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Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style?

Every first Tuesday of the month you will  find a post here with someone who tells about her or his style.  Do you also have a story to tell, please contact me via email.

This month tells Remke about her style!

Styled by…..Remke!

When Nancy asked me whether I was willing to write a blogpost on her website for the column “Styled by…” I was a little reluctant to accept, because I wasn’t sure: did I already have a clothing style of my own? Wasn’t it just a year ago that one day I decided to put all my men’s clothes in bags and have these donated to charity? I had, of course, already some women’s clothing hanging in my closet, because in the Netherlands we have this saying: do not throw away your old shoes before you buy new ones. But to say that I immediately had a vision on what would be my clothing style? Not really. That style still had to be developed.

In the months that followed, I slowly extended my ladies wardrobe (and sometimes not that slow). That track was obviously accompanied by trial and error, in other words, with some bad buys. But by doing so I gradually discovered what I liked, what I didn’t like, what is me and what isn’t me, and what colors suit me and what colors definitely do not suit me.Styled by........

Because you know, sometimes something can look nice on the hanger, but that does not mean that it also looks nice on me. For instance I like dresses a lot, but the shape of my male body often throws spanner in the works: I’m tall, slender, angular, broad-shouldered for a woman and unfortunately I miss waist. My body shape is best described as straight and then dresses look like bags without a shape. I realize though that everybody criticizes her or his own figure. Nevertheless I was able to buy a couple of dresses, which I think look nice on me. Styled by.........Styled by.........

Styled by.........

I also love to wear skirts: pencil skirts, short skirts, midi-skirts, A-line skirts, etc. I guess that this has something to do with the fact that wearing skirts and dresses for a “man” is not really done 😉 and that now I am trying to regain the time I have lost in the past years.Styled by.........Styled by.........Styled by.........

To further refine my clothing style I looked a lot at what other women were wearing and how they were combining, both in color and in terms of pieces of clothing. I learned a lot from just observing. And gradually my own clothing style emerged, which I would describe as feminine, smooth and casual.Styled by........Styled by.........And occasionally as neatly dressed, if circumstances require that.Styled by......... I want to make sure though that I do not dress like a teenager: I don’t want to get nominated for the tv program “Hotter than my daughter”. By the way, I have a 19 year old daughter, so I do have a good reference point. On the other hand, I will not hesitate to buy something I really like to wear and I think it is compatible to who I am and who I stand for. As an example, I got myself a very nice summery, short nail vest; you can see a little part of my belly, that’s true. There were people telling me that I am too old for something like that. Obviously I don’t agree.Styled by.........Is my style finished? No, of course not. Style is never finished and will aways evolve, parallel to the development of the person. I do know that there is still a bit of Remco inside of me and that my womanhood has not yet reached maturity. These changes will no doubt be visible in my clothing style. And last but not least, it’s inevitable that aging will have an impact on my choice of clothing and the style of my clothing and you know, that is fine. My motto: seize the day, despite the age you have 😉


Love, Remke

Fantastic Remke! It is so funny that you are, as a grown up woman, in your puberty of finding your style. But you know very well what suits you and what don’t! Thank you very much for telling us your style story!

Read more about Remke on her blog.

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