How many blue dresses can a woman have!

Oh well, do I really have to answer that! And of course my collection black dresses is even bigger! Look, black dresses never really get bored……and you cannot have enough black dresses. Lol. But I tend to wear blue dresses just as often. And it’s not really my favorite color. I have very few tops and skirts in blue. But why dresses? Because when I was able to choose a dress from Shein, I fell for this one, with blue in it! Why is it that blue dresses never get bored? Well, and now you probably expected an answer and I do not have one for you! Maybe it’s just very personal. But, for example, with red and green I get bored very quickly. I am curious, have you got the same with blue? Let me know!

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So yet another blue dress

I choose the one I showed you here. I had already ordered a dress of the same design, this one, and liked it very much. I love the colors in this dress, brown and blue make a great combination for Fall clothing I think. This is actually a summer dress but I find it fantastic to wear with a long cardigan or jacket and boots. To accentuate the blue, I chose my blue jacket and blue boots. Simple blue earrings and a few wooden bracelets are all the accesories this dress needs.blue dressesblue dressesblue dressesblue dressesblue dressesblue dressesblue dressesblue dresses

Dress: Shein

Boots: here

Jacket: here

We are leaving for a short trip to the UK next week, and I decided to not publish a post next Thuesday. On Friday it is our monthly serie of The Bad Buy Book, so we meet each other then!

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Black bodycon dress with gold accesories!

I love a black bodycon dress and to wear it with gold accesories. I love black clothing since I was a child, and also wear gold or gold colored accesories as long as I can remember. It’s got something chic but also something tough! I like that combination.

I did not wear a black bodycon dress for a while now, because I felt that my body was changing and didn’t feel comfortable in a bodycon dress anymore. But when we went to a food truck festival, I found this the perfect dress! It is super stretchy, so my belly can grow in it! And you want that when you go visit a food truck festival. All that delicious food, oh my. Asian, mexican, icecoffee’s, crepe’s, pulled chicken, pizza, everything! I love that. But okay, back to the outfit. I also wanted to wear my black and gold combat boots. You know, something chic, something tough! And I wrote here about sleeveless tops. I decided that I just WANT to wear whatever I like! Lol.

Sunglasses with gold and black

I was alowed to choose a pair of sunny’s from All Cheap Sunglasses. This site sells, like as if you could not guess it yourself, cheap sunglasses. Fun if you wear different styles. Delivery is very fast and I think that the quality is pretty good! Better then I would have thought.

They recommended me this one, they thought it would fit me well. Well fine, I like that! I thought I got a brown one, but it turned out to be this black and gold one! So they also fit perfectly with this outfit. I like wearing these sturdy boots with this feminine black dress. Like I said before, I like contasts in an outfit. I also wore my denim jacket and leopard print scarf with this dress. And to add lots of gold, I wore statement earrings and ring. If you are looking for statement earrings, you should read my post from last week! My Michael Kors watch and bracelets are almost my,, standard equipment”. me in black dress Black and goldsunglasses and black dressbodycon dress in black dressgold accesories and black dressgold earrings and black dresscombat boots and black dressblack dressoutfit with black dress

Dress: simular here

Boots: a few years old, but I saw these( not that I will ever pay that amount for a pair of shoes!) here

Sunny’s: here

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