to have a different beach look each time you hit the shore. Just do what fashionable Cali girls do instead. Make most of those two-piece swimsuits that are already in your closet by mixing and matching different bikini pieces to create a new look – such as combining a solid bottom with a printed top piece. For an extra chic moment, switch your usual beach cover-ups for an oversized shirt or a floral kimono, and achieve the ultimate California vibe.

Embrace the boho chic vibe
California girl

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash


Even though the carefree boho style is mostly associated with Coachella, California girls love incorporating this relaxed look into their everyday outfits as well. Especially when it comes to casual beach style. So, if you want to achieve that classic Cali beach look, aim for a looser, freer and more breathable vibe. Opt for ripped denim shorts, flowy cotton blouses, crochet crop tops, and linen wide-leg trousers. Accessorize your fashionable beach outfits with a pair of nude oversized sunglasses and a wide-brimmed wicker hat. Don’t forget the most important California beach girl staple of all – a pair of brown leather gladiator sandals.

Go for a voluminous hairstyle

As California is all about looking effortless and relaxed, gorgeous beach waves seem to be the most popular California girl hairstyle. However, they’re nothing without long, thick and voluminous hair that gives more depth and dimension to chic flowing hairstyles. So, if you aren’t blessed with naturally long and luscious hair, a great idea would be to invest in quality hair extensions that will give you the length and fullness you need. Don’t be afraid to experiment with curling irons and salt sprays as well. It can help you create that messy and wavy effect, in case you have a straighter hair texture.

Keep your makeup minimal

Women in California tend to be more on the natural and organic side. They are putting an emphasis on youth and their inherent beauty. For that reason, a full face of heavy makeup can rarely be seen on Cali girls. Instead, they opt for very minimal, barely-there makeup looks they could wear every day, even at the beach. This means that they swap out a heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer, or skip a base altogether. They just use a concealer to cover up any imperfections. Cali girls use a warm bronzer, instead of a contour, for that sun-kissed look, as well as a shimmery highlighter for a beautiful glow. With a touch of mascara and a nude lip gloss, the ideal California girl makeup look is complete.

Construct a good skincare routine
California girl

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Minimal makeup can never look good without clear and glowing skin. Not to mention the negative impact of constant sun exposure on the health and the beauty of your skin. That is exactly why California girls think skincare is absolutely essential. And why they always treat their skin kindly, and ensure it looks its best. If you want to construct a good skincare routine as well, make sure to thoroughly remove your makeup every day. Use a gentle cleanser each morning and night to get rid of any dirt and built-up sebum. Opt for a balancing toner, and apply a nourishing, hydrating moisturizer twice a day for a flawless complexion. Of course, don’t forget to apply an SPF 30+ sunscreen every time you head outside, to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. California girls wear sunscreen in winter as well.

With just a few style changes, and a couple of extra steps in your beauty routine, you too can look as effortlessly beautiful and chic as a California girl next time you visit the beach.

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    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22

      It does!

    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22

      It is lovely!

  1. 9th July 2020 / 18:22

    These are great tips! Love a laid back california girl vibe!
    ~Melissa xx

    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22

      Thanks Melissa!

    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22

      My pleasure!

    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22


  2. 9th July 2020 / 18:22

    you are talking my part of the world!!!! didn’t know california beach girl was a thing ; )
    xo eva

    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22

      Well it is here and always has been!

  3. 9th July 2020 / 18:22

    I’m as far away from a California beach girl as you can get, but keeping makeup minimal and establishing a good skincare routine is sensible advice even if your Summer is spent in your garden! xxx

    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22

      Haha, I totally agree. On the skincare routine! Well on the Cali girl thing too, lol!

  4. jodie filogomo
    9th July 2020 / 18:22

    I keep wanting to mix up my swim wear this way. Now that I’ve started wearing two pieces again, I’m going to try it.

    • nancy
      10th July 2020 / 18:22

      You should! And create a Arizona girl look!

  5. 10th July 2020 / 18:22

    Lovely read. Reminded me of when I was living in SoCal. But not that much time for the beach just work work work. Haha. Bt whenever I return I turn into a full fledged denim babe. Soooo embarrassing :))) xo Sabina

    • nancy
      11th July 2020 / 18:22

      Hahaha, denim is embarrassing! Lol.

    • nancy
      13th July 2020 / 18:22

      Thanks Shelbee!

  6. 13th July 2020 / 18:22

    As a California girl myself I can say these tips are SPOT ON! Summer is supposed to be fun and relaxed and your style should be too! Great post! ?

    • nancy
      14th July 2020 / 18:22

      Thanks Jenna! I am sure Claire appreciates that!

  7. 14th July 2020 / 18:22

    Excellent points, Nancy! Given my pale skin, I’ve always been all about protecting my skin from sun damage. I learned early on that I don’t tan, I burn.

    Thank you for sharing with Creative Compulsions!

    • nancy
      15th July 2020 / 18:22

      Oh that is not good. I love to enjoy the sun.

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