Striped dress is the Pre Fall Trend 2017

And don’t we just love that! Here are some great inspiring photo’s of the upcoming trend. But not only stripes of course. We see, as each year, the tartan, the fur, the 70’s etc. I don’t know about you, but I always love the Fall collections. Not that I like that season, but I love the collections. What I do find surprising is that red is a trend this Fall too. And not a red skirt or red boots, no, a totall red look! But today I will stick to stripes.

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Striped dress

I actually wanted a white dress, I showed you a wishlist here, but since the weather is so bad I wondered if I’m going to wear a white dress this season. We had a lovely Spring but Summer is rainy and cloudy. So I decided to choose another dress that’s more suitable for Fall. You can find here more casual women dresses. I especially like the color combination of this dress. Extremely suitable for wearing with a long cardigan and boots in autumn. But today I want to show you the striped dress in a summery way. I also was aloud to pick some earrings and I am so very pleased with these. I wanted black tassel earrings for a while, choose these blue ones a while ago, but often the problem is that I know exactly what I want. And that’s never to be found. But these are perfect, also because they are very light, I hate it when earrings are to heavy, your earband will hang out so much.striped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dress

Dress: Zaful

Shoes: mine are very old, as a mather of fact I threw them away afther the shoot because the heel was loose, but I found very nice ones here

Earrings: Zaful

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My favorite of last week is: Deanne of It’s the Sound of Sunshinestriped dress

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Looking for see through leggings online

I want to introduce you today to the see through leggings, and transparant panty’s of Dresslily. I have worn to much 60 or 90 denier panty’s in recent years because it is oh so comfortable! And I actually don’t want to wear them anymore. I mean when I was in my twenties, and the winters were real cold, I drove on my bike for 20 minutes to go out for dancing….etc……in a dress and very nice sexy but also very thin panties. Now I take the car which does not require a thick legging or panty! And I could also use some better sportswear. I love to work out in a very oversized jogging pants, grey! I think it’s time for something better!

Here are my favorite transparant panties by dresslily

1.Sheer fishnet floral panty

2.Fishnet panty

3.Tights with garter belts (actually Gerben’s favorite)

Here are my favorite see through leggings by Dresslily

1.Sheer work out leggings

2.Mesh insert leggings

3.Mesh panel workout leggings

I hope you liked my wishlist and perhaps have inspired you to wear some sexy thights yourself!

Have agreat day!

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New green culottes and fabulous blue shoes

These are my third culottes. Even though I’ve given my first away real soon afther buying. I could not get used to these. So probably it was just the fit because when I bought another one I really did not regret it. This one I wore a lot! And when I attended a fashion show, a couple of weeks back, I bought this green culotte. A really beautiful color and the fabric is so soft and a bit silky. I am sure I’ll wear this one very often too. You can find some great styling tips for your culottes here. I also bought a few weeks back these gorgeous blue shoes! Shoes that I immediately fell in love with( yeah I know that happens to me often!)

Why am I wearing a sleeveless top?

At the fashionshow I also bought this top to go with the green culottes. I had previously said that I would not wear any sleeveless tops anymore  because I have very ugly arms, I forgot about this when I bought the top. I really thought this was very strange, that I have these ugly, old looking arms, because I work out a lot. I asked my physical therapist, with whom I also work out with, and asked him for other exercises for my arms. He said my arms were muscular but that the skin was very dry.

I always use this bodymilk for under the shower. In the morning I always use a cheap body lotion and when I go to sleep I use cool cream on my arms and legs. Well, Gerben always says that the shower cot is full with a grease emulsion of the bodylotion, so I probably rinse most of it away. The morning lotion is, like I said, cheap so probably not that effective. And the cool cream is very fat but was not meant for my dry skin. (a few years ago, I suddenly got red spots on my feet and legs. My GP sent me straight to the dermatologist, whose assistent was a total bitch, she was poised because she could not reach me by telephone. We then had just moved out of our house and our telephone was disconnected, however I had that morning mailed my mobile number to the dermatologist. I pointed that to her and then she saw my number on the screen. Now she was even more pissed! The dermatologist looked at my legs and feet and without touching them, he said: you have a pulmonary disease right? Then it must come from that. What? I responded that I would like him to look further then my lung disease. He then started searching on the net, I told him that I already had done that. And then he said: well, I have to look for it in my books at home. Yeah duh! What good will that do for me? I told him that I did not get the impresion that he would help me with this and walked away. What an asshole was that!) Where was I…So I went to the drugstore and bought a few tubes of better bodylotions and it seems to be working. So I hope to have better looking arms for the the rest of the summer then you see here. But they are muscular! Lol.

shoes and culottesfabulous over 50 culottesgreen culottesblue shoes and culottessandals and culottesfashion over 40 culottesfashionbloggers culottesoutfit and culottesfashion show culottesblue and green culottes

Culotte: here

Top: here

Shoes: here

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Styled by……….

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style?

Every first Tuesday of the month you will  find a post here with someone who tells about her or his style.  Do you also have a story to tell, please contact me via email.

This month tells Gail about her style!

Styled by…..Gail!

My style has been influenced by two things: my weight, and current trends. Even though I’m over 50 and terrified of looking like “mutton dressed as lamb” I still try to follow fashion through the accessories I use, whether it’s the latest shoe or the latest length for trousers and skirts.

As far as my weight is concerned, I was overweight for most of my 30s and early 40s, and didn’t like buying clothes as a result. Now I can wear clothes I didn’t try before and I enjoy experimenting. Like most of us, I’ve learnt over the years what styles suit my shape.

A couple of years ago I was frustrated because I could hardly find anything in the shops that summer which suited me. I like fitted dresses, skirts and trousers and I need to define my waist. Anything shapeless or too “boxy” looks awful on me. I don’t like to wear Superga-type shoes with skirts either because I have the affliction “cankles.”

I started the blog in 2012 and this was the first image I used. Not a very inspiring start.Styled by....

To make sure I’m fairly “on trend” I read Grazia magazine every week and make note of some of the trends I can happily follow. It could be the “in” shade of nail polish, or wearing several brooches together.

I have some surprising fashion influences. I don’t regard the Duchess of Cambridge as a fashion icon (she dresses like an over-50 when she’s only in her early 30s) but we have very similar cool colouring, so when she wore head-to-toe burgundy, it prompted me to buy a few burgundy pieces including this Ted Baker top.Styled by.....

I like the gamine look, as sported by Audrey Hepburn, and I’m forever buying tops and dresses with Peter Pan collars. I spend many a happy hour looking up “Peter Pan collar” on ASOS and Etsy!

This jumper from Boden, bought in 2013, has a jewelled collar and it’s still going strong. I like things with a bit of a sparkle so it’s rocking two of my favourites, a Peter Pan shaped collar and beads.Styled by.....

I have a bit of an obsession with shoes and boots, particularly anything metallic! This winter I had silver and gold ankle boots and I wore them with everything. I don’t like wearing high heels now so I look for flat and mid-heeled shoes that look trendy. Here I am in my gold boots, and my gold mules for summer 2017.Styled by.....

I don’t have such a big thing for bags, although I have quite a big collection of pretty jewelled evening bags (I’m hoping they will come into fashion!). I usually buy one bag each season.Styled by......

My advice to older women is to enjoy fashion by choosing the trends they like and adapting them. Also, keep your hair and makeup modern. It’s too easy to hang on to the hairstyle we had in our 20s, and wear the same makeup, which makes us look dated.

When I’m shopping for clothes, always online (can’t bear going into shops), I try to ignore the little voice in my head that tells me “you can’t wear that”. I’ve recently been ignoring the voice and I tried a few different things: fishnet tights, a lacy top, a circular hooped maxi skirt. Some things were ordered and then never saw the light of day. But others were tried, and didn’t look too bad.

Except maybe this skirt!Styled by......

Gail’s blog, Is This Mutton? can be found here

Thank you very much Gail for your interesting style story. How good of you that you explored what you like and what the trends are. And that you dare to try! Super!

So come on lady’s, write a beautiful style story like Gail!

Hope to see al lot of Style Story’s!



Outfit with a black jumpsuit!

I always find a jumpsuit a difficult garment. Why, do you wonder. It’a one piece, so get it on and you’re ready. There are all kinds of different types of shoes that will look good under a jumpsuit so what’s so hard about it? Well, first of all I have to go to the toilet quite often. I drink a lot of water during the day….and then a jumpsuit isn’t that convenient. And second, I don’t like all jumpsuits and they certainly don’t all like me! I don’t like the ones with a print, I only like them in a solid color( prefeably black), I want them calf lenght and they have to run tapered. Now a lot of jumpsuits in this season are wide. In itself very fun, but not for me. I had a jumpsuit years ago, navy blue with gold-colored buttons. It was a very nice one but it was long. I always tried to roll up the pipes but the fabric was a bit silky so it fell straight down again. That wasn’t a garment I wore a lot.

My perfect jumpsuit

As you can see this is my kind a jumpsuit! It meets all my requirements. And you can style this one in so many different styles. Boho, chique, casual, feminine, toyboyish. I styled it a bit classy. Actually it’s a super easy piece of clothing! Just do not drink to much water!fashion over 40 jumpsuitfashionable in jumpsuitfabulous over 50 in jumpsuitleopard shoes and jumpsuitfashionblogger in jumpsuitShein jumpsuitfashion over 50 jumpsuitfashionable jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Shein c/o

Shoes: old, but simular here

Jacket: mine is almost sold out, but simular here

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My favorite of last week is: Sheela of Sheela Writesjumpsuit

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But what is a gingham dress?

Back from a lovely week in the UK! Back on Wifi! Haha.

Yes, I can picture a Brigitte Bardot-like dress in black and white like here, although most of them are actually in red/white! But where does gingham come from, why is it called gingham? Of course everything we want to know can be found on Wikipedia. So now we know!

I really wanted a gingham print dress in black and white for years, but because these are often off shoulder, and I don’t think that looks good on me, I have never bought one. Until I wanted to try some dresses from overseas companies. And this one has straps on the shoulders, so I do not feel so naked in it. I’m glad I tried some overseas sites. It was worth it. I now have different dresses that I am very pleased with and they fit surprisingly good.

Styling my gingham dress with green

You almost never see me with a bag, a nice trendy one that is. I always have to carry the bag for my oxygen concentrator when I go out. If I ever, ever get a transplant and don’t need the extra oxygen anymore, the first thing I will do is by myself a designer bag! Btw, I’ve almost finished the post about my disease. I think it will be ready in two weeks. Back to the bag, isn’t the color amazing? And I think that gingham matches with green perfectly. Of course black and white match with any color. So, I wear green slippers, green earrings and a green bead chain worn as a bracelet from????? Yes, Brighton! Just like these ones! It is only a pitty that there are no loops for the belt on the dress. Now I have to check all the time if the strap is still in the right place, otherwise you see the elastic above it. Perfection is a thing….

outfit in gingham dressdresses gingham dressgreen bag gingham dressfashion over 50 gingham dresswomenswear gingham dressgreen and black/white gingham dresswomenslook gingham dressfabulous over 50 gingham dressgreen earrings gingham dress

Dress: mine is sold, nice one here

Sandals: here

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I hope you all have a great week!