Time for sweater dresses!

It’s getting colder here and so it’s time to choose a warm sweater dress from Dresslily. Last week in the UK we had such a fantastic weather, sunny blue skies, and now back in the Netherlands I think it is so very cold. And I hate to be cold!

So time to check out some fabulous sweater dresses.

1. Cable knit dress

2.Knitted bodycon dress

And a few more sweater dresses that I really like!

1.Pleated knitted dress

2.Striped sweater dress

Do you like to wear sweater dresses when it is getting colder? Perhaps I don’t even like to wear them anymore, you know, hot flashes and all!

And have you already picked a Bad Buy Jacket for the October series? Please do, we really would love to continue these series, but ladies, we need your help with it! Come on: participate!

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I am wearing jeans and a top blouse!

I am back from a little break to the UK. I havn’t read any of your blogs. I know, but I will catch up this week and wanted to thank you all for your comments and linkups last Friday!

Now you might think: yeah, what is special about that? Well, nothing! It’s just what it is, a jeans and a top blouse. For me that is simple. I hardly ever wear trousers, almost never jeans. And I don’t like blouses to much. What I do like are culottes. And this is a denim culotte!

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions and words are of myself.

And I like black! And this is a black top blouse. Sometimes you don’t want to stand out to much about how you are dressed. Only sometimes! And what is easier than wearing a jeans and a blouse. ( a legging and a sweater, but you will never see me wearing that!) But I find a regular jeans and blouse very boring, so I was looking for a simple outfit but still a bit stylish. I really can’t imagine anymore that I hated culottes in the beginning. Now they are my favorite in trousers! I also have this one here and here.

Add a little green

This is a perfect outfit for September, when it’s not that warm anymore and you don’t want to wear sweaters already. I hate to wear socks so I always wear my sandals and peeptoes for as long as possible. I added a bit of green into the outfit. Green earrings, my beaded necklaces from Brighton and these gorgeous green sandals! I love these espadrilles, what a fabulous color! But when it’s getting colder I want to try the culottes with boots. I don’t think I have ever worn culottes with boots. And I don’t mean ankle boots but tall ones. have you ever worn culottes with boots? Let me know how you feel about that!

jeans and blousejeans and blousejeans and blousejeans and blousejeans and blousejeans and blousejeans and blouse

Blouse: top blouse

Culotte: Zaful

Shoes: here

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Do you like Bohemian dresses?

Bohemian dresses are actually fantastic to wear on those days in September when it’s not cold and not warm. They are often long enough to cover your legs and great to wear with a cardigan and boots. I am a huge fan of wearing dresses with boots. I have a wishlist for you with fantastic bohemian dresses and you can find more here.

1.Kimonon sleeves maxi dress

2.Split tribal print dress

3.High split dress

And some fabulous boots! (sitting shoes for me!) You can find more inspiration at rosegal.

1.Stiletto heel ankle boots

2.Kitten heel boots

3.Faux fur shoe

I hope you liked my wishlist. If you also like to shop at RoseGal, there are Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!

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Styled by…….

Styled by…..tells the story behind someones style. What does a person tell by the way she or he is dressed?  What does it say about their personality? When did they began to create their own style? The series is published every first Tuesday of the month.

This month Amanda tells her style story!

Styled by………Amanda!

When I think back, I wore an absolute mother-mixed-up-style, which may be understood as how I wore what my mother picked up for me, which didn’t have a very defined nor clear style, nor cohesion at all. Instead, the clothing I wore when I was 14 had to endure many different activities: school, after school trainings, starting a bit of social life and events (weddings, baptisms, friends’ birthday’s parties…) so, when the event was formal I would be dressed as a super cute girl and, instead, when I went to the sports trainings in the evenings, everything would be super baggy and boyish. It was an absolute mess! Though time I think I’ve got to develop my own, balanced style.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaAlthough I may be one of the most organized person you’d ever meet, it’s still a real struggle for me to put some order into anything related to define myself, tell others what I do or even describe my style. So, let’s start at the beginning: I am simply a 23year-old woman about to end her degree in Architecture, Design and & Urban Planning who was born and raised in a medium-sized city near the Mediterranean Sea called Valencia (which is the third biggest city in Spain).
I think my style goes along pretty well with what I’m studying: I have total predilection for minimal pieces, which I always put together playing with volumes, textures and complementing shapes.Styled By.....AmandaI spend long hours at the Architecture School doing team presentations and tasks, so my outfits not only have to be chic and neat according to what’s expected from a young architect to look like: everything I wear has to be comfortable and endure the different situations I must go through the day until I arrive home pretty late at night. I would say my style is quite classy and timeless, but I also like to add pieces and details that fit my yet young age and endless vitality I have, specially when it’s about running from point A to point B in just a couple of hours.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaI wouldn’t say my style had a clear starting point, but it went through a significant push when I first started writing Something Fashion. I’ve been always encouraged to dress accordingly to every situation and event at home, and since a very young age. But, since Something Fashion meant not only my definitive immersion to the world of fashion, but also my growth from teenage to young adult; having my own fashion blog translated into more experimentation and freedom to develop my personal style, always keeping in mind those basics I would’ve heard from my closest ones.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaI don’t think I have a clear reference when it comes to clothing and putting together my daily outfits: I’m always looking at different sources not always directly related to fashion, but also architecture, product design, paintings, TV shows and many more. I’m influenced with clear lines, plain colours and basic patterns and everything that’s inherently beautiful. I think that’s the true amazing side of fashion: it draws from many different sources and is a faithful portrait of culture, history and society. For me, what’s most fascinating is that fashion has the power to help us exteriorize our best selves and tell the others who we really are without any word exchange in just an eye blink.Styled By.....AmandaStyled By.....AmandaThanks to Nancy for having me at Nancy’s Fashion Style and her section “Styled by”. It’s been a pleasure to meet such a charming lady who loves to share and inspire others through her daily outfits and sense of fashion.

Well, thank you for these kind words Amanda! It was a pleasure having you here. You can find Amanda’s blog here!

Do you also have a story to tell, and do you also have beautiful pictures of your style evolution? I, and many of my readers, want to read your story! I would love it if you can join the fun too! You can find all the info in the Styled by… or contact me via email.






Striped dress is the Pre Fall Trend 2017

And don’t we just love that! Here are some great inspiring photo’s of the upcoming trend. But not only stripes of course. We see, as each year, the tartan, the fur, the 70’s etc. I don’t know about you, but I always love the Fall collections. Not that I like that season, but I love the collections. What I do find surprising is that red is a trend this Fall too. And not a red skirt or red boots, no, a totall red look! But today I will stick to stripes.

  • This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions are my own!

Striped dress

I actually wanted a white dress, I showed you a wishlist here, but since the weather is so bad I wondered if I’m going to wear a white dress this season. We had a lovely Spring but Summer is rainy and cloudy. So I decided to choose another dress that’s more suitable for Fall. You can find here more casual women dresses. I especially like the color combination of this dress. Extremely suitable for wearing with a long cardigan and boots in autumn. But today I want to show you the striped dress in a summery way. I also was aloud to pick some earrings and I am so very pleased with these. I wanted black tassel earrings for a while, choose these blue ones a while ago, but often the problem is that I know exactly what I want. And that’s never to be found. But these are perfect, also because they are very light, I hate it when earrings are to heavy, your earband will hang out so much.striped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dressstriped dress

Dress: Zaful

Shoes: mine are very old, as a mather of fact I threw them away afther the shoot because the heel was loose, but I found very nice ones here

Earrings: Zaful

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My favorite of last week is: Deanne of It’s the Sound of Sunshinestriped dress

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Special occasion dresses

Every now and then you have a party you’re supposed to appear in a more formal style of clothing.  These are often then dresses you will only wear once, perhaps twice. For those occasions I will introduce JJ’s House to you today. A site with beautiful special occasion dresses for a nice price. I show you my wishlist!

My favorite special occasion dresses

1.A-line evening dress

2.Coctail dress

3.Chiffon evening dress

They come in all colors you could imagine. I like the more modest colors.

But they also have fantastic casual dresses

1.Print midi dress

2.Knitted dress

3.Knee lenght dress


What do you think of these elegant dresses? Are you wearing often more formal dresses?

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Have  a great day!