Welcome to October’s edition of The Bad Buy Book!

This month’s theme is: Jackets!

The Bad Buy Book is a series hosted by Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge and Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style. We wanted to establish together something fun and new. We both talked about our,,Sitting Shoes,, and so we came up with the idea for The Bad Buy Book!

We all do our best to look great in our outfits, choose the right accessories, the right makeup, the perfect shoes, and wait for the best light to shoot the most flattering outfit photos. And now we are asking you to show us the items you don’t feel your very best in. You know, those ,,Sitting Shoes,, that dress that is actually not quite your color, the skirt that is a size too small but the saleswoman said it looked amazing. We all own those items!  And while they may look fabulous, they don’t always feel fabulous! So we want you to show us your bad buys and tell us the story about them! What made you purchase the item?  And why do you dislike it now?  And why not share them with us?  We buy these things for a reason then hide them in the back of the closet.  Now it’s their turn to share the limelight.

Every month on the 15 th, we will both publish a post sharing the photos you have sent us along with a few sentences about the bad buy. Photo submissions will be due by the 1 st of each month so we have time to edit and compile all of the entries. At the end of each post we will let you know the theme for the next month’s post. Photos and the story of your ”Bad Buy” can be emailed to or Please put”Bad Buy” in the subject line.

So let’s take a look at this month’s Bad Buys!

First my ever charming co-host Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge.

Hi Nancy, here are my bad buy blazers…The Bad Buy Book: Jackets

The plaid blazer is from Talbots and I found it in my local thrift shop.  For $7, I could not resist the purchase.  And then another $6 to have it dry cleaned, I thought it was a steal for a total of $13!  However, it is a size to small and does not fit across the shoulders.  Making it $13 completely wasted!  I thought it would be comfortable with a light weight tee shirt underneath, but it is still too snug so I never wear it.

(Nancy: I think it’s a fantastic blazer)The Bad Buy Book: Jackets

The teal brocade blazer is a thrifted piece and I fell in love with the colors and the metallic threading throughout the ornate pattern.  But once again, it is a bit too snug across the shoulders.  So there it hangs in my closet…unworn due to its uncomfortability factor.  I need to stop buying these things that just don’t fit correctly!

(Nancy: it’s when we settle for less it goes wrong)

Now here is Sonja of YustSoMe.The Bad Buy Book: jacketsIt is my winter jacket from last year. It was cheap, warm, but after a month I saw that white stuff was coming out of the fabric.

I was very dissapointed, because I loved it.. so far.

Now I use it for gardening and the dirty jobs. And a new coat is on her way… a longer model, so I can wear my long sweaters, without peeping under! (Dat ze eronderuit piepen ).

(Nancy: okay, I know it’s about the jacket…..but check those lips!)

And also my Bad Buy Jacket.The Bad Buy Book: jackets

Do I need to say anything else but…..BORING!The Bad Buy Book: JacketsI actually was writing a post title when I remembered I had another Bad Buy jacket. It is currently in the back of my car to bring to the thrift store. I don’t know why I don’t like it, I think it feels to masculine.

We hope you liked our Bad Buys, well we mean that we hope you like to read it!, and join us too next month!

Next months theme is: Cardigans! Now we just know you have at least one in your closet that you do not wear! Show it!

Till then!




Wednesday wishlist: Shein cravings

I have a Wednesday wishlist for you from Shein. I love to browse the Shein site! They have such fantastic trendy items. I always love to do some imaginary shopping there. You know, the kind were you throw your entire shopping basket full with all these fabulous items you see. Just choose everything you like!

And then I leave it there for a few days, so you can select better…. Oh online shopping is so much fun!

1.Purple off shoulder jacket  (featered one)

2.Tribal embroided jacket

3.Black sweater

4.Color block sweater

5.Faux fur coat

6.Bow tie mules

7.Metallic gold heels

8.Floral dress

9.Grey wrap dress

The golden sandals are perfect for the Holidays.( yes I am early, it’s because a girlfriend was already planning a dinner for the second Christmas day. yes, we have two in the Netherlands!)

And of course I love that wrap dress, but I also saw some fantastic tweed jackets! You will see!

I hope you liked the Wednesday wishlist from Shein, let me know if you found a fabulous garment!

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Styled by……….

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style?

Every first Tuesday of the month you will  find a post here with someone who tells about her or his style.  Do you also have a story to tell, please contact me via email.

This month tells Gail about her style!

Styled by…..Gail!

My style has been influenced by two things: my weight, and current trends. Even though I’m over 50 and terrified of looking like “mutton dressed as lamb” I still try to follow fashion through the accessories I use, whether it’s the latest shoe or the latest length for trousers and skirts.

As far as my weight is concerned, I was overweight for most of my 30s and early 40s, and didn’t like buying clothes as a result. Now I can wear clothes I didn’t try before and I enjoy experimenting. Like most of us, I’ve learnt over the years what styles suit my shape.

A couple of years ago I was frustrated because I could hardly find anything in the shops that summer which suited me. I like fitted dresses, skirts and trousers and I need to define my waist. Anything shapeless or too “boxy” looks awful on me. I don’t like to wear Superga-type shoes with skirts either because I have the affliction “cankles.”

I started the blog in 2012 and this was the first image I used. Not a very inspiring start.Styled by....

To make sure I’m fairly “on trend” I read Grazia magazine every week and make note of some of the trends I can happily follow. It could be the “in” shade of nail polish, or wearing several brooches together.

I have some surprising fashion influences. I don’t regard the Duchess of Cambridge as a fashion icon (she dresses like an over-50 when she’s only in her early 30s) but we have very similar cool colouring, so when she wore head-to-toe burgundy, it prompted me to buy a few burgundy pieces including this Ted Baker top.Styled by.....

I like the gamine look, as sported by Audrey Hepburn, and I’m forever buying tops and dresses with Peter Pan collars. I spend many a happy hour looking up “Peter Pan collar” on ASOS and Etsy!

This jumper from Boden, bought in 2013, has a jewelled collar and it’s still going strong. I like things with a bit of a sparkle so it’s rocking two of my favourites, a Peter Pan shaped collar and beads.Styled by.....

I have a bit of an obsession with shoes and boots, particularly anything metallic! This winter I had silver and gold ankle boots and I wore them with everything. I don’t like wearing high heels now so I look for flat and mid-heeled shoes that look trendy. Here I am in my gold boots, and my gold mules for summer 2017.Styled by.....

I don’t have such a big thing for bags, although I have quite a big collection of pretty jewelled evening bags (I’m hoping they will come into fashion!). I usually buy one bag each season.Styled by......

My advice to older women is to enjoy fashion by choosing the trends they like and adapting them. Also, keep your hair and makeup modern. It’s too easy to hang on to the hairstyle we had in our 20s, and wear the same makeup, which makes us look dated.

When I’m shopping for clothes, always online (can’t bear going into shops), I try to ignore the little voice in my head that tells me “you can’t wear that”. I’ve recently been ignoring the voice and I tried a few different things: fishnet tights, a lacy top, a circular hooped maxi skirt. Some things were ordered and then never saw the light of day. But others were tried, and didn’t look too bad.

Except maybe this skirt!Styled by......

Gail’s blog, Is This Mutton? can be found here

Thank you very much Gail for your interesting style story. How good of you that you explored what you like and what the trends are. And that you dare to try! Super!

So come on lady’s, write a beautiful style story like Gail!

Hope to see al lot of Style Story’s!



Styled by……….

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style?

Every first Tuesday of the month you will  find a post here with someone who tells about her or his style.  Do you also have a story to tell, please contact me via email.

This month tells Andrea about her style!

Styled by…..Andrea!

Since I started blogging about style, I’ve been asked several times to describe my style and the phrase that always pops in my head is “casual but put-together.” Styled byI live and work in a very casual place, and I think my style is best described as “classic casual.” While my style is casual, I’m attempting to be put-together and always add a few fun elements to keep my outfits from being boring. Accessories are at the forefront of my style. Many of the clothes in my closet are many years old, but new accessories add new life to old basics. Styled byI started my scarf collection thirty years ago, and many of my scarves are 15+ years old. I also love statement necklaces. Sadly, I can’t wear most earrings, as I’m allergic to almost all metals, so I always wear the same pair I know I can tolerate. But I actually think a statement scarf or a statement necklace, an interesting purse and fun shoes are enough to create an interesting outfit around basic pieces. Styled byOne of my signature looks is leggings and a tunic. I love how comfortable leggings are, and there are so many pretty and interesting tunics out there, which allow me to express myself. I also enjoy wearing dresses with leggings. Styled by.....By adding a few statement pieces to my basic wardrobe, such as a long floral dress, embroidered jeans and faux leather leggings, I keep my wardrobe from being too basic and boring. At least that’s what I hope! Styled byLooking back twenty years or so, I don’t think my style has changed all that much. It’ll be interesting to see how my style will evolve as I’m getting older and better!


Thanks for letting me share some thoughts about my style, Nancy!

Oh, it’s my pleasure dear Andrea! Andrea is one of the first bloggers who start following me and is always very supportive. I am grateful for that!

You can find out more about Andrea on her blog: Andrea’s Wellness Notes



Time for Fancy Friday linkup and wearing bell sleeves!

Because of the tip that Shelbee gave me last week, there were a lot more linkups then normal! We now had 78! Let’s shoot to 100! That’s my goal. Thank you all for linking up, I love it!

Bell sleeves and striped skirt.

This is the first bell sleeve top I bought. I loved them for a longer time but most are long-sleeved and I know that is not ideal. I see myself cooking diner and hanging with my sleeve in the gravy. No thanks. So this is the perfect one for me. I bought this skirt in spring in England and thought it would be more of an autumn skirt. Because of the colors. So now I can finally wear it with boots. I’m still looking for the perfect leopard print ankle boots. Yesterday I was browsing on the net and thought I had found the perfect ones, and then I found out that they didn’t send to the Netherlands! Oh bummer! The search continues. I did stumbled on this skirt. At first I thought, wow I like, but then I saw the stripes on the side. I didn’t like it, on the other hand it is also something more trendy and different. I’m going to think about it. If you find the perfect leopard print ankle boot, please let me know! Haha, and I am looking for guestbloggers who want to talk about their style with a picture that comes closest to their personality. Now it’s time for you to shine!

Skirt: bought it in May at Dorothy Perkins, this is another great striped one here

Bell sleeve top:here

Boots: old, but don’t you just love these here

Let’s start with the Fancy Friday linkup!

Most viewed from last week is: Yvonne from Funky Forty, I agree with her about chocolate(wink). Be sure to check her site!


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Back to black!

After, for my doing, some color explosions I want to wear all black again, just for one day.( just like Gemma did with her stunning wrapdress). But for you I added a little lilac to the outfit of the day. I must honestly say that I would never wear it this way. I think this tulle skirt is perfect with a simple tee and heels.

[bctt tweet=”How do you wear your tulle?” username=”Nancys Fashion Style”]

I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that I, among other bloggers, was being featured by Sylvia of 40plusstyle. Thank you Sylvia!

I am every time as proud as a peacock ( do you say something like that? I know another phrase, something with a dog, but I keep that to myself!), When I am being mentioned in ablog. I mean, me? Nancy from Westervoort? hahaha, isn’t is awesome!

Back to the outfit!

Because this cardigan is a little fussy long, I’ve knotted it like a bolero. I wear two thin straps, also knotted. A simple plastic bracelet and a purple corsage because otherwise I think the lilac is a bit faded. And peacock earrings in various shades of purple. There is the peacock again! On the outfit with the leopard print flats, I wear a lot of gold metal bracelets and gold colored creoles with a lacquer belt. But I prefer to wear it like the first picture. All black!

Have agreat day everyone!

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