olive pants in leopard print

I am finally showing my leopard print booties!

I showed you these already here but I hadn’t done a hole post with these  leopard print boots. They are a bit to big but with thick socks they are just fine, and I must say quite honestly that this is not the leopard print boots I had in mind, but of course those are not available. I would have preferred a more elegant boot with a queenie heel. But I have to say, these are quite comfortable. When we were taking these pictures it was really cold outside and I can see that back in the pictures. I had to jump and move like an idiot and pull funny faces or else I was turning a bit purple. Sigh, live of a fashionblogger is hard! I have showed everything I am wearing before here and here. The skinny jeans I don’t wear often because it’s quite low and I do not like that, but it’s a beautiful color olive green with a bit of a golden glow on it. The jacket is one of my favorites this season.

Leopard print can be styled with anything.

Earlier…..well I mean years and years ago, I wore quite often leopard print. I have always loved it. But then I was wearing, for example, a leopard print pencil skirt and the rest kept simple and black with no accesories. Today leopard print is often mixed with other prints. And I must say, I love it! I first mixed it here and I found this combination really super. I was inspired by other bloggers who mixed prints together. It’s so nice to experiment with your outfits, sometimes you can be really surprised. And that is what also makes blogging so much fun, to experiment with the clothes you have. And to get inspiration from other bloggers. I wear a brooche of a safety pin with blue in it, blue earrings and a green leather bracelet. I grabbed the belt from Gerben’s drawer, he has not even seen ! I like the hair band but of course it was only born out of necessity, I had a bad hair day! Gerben said that I only needed to put on an apron and a rag in my hand and then the picture was complete! Yeah….just shoot those damn pictures, I am dying of cold here!

Jacket: mine is almost sold out, simular here*

Boots: here*

Jeans: old, but simular here*

Top: Primark

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