5 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces For 2022


As we approach the end of 2021, we are already contemplating accesories choices for the year ahead of us. Will we be loving hats or scarves? Are we going to be hyping about sunglasses, jewelry, or bags the most? For now, we can tell you that jewelry will be the talk of the town. From rings to bracelets and nameplates on necklaces, 2022 will be all about the bling. Want to know more? Check out the 5 must-have jewelry pieces for the year ahead of us.

Zodiac jewelry pieces

Are you looking for a dainty piece of jewelry to add just a hint of sparkle to your classic outfit? From zodiac sign pendants to earrings and even rings, you will have plenty of choices to adorn your next statement ensemble. Whether you’re out for the gold, silver, or rose gold items, zodiac jewelry will be there in every metal, size, and style. Grab your zodiac today and show everyone how to be the next trendsetter. I choose mine a few months ago!

Rings are back in the game

Rings are the next on the list of must-have jewelry pieces for 2022. Large rings with statement stones will be one of the ring trends for the following year. Forget about plastic rings and focus on silver or gold with a set of stones sparkling to add glitz to your fashion combo. Don’t worry, the ring game doesn’t end there. If you’re not a fan of multiple colorful stones, you’ll go head over heels for signet rings. Gen Z brought the trend back, and it’s already bubbling up everywhere. Whether you want to wear it on a middle finger or your pinky, a signet ring will be a perfect addition to your accessory collection.

Bracelets galore

Bracelets are the one trend that never goes out of style. While the types of bracelets vary every year, you couldn’t imagine a season without something adorning your wrists. One of the biggest trends of 2022 will be cord bracelets made of stainless steel. Choose the color of the cord to match your unique style and add just enough detail to your outfit to make it look special. Cord bracelets can also be stacked and create an even bigger trademark. In addition, charm bracelets will keep cord bracelets company on the list of most popular bracelet types of 2022.

Necklaces with nameplates for jewelry pieces

Ever since we first saw Carrie in Sex and the City wearing a necklace with her name, the hype about such necklaces began. While it’s been 17 years since the show ended, (but the “sequel” premiered a few weeks ago) we’re still obsessed with nameplate necklaces, and it’s more than obvious that the trend will continue in 2022. Whether you go for the rope chain and a name pendant or a proper Carrie-like necklace, the jewelry trend will be spot-on. And when you’re tired of your delicate necklace, and you want to add more flashiness to the ensemble, reach out for chunky chain necklaces.

Statement earrings

Sometimes necklaces and bracelets are too much, but you still want to add some oomph to your fashion combo, and that’s where earrings step in. Namely, in 2022, you’ll have the chance to rock an array of statement earrings. I want them to be very light though. Oversized, over-sparkling, and over-colored, when it comes to earrings in 2022, everything will be over the top. The eye-catching designs will make you stand out from the crowd. From oversized pearly earrings to gold stacked coins, there will be stunning jewelry pieces everywhere next year.

Final thoughts

2022 will be the year of statement rings, nameplate necklaces, and an array of bracelets. Make sure you pick up your favorite trend and hit the streets with the best-assembled fashion combo. Whichever jewelry trend you choose, you’ll look like you’re ready to conquer the runway. I am already starting to wear lots of bracelets and rings! 

Infographic provided by Jewelry Display Manufacturer, Gems on Display

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  1. 22nd December 2021 / 18:22

    I love all of the jewelry trends!

    • nancy
      23rd December 2021 / 18:22


    • nancy
      23rd December 2021 / 18:22

      I love statement earrings too! Especially when they are light!

  2. 22nd December 2021 / 18:22

    These jewelleries are so cute!
    As a jewelry designer, I hope you can also enjoy my design one day ❤️

    Happy Holiday ? ? ?


    • nancy
      23rd December 2021 / 18:22

      I will take a look! Thanks!

    • nancy
      23rd December 2021 / 18:22

      Haha, are you a magpie Kathrine?

  3. 22nd December 2021 / 18:22

    Always lovely to see a bit of bling! I usually have no idea what the latest jewellery trends are, buying 99% of my cheap and cheerful jewellery second hand. xxx

    • nancy
      23rd December 2021 / 18:22

      And they are so much more unique! And colorful!

  4. Joanne
    22nd December 2021 / 18:22

    Oh I LOVE rings! Well I love all jewelry but I especially love rings.

    • nancy
      23rd December 2021 / 18:22

      Thanks Joanne!

  5. 23rd December 2021 / 18:22

    I love that statement rings are coming back! I have so many of them! I love the look of wearing a ring before your first knuckle. I’ve always worried it would fall off! How do they manage that…super glue? What fun we have to look forward to in 2022!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Nancy!


    • nancy
      23rd December 2021 / 18:22

      Thank you very much for your kind comment Marsha! Merry Christmas.

    • nancy
      27th December 2021 / 18:22

      Thanks Mireille!

  6. 16th September 2022 / 18:22

    It’s so inspiring to see such beautiful pieces of jewelry! There’s something so fun about statement earrings! They’re a stylish addition to any outfit!

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