my new black wide midi skirt

My new wide black midi skirt.

Do you have that sometimes. That you bought something new, like my wide midi skirt, and you don’t want to wear it! As if the magic then is broken….or something like that. Celina, for example, hasn’t got that at all! When she buys something new, she will wear it the next day. Is this weird of me or do you have the same? I’m curious.

So this wide midi skirt I had seen a while back ago, and I first put it on my wishlist. Just to see if I would like it a week later. I thought I liked the brown one better but I ended up buying the black one. But weeks later I still hadn’t worn it yet. Weird huh. While it is truly such a stunning skirt, the fabric is quite heavy, I like that, and it is slightly shiny. The lenght is good and it’s also quite high on the waist, which is good for me because I have a fairly long upper body. So why don’t I wear it right away? I really do not know! I wore it for the first time on Boxing day!

How I style the wide skirt.

I don’t like to wear something over the skirt because of the high waist. So a sweater or blouse in it or a very short top or cardigan. I bought this cardigan last year around this time with a dress. The dress did not fit and I sent it back, but I kept the cardigan because of the beautiful color. Guess what…….never wore it. Because I didn’t think it looked good on anything. I am going, from now on, to wear this skirt a lot with a black top or blouse. But for the picture I chose this cardigan, the lenght is just right. I have told you before were my love for socks in shoes suddenly comes from and here I wear silver glitter socks. I like the matching glitter in the leopard bracelet(you know the one from the giveaway) and the silver buckle of the skirt.

Talking about that giveaway: I have sent two messages to the winner and I got no respond, so I still have the bracelet and I really want to give it away. So I have no experience with this, this was my first giveaway, and I could use some help from you. Should I do another giveaway or do you have a better idea? Please let me know!

Skirt: here

Booties: simular here*

Cardigan: simular here*

Socks: here

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