My old polka dot dress

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This is an old polka dot dress. I think I own this one for about six or seven years now. Bought in the shop were I used to work. I bought a lot of clothes back then because I got a 50% discount. And if you get new clothes in every day, you get greedy. I can remember buying this dress and thinking: let’s get that one because I havn’t got anything with polka dots. Actually, I can’t remeber wearing a polka dot dress or anything else with polka dots. I wear stripes, not a lot but I do wear them. I wear checkered garments regularly, but not dots. At least as a child I did, because I found this very old photo of me in a polka dot blouse! It’s a very poor quality, I know, but I thought it would be fun to show you. Also funny is that the blouse is blue and white with a little bit red! Just as this outfit!

Polka dot dress with a touch of red

I have never found a good cardigan with this dress. Till now that is. I had bought red flats, when I bought the dress, and wanted a red short cardigan with it. Never found one. Or the color wasn’t right, or the fabric wasn’t. There seemed to be always something wrong. I then bought a white one but was never really happy with the combination. I’ve been wearing a denim jacket on this dress a lot. But finally in April I found a simple red cardigan that I also wore here. I’d rather had it a bit shorter but I settle for this one. The stupid thing is that I finally have the cardigan, that I had wanted six or seven years ago, but now the dress is actually a bot too tight because I gain weight in the last years. Is that fate? Lol.

But finally the dress with a red cardigan

I just think this is the most beautiful combination of the dress, with red. It looks a bit Spanish. Also because of the ruffles of course. I do not show the dress without the cardigan. It has the same sleeves as at my childhood picture, but I can’t wear it with the buttons closed, I actually can’t for a long time! Lol.me as a little girl in polka dot dress

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