We all have a striped skirt…..havn’t we?

Why do we love a striped skirt so much as soon as the temperature starts to rise? And not only skirts, sweaters, tee’s and shoes too! I don’t need to tell you where the striped look came from, but for those who want to read about it I have a link here. I think striped skirts and sweaters generate a feeling of holidays somehow. Water, sailing, sun, France. So I thought I would reinforce that feeling by wearing ice cream! Haha, not literally of course. How much fun is this sweater!

Striped pencil skirt in spring!

With such beautiful weather like today it’s so nice to go with bare leggs. Still a bit fresh but to not wear tights anymore is such a liberty! I have this striped skirt for a long time, and I also worn it a lot. I wore it like this here all the time. I think I will be wearing it again a lot because it is so easy to wear and….I bought a new striped tee that would be great on this skirt. The striped tee I bought for this skirt! I asked you what you would wear on this skirt exept for something plane black. Most of you said: stripes! Okay, then I will wear stripes! But that’s for another moment. I am wearing my turquoise necklace as a bracelet. I always buy these whenever I am in Brighton, on the boulevard. Everytime another color. Just a nice remember of my beloved Brittain. I think I will be buying a red or a pink one soon! Yeah! A dark blue ring and to add a pop of color, a pink belt. For some reason I only wear my brown fringed sandals or these espadrilles with this striped skirt.

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Skirt: older, simular here*

Sweater: here

Espadrilles: older but these are great here

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