And with that blue dress also a blue jacket!

I always like to get involved in series provided by bloggers. As I do every month with the How I Wear My series from Adrienne and Jill. (Talking about such….I am very thrilled about a collaboration with the lovely Shelbee from Shelbee on the EdgeWe will kick off very soon!) And this month the theme is blue. I immediately thought of my blue dress that I have worn here . But I hadn’t worn it yet with this jacket, so for these series it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I love a monochrome outfit, but it has to have different textures. Otherwise I think it will be boring( says plain jane).

And what about my hair?

These photos were taken a few weeks ago. We then had an evening party of a friend who turned fifty. I had that day an appointment with my hairdresser and asked if she could do something nice with my hair for the party. Well, she certainly did! Since my fifteenth I have been somewhat struggling with my hair. I am often not happy with the color or the lenght or whatever. My hair is very thick and dry. If it is not cut right, I can do nothing with it. I had a lot of hairdressers in the past years. Since two years I found the perfect hairdresser for me. She cuts perfectly and always advice me for the color. The last time I was colored and cut, she was on maternity leave and I had another hairdresser. I told her how to cut my hair and to take a good look at my hair for the color( in autumn I wanted my hair a little bit more red, but because my hair is so dry, the color runs very quickly so red is a no go for me, I know now). She said: I am a hairdresser for over twenty years now, so I probably know how to cut. And I thought, okay, I should have a bit of faith. No! Stupid of course! If it takes 35 years to find the perfect hairdresser then it is obvious that another one doesn’t cut your hair the right way! Or colour it perfectly! She had cut the layers to short and cut my hair in a point on the back. Yeah, great idea whit dry hair! Didn’t learn that in 20 years right! And she colored it with a bit of red while my hair was already quite becomming orange. And there was also a strand of hair which she had forgotten, it was longer then the rest. I was very glad that my own hairdresser was back this time. She cut the layers in the right way and we decided to use a cooler color. And now I am happy again.

Me and my blue dress.

I love this dress, it’s  an easy dress. It has no zipper and it is very stretchy. I bought these boots especially for this dress. I don’t believe I have worn them with anything else….oh yeah here. I also love this jacket, it goes with anything. The scarf I knitted last year with the most simple stich. Nothing special. And I am wearing blue tights. I added a beautiful brooch of a bunch of grapes with Pearls and blue earrings. I mean, you wear a monochrome look or you don’t!


Nancy's fashion Style blue dress blue bootsNancy's fashion Style blue dress blue bootsNancy's fashion Style blue dress blue bootsNancy's fashion Style blue dress blue bootsNancy's fashion Style blue dress blue bootsNancy's fashion Style blue dress blue bootsNancy's fashion Style blue dress blue bootsNancy's fashion Style blue dress blue boots

Dress: old one , but nice ones here*

Boots: old one, but these here* are fabulous although I could never walk on these. They are ,, sitting boots,, aren’t they Shelbee!

Jacket: sold out but great ones here*


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Most viewed from last week is: Maureen from Decorate me Agemazing. Check her stunning pictures! Love those gloves. most viewed one in blue dress

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