Wednesday wishlist: Shein cravings

I have a Wednesday wishlist for you from Shein. I love to browse the Shein site! They have such fantastic trendy items. I always love to do some imaginary shopping there. You know, the kind were you throw your entire shopping basket full with all these fabulous items you see. Just choose everything you like!

And then I leave it there for a few days, so you can select better…. Oh online shopping is so much fun!

1.Purple off shoulder jacket  (featered one)

2.Tribal embroided jacket

3.Black sweater

4.Color block sweater

5.Faux fur coat

6.Bow tie mules

7.Metallic gold heels

8.Floral dress

9.Grey wrap dress

The golden sandals are perfect for the Holidays.( yes I am early, it’s because a girlfriend was already planning a dinner for the second Christmas day. yes, we have two in the Netherlands!)

And of course I love that wrap dress, but I also saw some fantastic tweed jackets! You will see!

I hope you liked the Wednesday wishlist from Shein, let me know if you found a fabulous garment!

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Today’s wishlist is about tunic tops

Last week I wore my leather leggings again, and what to wear better on leather leggings then tunic tops. I picked some of my favorites from Dresslily.tunic top

1.Floral top

2.Graphic blouse

tunic tops

3.Draped top

As you can see I am getting quite colorful. But whenever I write wishlists, I always have to be careful not to choose only black items. Lol. I am wearing much more color then I ever did, but I tend to choose black easely. Although I love the colors I’ve picked!


1.Striped tunic

2.Chrochet blouse

3.Floral lace shirt

I love a high low hem line, I can see myself wearing the striped tunic on a denim legging and a leather jacket! I like that one a lot! Which one is your favorite?

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Do you like Bohemian dresses?

Bohemian dresses are actually fantastic to wear on those days in September when it’s not cold and not warm. They are often long enough to cover your legs and great to wear with a cardigan and boots. I am a huge fan of wearing dresses with boots. I have a wishlist for you with fantastic bohemian dresses and you can find more here.

1.Kimonon sleeves maxi dress

2.Split tribal print dress

3.High split dress

And some fabulous boots! (sitting shoes for me!) You can find more inspiration at rosegal.

1.Stiletto heel ankle boots

2.Kitten heel boots

3.Faux fur shoe

I hope you liked my wishlist. If you also like to shop at RoseGal, there are Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!

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Styled by…….

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style? The series is published every first Tuesday of the month.

This month Amanda tells her style story!

Styled by………Amanda!

When I think back, I wore an absolute mother-mixed-up-style, which may be understood as how I wore what my mother picked up for me, which didn’t have a very defined nor clear style, nor cohesion at all. Instead, the clothing I wore when I was 14 had to endure many different activities: school, after school trainings, starting a bit of social life and events (weddings, baptisms, friends’ birthday’s parties…) so, when the event was formal I would be dressed as a super cute girl and, instead, when I went to the sports trainings in the evenings, everything would be super baggy and boyish. It was an absolute mess! Though time I think I’ve got to develop my own, balanced style.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaAlthough I may be one of the most organized person you’d ever meet, it’s still a real struggle for me to put some order into anything related to define myself, tell others what I do or even describe my style. So, let’s start at the beginning: I am simply a 23year-old woman about to end her degree in Architecture, Design and & Urban Planning who was born and raised in a medium-sized city near the Mediterranean Sea called Valencia (which is the third biggest city in Spain).
I think my style goes along pretty well with what I’m studying: I have total predilection for minimal pieces, which I always put together playing with volumes, textures and complementing shapes.Styled By.....AmandaI spend long hours at the Architecture School doing team presentations and tasks, so my outfits not only have to be chic and neat according to what’s expected from a young architect to look like: everything I wear has to be comfortable and endure the different situations I must go through the day until I arrive home pretty late at night. I would say my style is quite classy and timeless, but I also like to add pieces and details that fit my yet young age and endless vitality I have, specially when it’s about running from point A to point B in just a couple of hours.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaI wouldn’t say my style had a clear starting point, but it went through a significant push when I first started writing Something Fashion. I’ve been always encouraged to dress accordingly to every situation and event at home, and since a very young age. But, since Something Fashion meant not only my definitive immersion to the world of fashion, but also my growth from teenage to young adult; having my own fashion blog translated into more experimentation and freedom to develop my personal style, always keeping in mind those basics I would’ve heard from my closest ones.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaI don’t think I have a clear reference when it comes to clothing and putting together my daily outfits: I’m always looking at different sources not always directly related to fashion, but also architecture, product design, paintings, TV shows and many more. I’m influenced with clear lines, plain colours and basic patterns and everything that’s inherently beautiful. I think that’s the true amazing side of fashion: it draws from many different sources and is a faithful portrait of culture, history and society. For me, what’s most fascinating is that fashion has the power to help us exteriorize our best selves and tell the others who we really are without any word exchange in just an eye blink.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaThanks to Nancy for having me at Nancy’s Fashion Style and her section “Styled by”. It’s been a pleasure to meet such a charming lady who loves to share and inspire others through her daily outfits and sense of fashion.

Well, thank you for these kind words Amanda! It was a pleasure having you here. You can find Amanda’s blog here!

Do you also have a story to tell, and do you also have beautiful pictures of your style evolution? I, and many of my readers, want to read your story! I would love it if you can join the fun too! You can find all the info in the Styled by… or contact me via email.






Bow blouse on a pencil skirt

I love bow blouses, I have several see here and here. Today I show you my new pinestriped one. I already tried the print on print outfit here, today I wear lines on lines! Vertical and horizontal! You almost think I am crazy….. These kind of bow blouses are very trendy at the moment. The pinestriped ones with puff sleeves. I know I will proberbly like this one only this season. It’s a real fast fashion item to me. I know I am pushing a lot of fashion bloggers now. Because lot of you are really into thrifting and thinking of the environment. And believe me, I do too. I deal with my waste and environment very consiously. But fast fashion exist and I am part of that. So when I see a very trendy item, that I know I will like for only a few times, one season, I order it on a cheap site. I am not going for an expensive and good quality item then. And when I don’t like it anymore, it goes into the clothing container. This is such an item.

Very cheap bow blouse

Sometimes those cheap items can really surprise you. Like this bow blouse. It’s a very thin cotton, which is great for warmer days( and women in menopause!). And the fit is very good. I wanted to wear the blouse on a tight skirt and thought that it would look good on a striped skirt. I want to wear it also on my boyfriend jeans with heels! To give the outfit a smooth sporty look, I wear sneakers. Stylish but also a bit less serious! I wear simple black earrings and bracelets to remain in the same lines as the skirt. What do you think about my new garden chairs? I bought two of these retro chairs! Just love them.

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Bow blouse:  here

Shoes: simular here

Skirt: older one, but you can find inspiration here

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Don’t forget to send us your photo’s of Bad Buy skirts. I am going to the UK in a few weeks so I need them a bit earlier!



My old polka dot dress

But first I want to thank Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb for her fantastic post about nofollow links. It took me half a day to figure it out( and a hole lot more things to sort out) but it made me finally change some important matters on my blog. Thank you so much catherine!

This is an old polka dot dress. I think I own this one for about six or seven years now. Bought in the shop were I used to work. I bought a lot of clothes back then because I got a 50% discount. And if you get new clothes in every day, you get greedy. I can remember buying this dress and thinking: let’s get that one because I havn’t got anything with polka dots. Actually, I can’t remeber wearing a polka dot dress or anything else with polka dots. I wear stripes, not a lot but I do wear them. I wear checkered garments regularly, but not dots. At least as a child I did, because I found this very old photo of me in a polka dot blouse! It’s a very poor quality, I know, but I thought it would be fun to show you. Also funny is that the blouse is blue and white with a little bit red! Just as this outfit!

Polka dot dress with a touch of red

I have never found a good cardigan with this dress. Till now that is. I had bought red flats, when I bought the dress, and wanted a red short cardigan with it. Never found one. Or the color wasn’t right, or the fabric wasn’t. There seemed to be always something wrong. I then bought a white one but was never really happy with the combination. I’ve been wearing a denim jacket on this dress a lot. But finally in April I found a simple red cardigan that I also wore here. I’d rather had it a bit shorter but I settle for this one. The stupid thing is that I finally have the cardigan, that I had wanted six or seven years ago, but now the dress is actually a bot too tight because I gain weight in the last years. Is that fate? Lol.

But finally the dress with a red cardigan

I just think this is the most beautiful combination of the dress, with red. It looks a bit Spanish. Also because of the ruffles of course. I do not show the dress without the cardigan. It has the same sleeves as at my childhood picture, but I can’t wear it with the buttons closed, I actually can’t for a long time! as a little girl in polka dot dress

fashion in polka dot dressfashionable in polka dot dressoutfit with polka dot dressth fashion over 50 polka dot dressred cardigan in polka dot dressred bracelet in polka dot dressred sandals in polka dot dressdresses in polka dot dress

Dress: here

Shoes: here

Cardigan: here

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